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Originally Posted by Grogbart View Post
Speaking of weird, reminds me of one thing I often stumble across, when playing in German while having English rules in mind.

I'll skip the translations.
In German rules, saving throws in general are called 'conservation throws'.
Armour saves are 'amour throws' and cover saves are 'cover throws'.
And now it comes, invulnerable saves are called saving throws!!!
A baseless switch-around for no particular reason, as there is no shortage in the German language that wouldn't have allowed these four term to be translated literally.

Another thing I constantly have to giggle about is Terminators with lightning claws.
I don't exactly know it, but I presume it's common in other languages too, to shorten certain names, descriptions and so on, like in this case, calling the above Claw-Termies (at least in Germany we do). Termies are the same in German, the problem is claws in German are "Klauen", which if spoken fast, sounds pretty much exactly like clown (both in English and German)!
So every time someone says: "these are my claw-termies" in German, I can't help but imagine a really colorful Space Marine Terminator with over-sized shoes and a big red nose, juggling some melta-bombs while sitting on a unicycle!
Thats an odd thing to picture, So who wants to make the conversion of that come one I know someone here wants to...

Everyone reading this thread is now wondering to accoplish such a feat, the seed of heresy has been planted Excellent...

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