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Originally Posted by Grogbart View Post
And my personal favorite 'Sisters of Battle' -> ... (nothing!!!)
They completely avoided translating that term AND don't use the English original term. Their old Codex was (and probably their upcomming will too) called "Codex: Adeptus Sororitas" and a single Sister of Battle is called a 'Sororita'.
That one I also noticed while looking through my German version of the 4th edition 40k rule book. (No, I dont speak german, bought it just cause it was the collectors edition and I got it for 15)

And man, I love the word cybot. So many times in DoW II have I been told "Use your cybot to take out their turrets", and each time I just wtf, before getting it that they are german and dont seem to use the word Dreadnought, lol.

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