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Originally Posted by fatmantis View Post
i agree, the weathering is good, the sides look well done, its a great paint job, the skulls a cool, where or how did you buy/make them
The skulls were purchased online (the websites name eludes me at the moment). I basically trimmed, shaped, and glued each one in place. *sigh*

Originally Posted by Midge913 View Post
Very nice work mate! I usually don't like the combination of red and green together, but I am actually really liking the way you did the gun barrels. I also like the large collection of skulls! Keep up the good work!
Thanks! I was extremely worried that the red and green combo would look Christmasy... I don't think it does though.

Originally Posted by arumichic View Post
Cool, looking forward to more of your tanks. And it's understandable with the sides usually taking more damage.

Originally Posted by Dave T Hobbit View Post
Very tidy work.

The only niggle I have is that the green dragon heads - whilst very well painted - look odd as I do not see Las-cannon barrel mouths as glowing in the same way the power coils does; possibly they would look more natural in bone.
That's fair, to each their own. I was trying to go for a lightning rod conductor look rather than just a lascannon but I wasn't sure if I could pull off some nice freehand pattern like lightning or what-have you... Hence I just left it as shaded green :D

Originally Posted by alien View Post
Great model, +rep of course.
Thanks! Much appreciated!

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