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If we are going to make Heresy a better place for Warhammer. (I note our threads are rather poor response wise). I would suggest a few of the following to assist Warhammer players.

1). Vs. Unstopable Magic. (strats for dealing with High Magic Armies)
2). Vs. Hordes in General.
3). Vs. Empire (Not everyone plays just gunlines)
4). Vs. Psychology and Running Away! (How to stop or create the flee!)
5). Vs. Terrain. (things to look out for and dangerous terrain to specific armies!; iel Grail Chapels, Sigmarite Chapel, Charnel Pit, etc. Or perhaps on Cavalry tactics for terrain etc)
6). Vs. Monsters and Big Things! (Dragons, Hydra, etc)

One of the things that forums always fail at miserably is stuff that is considered too basic... it is almost a part of the game lore... well who cares about Beastmen due to X Y Z... etc. or who cares about Wood Elves due to A, B, C. But the last time I played against WE was 6th ed.... If a person showed up with them I would be saying hey awesome something I haven't played against... but it would be nice for some of the new players to get an overall tactical appraissal or dummies guide for what some of us consider basics.... I had a PM two days ago asking why the Pendent of K was so good for Dark Elves... )


May i perhaps suggest Tim/Steve we do a "dummies guide for army basics?" It may give Heresy Online a source point for 8th ed for newbie players who are after not opinion but just basic advice on a few issues like Psychology, like charging, like other really simple stuff!

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