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Gaius MariusGalahad
  • The Price of a Mile - 40K - The Tyrelius Cluster has fallen to Chaos. Living or dying the massed forces of the Imperial Guard win back ground mile by slow mile.
  • Crow's Bridge - Other
  • Blood and Rust - 40K - In the Dark Age of Technology, the ancient Mechanicus created mechanical marvels beyond all reckoning and established a zenith of understanding. Most notable of these marvels is Mars itself. The ancient Magos created pure iron from the rust of the planet's surface and used the pure ore to create many alloys. Much of the metal was used on Mars itself, filling it with quadrillions of tons of metallic entrails that created a labyrinth of unimaginable complexity. However, among the machines of Mars, there are some machines that outdate humanity by eons upon eons, lost in the deepest hell-pits of the Cradle of Technology.
GnarvokGore Hunter
  • The Emperor Reborn - 40K - A being of unstoppable might single handedly sweeps away an Ork horde, but is it really a the greatest of all warriors?
Handbag of Joy
  • The Eye of the Serpent - WHFB - In the jungles of Lustria the wisdom of the Lizard men is challenged by the cunning of the Skaven.
Heresy LexiconHero of CoffeeHespithe
HOGGLORDHolmstromHonorable ManHorusDidNothingWrong
  • Poisoned Chalice - 40K - When Canoness Serena of the Sisters of Our Martyred Lady answers a call for aid from the Basilica of Saint Maltho she fears the worst for the basilica was built to hold heretical artefacts in safety.
Ignatius HadrianIlliadarimm0rtal reaperincreasoInitiateIntoTheVoidIron Angel
  • The Battle for Necrid Beta
  • Fall of the Old Ones - 40K - In the distant past, the War in Heaven rages. Gahat-Siil, warrior and historian, and Sinnat-Val, scientist and engineer, uncover the secret to the victory of the Necrontyr over the opression of the Old Ones, and hurry to deliver this discovery to their enigmatic masters. Victory is stripped from them at every turn however, and their triumph soon turns to desperation...
  • Tales of the Reclamation - 40K - a series of short stories about Necrons
  • Ashes to the Stars - 40K - HOES Entry 12-06: Restitution
  • Necron Characters - 40K

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