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  • Taking the Ridge - 40K - The Amatsu Brigade are tasked with driving the Tau from a key location; how will they cope when their enemy turns out to be human auxiliaries?
  • Mechanicum War - 40K - Tech-auguries have revealed an untapped store of data in the heart of The Rock. If the Dark Angels will not permit access then Techpriest Marlaius must use force.
  • Return of the Lion - Lion El'Johnson awakes after centuries slumbering at the heart of the Rock. How will the Dark Angels cope with a Primarch? Especially a Primarch who is cheerful rather than racked by guilt 40K

  • Black Heart - WHFB - Theodore Gale of the City Watch will take all the help he can get solving a vicious murder; except from the Witch-hunters....
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  • Ork Short Story - 40K - Grob and Baug have not had a real flight in ages so are overjoyed when they discover Marines landing on Harkon Prime.
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  • The Saga of Shas'el Au'taal Y't'saum - Part One - Part Two - 40K - a Fire Warrior rises to greatness
  • The Circle Must be Broken - 40K/Babylon 5 - Inquisitor Daul is hunting the dangerous heretic and fallen Inquisitor Lord Soren Faust. Following him first to the planet of Belzafest, Daul is about to discover secrets far beyond even an Inquisitor's expectations and must find his place in a wider world. In a war for the fate of humanity older than the Dark Age of Technology, Babylon 5 is a haven for warriors, idealists, dreamers, and wanderers. How much damage can one more ship of fanatics do?
  • Faith, Fire, and the Force
  • Without War to Guide Me - 40K/Star Trek - In the grim darkness of the future there is only war. But what happpens to a Space Marine when he is stranded in a place where his unique set of talents are neither needed, desired, or valued by humanity? What is a weapons purpose without a war to fight in?
  • Impossible - WHFB
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