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Forum name: Lord Ramo

Name: Will

Age: 24

Means of communication: Ummmm Heresy?
MSN: [email protected]

Location: England

Roleplay experience: Umm heresy again...... Thats it really......

Theme preferences: Horror, action, sci fi, comedy anything really... Except romance....

Memorable roleplay from the past: Either Unxepected first Attention Brothers, simply one of the best Rp's I have ever played.

Favorite roleplaying system: Mass effect count? Oblivion? If not then heresy...

Favorite games: too many of them to count... Rather immature....

Favorite roleplaying moment: Either during deathbringers three day rp when I had to save a mans life and failed. Got some good emotions in it as well as going into a lot of detail.

Favorite quote: Get to the Choppa.. Predator

This land is our land, and we shall call it.... This land.... I think we should call it your grave.... Curse you and you inevitable betrayal.- Serenity.

What would you like to see happen/start up here in RPT’s?: More quality rpers join, existing rpers continue to have fun.

Do you like the title of this thread? (Yes/No) If no, then what might be a better title?
yeah its not too bad.

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