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Default Translations of Warhammer stuff

Comparing original English Names to those in German translations, I noticed a wild mix of translations, keeping the original English Names, using other Names of English origin and sometimes completely other Names from God knowns where!

Now my Question is, is it the same with other languages?

In German translations, most Names stay the same and many others are more or less translated adequately, but those are not the ones I'm interested in!

It's the Curiosities, such as these German 'translations', I'm interested in:
Dreadnought -> Cybot, Obliberator -> Kyborg
Wyches -> Hagashin, Reavers -> Hyemshin (both are not of German origin!)
Power sword -> Energieschwert, Lighting claws -> Energieklauen, Thunder Hammer -> Energiehammer (Energie... = Energy ...)
BUT Power Armour -> Servorüstung

And my personal favorite 'Sisters of Battle' -> ... (nothing!!!)
They completely avoided translating that term AND don't use the English original term. Their old Codex was (and probably their upcomming will too) called "Codex: Adeptus Sororitas" and a single Sister of Battle is called a 'Sororita'.

Are there similar oddities in other languages as well?

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