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Dagaz Vau
  • Turning Point - 40K - Too brave or too stupid for his own good, Joseph not only earned but accepted a transfer from the PDF to the Imperial Guard. Now he is fast making a name for himself as an assault specialist.
Dark AngelDarKnightWarlordDave T Hobbit
  • The Truth is Outer - Other - Mulder and Scully travel to the Frozen North to investigate reports of bodies plummeting from the skies.
  • Kidnapped - 40K - HOES Winner 02-12: Into the Fire
  • Strength in Adversity - Other - An short alliterative piece about the binding of the Fenris Wolf.
  • Luck of the Dice - 40K - HOES Second Place 03-12: Rebirth
  • The Blessing of Olfa Jofhond - WHFB - An extract from the Saga of Olfa Jofhond, Champion of Slaanesh, regarding how he gained his signature mutation. Rendered in alliterative verse.
  • Blood on Metal - 40K - Newly promoted to head of Variant Recidivism on Vixus III, Intelligencer Venria Atella faces jurisdictional nightmares and confusing crimes.
  • Clear Skies - 40K - HOES Entry 04-12: Annihilation - When an unknown enemy threatens Kriuper Admiral Tarsias Fallik must decide the true meaning of victory
  • Blossom - 40K - HOES Second Place 05-12: Falling Rain - When Jerek Austan joins the PDF his wife Mari is left to run the farm alone during the worst drought in living memory.
  • Fair Shares - 40K - HOES Third Place 12-06: Restitution - When Scout Harrin Beckles recovers conciousness he s has been left for dead. Can he locate the enemy before they find him?
  • Fair Shares: The Director's Cut - 40K - an extended version of Fair Shares which delves more into Harrin's mind.
  • Freedom - 30K - HOES Winner 12-08: Loyalty - The Emperor wants to find even the smallest disagreement with his grand plan, but will his strategy be too effective?
  • Washed Clean - Other - HOES Third Place 12-12: Innocence
  • Pig Boy - WHFB - HOES Second Place 13-03: Contempt - Pig Boy has not spoken since birth. Unable to argue he is given the worst tasks and the hardest blows.
Davo001Davidicus 40KdeathbringerDeathJester921deathnotedemonlord24DestroyerHiveDeus Mortis
  • First Story
  • Renegades 6: Bright Swords - 30K - The Emperor has betrayed Mankind. He has sold his loving populace out to the Dark Gods of the Warp for unimaginable reasons. After the massacre of Prospero, Horus has just over nine legions at his command. Despite the formidable numbers at his disposal and the many worlds also flocking to his banner, there are fears that this will not be enough. Some outposts have reported creatures of an unknown nature suddenly appearing and massacring whole populaces. The Warmaster is not taking this threat lightly, and so has resolved to form a new force to combat this threat most dire. But, some battles are best fought in quiet. Lights shinning in the darkest night.
  • Nothing But Contempt... - 40K - HOES Entry 13-03: Contempt
Dicrel SeijindienekesDÓnadanDingo1Dirge Eterna
  • Last Stand - 40K - Guardsman Hawke has triumphed over against traitor guardsmen, but can he survive the Death Guard?
  • Finest Hour - 40K - Wing Leader Kyrra Varsin of the the 267th Archeron lacks appropriate respect for the chain of command. Will results in combat be enough to save her?
  • The Emperor Protects - 40K - Featured Fiction - The Imperium believes that Tyranids are a faceless horde that exists only to consume life. How will they handle a Lictor that kills only in self-defence and enjoys playing regicide?
  • Chronicles of Deimos - 40K - Takes up the story of Altair following the fleet action above Deimos.
  • Forsaken - 40K - Recounting the adventures of Corporal Tobias "Twitch" Stalger from recruitment into the Imperial Guard, through Basic, and beyond....
  • Oathbreaker - WHFB - Featured Fiction - The story of an elf traveller and his dragon companion. After saving a group of Empire troops from a Dark Elf attack, they find themselves working as mercenaries and fighting the Warriors of Chaos!
  • Erebus - 40K
  • The Lighthouse - 40K - The Lighthouse station is far from Earth where the Astronomican starts to weaken. Now its inhabitants are weakening as well.
  • Frozen North
  • Only in Death
  • Affliction: Fall of Sanction
  • Redemption
  • Steel Talons
  • Grey Ghosts
  • 409
  • From the Ashes
  • The Unsung War
  • Shadow of Dawn
Dusty WarriorDutchy1982E
  • The Prophet's War - 40K - For the past twenty years the Prophet has passed through the broken worlds of the Darkvale; a cluster of several dozen worlds dedicated to the Old Faith, hidden in the unclaimed fringes of the galactic north east of the Sagittarius Arm between the Mordant Zone and the cursed, enemy worlds of Ultramar.

Farseer DarvalethFarseer Ulthris
Fiend of SlanneshFire starter Pyrofishstickz-1
  • A War of Shadows - 40K - On a planet fallen to Chaos an empty man declares war on corruption.
FlindoForkmasterFumble Tumble

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