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  • Heresy Within- 40K - Armoured with faith against foulness both spiritual and physical the Adeptus Sororitas attempt to cleanse Genesis City of Orks.
Ninja DNoirXVIINoPoetnormtheunsavoury
  • Cult Part One
  • The End, with others - 40K - Featured Fiction - A combined effort from Heresy`s writers detailing the events following the Emperor`s death
  • Life of a Guardsman - 40K - Guardsman Second Class Philip Metz reveals his strong opinions no the nature of the universe.
  • The Story of an Untouchable - 40K - Roland awakes in an Arbites holding cell. When a visitor from the past brings salvation he is left wondering if execution might have been preferable.
Ordo Xeno Commander
  • Blood Hounds Story - 40K - The Blood Hounds Chapter move quickly, and often. Mounted on armoured vehicles, they strike quickly and withdraw unseen, their presence never betrayed, no trace of their existence is ever left behind, only the battered and burning remains of their enemies and their camps.
  • Fight for Titirus 7 - 40K - Through mud and rubble the Death Korps of Krieg march onward, bringing death to the enemies of Man; but is their stoicism enough to overcome less natural enemies?
  • Boarding Action - 40K - When chaos cultist board the Gaze of His Throne the naval ratings must rely on a team of specialists to drive them back. But are these Corsairs more frightening than the heretics they kill?
  • A Human Moment - 40K - Featured Fiction - Brother Taramant of the Dark Sons Chapter proves that you do not need to be of the people to be for the people.
  • Even in Death - 40K - To pass the time on a drop, Brother Lascar relives the turning point in his life.
  • An Important Lesson - 40K - In the jungles of Catachan nothing is defenceless.
  • Jungle Traitors - 40K - Most of the Guardsmen who enter the jungle do not return alive; the remainder are not so lucky.
  • Vaslar Jungle Traitors - 40K - The Predators of Vaslar are more than mere beasts
  • Talons of Vengeance - 40K - Purged by the Grey Knights after their geneseed is judged tainted, the survivors of the Chapter take refuge on an interdicted planet.
  • Blood Pyramid - WHFB - The armies of the Lizardmen march to the eternal glory of the Slann.
PipPrimeministersinisterProfessor PumpkinPusserQ
  • Valerion - An Imperial Guard Novel, Complete
Rayler Tall
  • Chronicles of the Nova Dragons - 40K - The Nova Dragons Chapter are tasked to explore the Gamma Epsilon system. The perfidious Eldar are threat enough but are they they only threat?
  • Chronicles of the Nova Dragons - 40K - The Nova Dragons have been given recruitment rights over a new system, but first they must bring it to the Emperor's Light.
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