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Default Monstrous Creatures & Cover from Friendly Units

Will a monstrous creature receive the normal 4+ cover save from being shot at through a unit, or do they have to be 50% obscured to receive the cover save?

From my understanding, the actual model needs to be 50% obscured by intervening models to get the cover save, but I just want clarification as to if this is correct.

Also, would this work the same with a hive tyrant with wings, if the model physically is elevated off the base?
With gargoyles, is it the physical model that confers the obscurity, or the base?
Would it be considered 'cheating' if you changed the angle and height of the gargoyles to confer more coverage to help screen monstrous creatures?

--Rules Quoted from Warhammer 40k 5th edition rule book--

"Intervening models
If a target is partially hidden from the firer’s view by
other models, it receives a 4+ cover save in the same
way as if it was behind terrain." (pg. 21)

"In addition, for a monstrous creature to
be in cover, at least 50% of its body (as defined on
page 16) has to be in cover from the point of view of
the majority of the firing models. Also, standing in area
terrain does not automatically confer a cover save to
monstrous creatures – the 50% rule takes precedence.
Cover for them works exactly as for vehicles (see page
62)." (pg. 51)

"At least 50% of the facing of the vehicle that is
being targeted (i.e. its front, side or rear) needs to be
hidden by intervening terrain or models from the
point of view of the firer for the vehicle to claim to
be in cover. If this is the case, the vehicle is said to be
obscured (or ‘hull down’). If a squad is firing at a
vehicle, the vehicle is obscured only if it is 50%
hidden from the majority of the firing models (do not
count models that cannot hurt the vehicle)." (pg. 62)
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