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Well those styles pretty much cover all the the armies you listed.

Personally I tend to look at the models and the common colour schemes for armies I am thinking of collecting: if you are going to spend hours and hours painting an army and then playing with it you'll need to like how they'll look as well as they way they play.

I almost always suggest people take DE as an army... I'm not a DE player but they have pretty cool models and have the variety to give access to lots of different types of units and playstyles: good shooting, good combat, great monsters, excellent magic but quite fragile.
WoC are another good option, but since most of their armies are designed to walk foward and hit stuff with a little support from magic and mebbe some hellcannons if you don't want to play that way then the army can get a bit boring.

WE are a very tricky army to play.... though I've been having a lot of fun with them (unlike my ogres). I wouldn't suggest taking them unless you are a very good player, willing to put quite a lot of thought into how you'll play the army.

I'm not a fan of HE, mine certainly receive no love. They are very strong, but I just can't get my head around why: they seem pretty fragile and fairly weak but use magic and special rules to help them through... but while I'm quite successful with HE I never have that confidence that the units can do what I want them to.

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