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  • The Twisted Path - 40K - The gift of offworld weaponry has allowed Edreth's tribe to turn warring bands into a unified people. With his benefactors enemies approaching he must look beyond his planet.
  • Bile vs Angel - 40K
  • We - 40K - An experimental prose poem from the viewpoint of a plant.
  • The Awakening - 40K - An Inquisitorial acolyte is asked to betray his master
  • A Good Night - WHFB - A series of short pieces about a Dark Elf
  • A Fallen Captain - 40K - Captain Arkain of the Imperial Guard loses his faith.
  • In the Womb of the Warp - 40K - HOES Entry 03-12: Rebirth
  • O' Emperor Most Holy - 40K
  • Twist-ed - 40K - Detective Castor and Chaplain Dargus of the Adeptus Arbites have descended into the depths of the hive following the trail of sin, but are they being followed themselves?
  • Untitled - Heresy Online 2009 Fanfic Competition Finalist
  • Judgement's Heat - 40K - HOES Entry 02-12: Into the Fire
  • To Face One's Doom
  • Bloody Sore
  • Horizon - 40K - HOES Entry 05-12: Falling Rain
  • Piercing Shadows - 40K - Codicier Jedjin aíHin of the Angels Vermillion almost failed the testing to join the Librarium. For thirty-seven years doubt has eaten away at him, and now he faces a new test....
  • Chains of Command - 40K - HOES Entry 12-07: Duty
  • Is An Annoying Mistress - 40K - HOES Entry 12-07: Duty
  • Renegades 5: Perfection's Cry - 40K - Rebel spaceships, lead by the former Imperial Warmaster Horus, are beginning their campaigns against the corrupted Imperium of Man. Against them the nigh-immortal Emperor waits on his golden throne and the four chaos gods. From his mighty Warship, the Pride of the Emperor, Fulgrim leads his legion toward the ever-changing ideals of perfection. Meanwhile in the galactic east Roboute Gulliman, allied with the renegade Warmaster, constructs the core of a new galactic empire.
  • A Game in Code - 40K - Pasen Olefle sought to profit from his understanding of cogitators, and died for it. Can his son find safe employment and retribution on the killer?
  • Written in Steel - 40K - HOES Third Place 12-08: Loyalty
  • Truthfall - 40K - HOES Entry 12-11: Failure
  • The Song of Esaiex - 40K - 2012 Fiction Competition Entry
  • Renegades 8: Foundations in Scarlet - 30K
  • Visions of Treachery (Heresy: Hardcore Mode) - 30K
  • Raid on Helgorn's Gorge - 40K - Garggork attempts to lead his unit of Ork Kommandos agaisnt an Imperial Guard base.
  • 23rd Imperial Guard (Sgt. Tancred) - 40K - It has been six long months since the Orks had landed on Malvina IV. Only the Smoko mountain range running through the middle of the continent holds them back. But help may be on the way.
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  • Messenger of Change - 40K - A series of murders lure Inquisitor Hastur to the Underhive.
  • Daughters of Khorne - 40K - Are the tales of female marauders the lies of the Great Enemy or can even the Ecclesiarchy's finest fall?

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