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JacobiteJae Namkyoung
  • The Thunderhawks of Taihou -- Act One
JDWoogieJeanms_247Jezladjimmy gunn
KaeimKaidenKarak the UnfaithfulKeen4eKelann08
  • The Siege of Saganst VII - 40K - Khalit is currently an advisor to a minor lord of the Sekemtar dynasty. However his many layered battle plan is designed to gain him more than martial victory.
  • Fallen Ascendant - 40K - Lord Bladeragius of the night Lords, Champion of Khorne stands on the verge of apotheosis. As the warp overcomes even his enhanced physiology, can his will hold his body together or is he cursed to spawndom?
LandonCollinsLawkeeperlawrence96Legio CustodeLiliedhe
  • Every Silver Lining has a Cloud - 30K - When the devils come, Ibn Coruhn takes up arms to defend his people.
  • A Night of Tears - 30K
  • Despair - 30K - Fulgrim debates the meaning of perfection
  • Beyond the Fringe - 30K
  • Heavy Hearts - 40K - The Emperor is dead and the Imperium crumbling. Captain Tybero seeks to save the remnants of his Chapter from fading into history, but at what cost?
  • The New Order - 30K
  • Betrayed - Other - The forces loyal to the King are losing and many knights have abandoned their oaths; some have even joined the Usurper. Despite the death of his son, Ser Janus refuses to admit defeat.
LopspoonLord KrixzusLord of the NightLordraithLord RamoLucastLucien7
  • Slow Breaths - 40K - Snipers Jensen and Victor are deep in enemy territory, ordered to take down the new Governor. Will Jensen's inexperience doom them?
  • The Grind - 40K - Featured Fiction - Even the Traitor Legions there are two types of Quartermaster, put-upon lackey and schemeing prankster. Like all of the former Skarthax of the World Eaters discovers everyone he meets seems to be the latter.
  • Suffer Not the Alien - 40K - A diplomatic reception doesn't seem like the right place for a Deathwatch sergeant, but in this case the Governor really is spoiling his guests.
  • The Champion - 40K - A Sister of Battle awakes in the Arena of Commoragh with little memory of who she is or how she came to be there.
  • The Greenwater Bargain - 40K - The Tau Water Caste bribes the Blood Axe Clan to help them with a Chaos problem. What could possibly go wrong?
Malak FalcoMalochai

MelsaphimMentokMercenaryQMidge913MindlessnessMinizke1MontytheMightyMoodswingMossy Toes - User Page
  • Desolace
  • Help Me [40k, 1k words]
  • Take Your Medicine! [40k, 1k words]
  • Doll (Gives a Kiss) [40k, 1k words]
  • Padre Sawbones [40k, 1k words]
  • Son of Nagarythe [WHF, 3k words]
  • Blood Tribute [WHF, 3k words]
  • Gehemisnacht [WHF, 2k words]
  • Cometh the Eagle [40k, .5k words]
  • Morale [40k, 1k words]
  • Alone [40k, .5k words]
  • Castigation [40k, 2k words]
  • The One-Eyed King [40k, 12k words]
  • Plaything [40k, 75k words] - Commissar Montra Alexos and his ex-fiancee, the Sanctioned Psyker Sheka Scouras, have come with the Imperial Guard to purge the heretical Hive Janendor. A darkness waits for the Imperial forces, however, and soon their psykers begin to vanish, reappearing on the other side of the lines...
  • Spyderweb [40k, 6k words] - Featured Fiction - Kay Vutch, her twin brother Temils, and her younger brother just want to live a quiet life in the underhive. Is that too much to ask? They get their answer when a deal goes wrong: yes, apparently.
  • The Mutant Child [WHF, 30k words] - Ghuto and his nephew Poc are on the run across the southern Empire, hounded by beastmen and worse. Ghuto knows that he must go to any means necessary to stop his brother, Poc's father, from getting his hands on the boy...the mutant child.
  • Infection - 2010 Fiction Competition Runner-Up
  • Upon Reflection - 40K - Chazia the Perverse muses upon the ways in which his enemies attempt to kill him.
  • To Comprehend (It Matters Not) - 40K - HOES Winner 04-12:Annihilation
  • Dutiful Ignorance - 40K - Inquisitor Chaisor Braehm lectures his students on why the only fact an Inquisitor must know is that they are right, and why any other knowledge is heresy.
  • Iocounu Station - 40k - Where do you run if your world is just a circle in the void?
  • Iocouno Station (Extended) - 40K
  • How Fragile The Skein - 40K - Kierm survives when Traitor Marines slaughter her platoon. But is it a miracle or a curse?
  • Desolace - 40K
  • A Memory, Sundered - 40K - HOES First Place 12-12: Innocence
  • Cavern Dialogues - 40K - HOES Entry 13-02: Grace
  • Eremite - 40K - HOES Third Place 13-03: Contempt
  • 'Aunted - 40K

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