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In ages past, the mightiest of heroes and chieftains who fell in battle were entombed in cairns and barrows of stone and earth, still garbed in the armour they wore in life. Surrounded by their earthly wealth, they were sealed in with curses and hexes, ensuring that none disturbed their eternal slumber. However, while these ancient spells of warding might keep centuries of tomb robbers at bay, they pose little hindrance to the most powerful Necromancers.
Their tombs defiled, these ancient heroes are infused with the Necromancerís power and rise to become Revenants, deadly undead warriors whose power is far greater than that of the lesser Undead. Though their flesh has long since rotted from their bones, they are encased in heavy ensorcelled armour of bronze and iron, making them nigh on impossible to destroy. Their weapons radiate a deadly chill, and it is said that those felled by these cursed blades are damned for all eternity, their souls forfeit. The Revenants form the armoured elite of a Necromancerís army, and there are few living warriors with the strength or nerve to stand against them.

- The Book of the Dead


Update time, with real pictures!!!

I was lucky enough to get a box of revenants today and have just finished building my first 5



Converted revenants (body and head reposition, to make them face front)

Generic revenant and banner:

I know the pictures donít show it, but there is so much detail in these figures, they were a joy to assemble and Iím even more excited for my whole army to arrive now!

On another note, Iíve been looking into fantasy terrain for K.o.W and stumbled upon this in my cupboard a few days ago. I had totally forgotten about it until now:

I canít decided whether to paint it grey, or and off white. Thoughts?

Cheers guys!

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