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Originally Posted by alasdair View Post
here is my nurgle list that I have made, for the Consuls of Decay ( a homebrew legion that i have made from my badly painted and old iron warriors)

The Consuls of Decay
Army List

Xerxes Putraventis: Daemon Prince
-Mark of Nurgle

A popular choice, he's good as he is.

Festus the Tainted: Chaos Sorceror
Terminator Armour
Mark of Nurgle
Gift of Chaos

I'd be very wary of leaving ICs wandering around on their own. (I assume he's going to be alone, seeing as there are no Terminators for him to join), as he is he's merely begging to be IDed by a Lascannon. Perhaps if you lost the TA then he could bunker down in a CSM squad for more protection. Also, I'm more partial to Wind of Chaos than Gift. I simply think that that 4+ to wound AP2 Flamer is too good to pass up.

The Blighted Brotherhood: 10 Chaos Space Marines
Aspiring Chamion
Power Fist
Plasma Pistol
Icon of Nurgle
Twin Linked Bolter
Extra Armour
Daemonic Possesion

Okay, there is no point having both Extra Armour and Daemonic Possession. Daemonic Possession overrides EA as it is anyway. That aside, I don't think it's worth putting DP or EA on a Rhino like this, they're expensive upgrades for a very fragile tank which don't really add much to it. As for the Marines themselves, I for 'fluffy' they're alright, but I don't rate the IoN because of how expensive it is. If you're spending those sorts of points, you may as well go for Plague Marines to be perfectly honest. Also, the Plasma Pistol is expensive and risky for an already costly Aspiring Champion - I recommend dropping it.

The Rotting Acolytes: 10 Plague Marines
Plague Champion
Power Weapon
Plasma Pistol
Twin Linked Bolter
Extra Armour
Daemonic Possesion

Same as above on the Rhino. They could also do with another Meltagun. As for the Plague Champion, you're much better off giving him a Power Fist; I3 means you're likely to be striking behind MEQ as it is anyway, whichever weapon you're using, the power fist just give you more punch against almost all targets and a measure of protection from walkers and ICs.

The Shrieking Zealots: 6 Raptors
Aspiring Champion
Pair of Lightening Claws
Icon of Nurgle

I don't rate Raptors, and the fluffy behind these guys is somewhat questionable (the Death Guard made very limited use of Raptors), but they're pretty solidly kitted here. Once again, the IoN feels a little too expensive for its benefit, but it's in keeping with the fluff.

Septus the Ravaged: Obliterator

It's an Obliterator, not much to say really.

Army Total: 1350pts

I know it is an odd points value, and does not really make any sense, but hey!
I appreciate you're going for a fluffy list, and that you're limited by the models that you have, but those are a few personal thoughts on the list which can give it some simply improvements. Changes such as the EA and DP on the Rhinos could save you a significant number of points,

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