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  • Emperor Willing - 40K
  • The Universe Began with a Bang and I am Gonna Go Out with a Boom - 40K - Strange warp activity has thrust hundreds of separate worlds into one galaxy in the Segmentum Tempestus. The Jagharty 75th War Dogs are in the middle of the Imperial campaign to retake the system. Training and indoctrination will protect them form the enemy but can they trust the outsiders thrust into their ranks and survive their personal demons?
  • Temptation - 40K - Humorous out-takes from the Horus Heresy
  • Service Record: Josef Trekt - 40K - A series of file extracts describing the career of Pavius of the Grey Knights prior to his elevation to Grand Master.
  • Sigfried Rottenheart - WHFB - As reward for recovering Brandenburg from Chaos the Emperor grants the humble farmer Siegfried oversight over those lands. Spiritual riches follow and all seem well until the followers of Nurgle march.
  • The Fall - 40K - A History of the Tyrannic Wars
Alias2003[*]Phantom Legion - 40K - Despite his best endeavours, Lt. Gladen's unit are caught by the forces of Chaos.
  • Bored in Class...Short Story! - 40K - Twenty years ago a Chaos uprising and the subsequent Inquisiton purge almost destroyed Governor Elyte's career. Now he is ready to take back everything he lost.
  • Bladien - 40K - An Ork WAAAGH has first broken Imperial Defenses, then the scattered pockets of resistance, removing all hope for victory. Now Brother Bladien of the Desolation Angels must fight alone merely to survive.
AlsoJamesAmoeba BaitAndrei_dmitriAndros
  • Faith is Stronger than Fear - 40K - The Grey Knights, warriors surpassing all but the greatest of Space Marines. Defiant to the end, unyielding and never faltering, that is what a true Grey Knight is, and they face the greatest threats that endanger the Imperium of Man. But what they truly excel at, is facing the Daemons of the Warp. On the planet Karakus, a squad of Grey Knights escorting Inquisitor Seleena, are about to be put to the test, one of which no one could imagine.
  • Horus Returns - 40K - Garviel Sinnderman is found in a life-pod, having apparently fallen form a clear sky. When Imperial Fists come to his planet he suddenly experiences strange thoughts as if he has lived before.
  • Soul Gatherers Terminators - 40K - After enough missions even the uniqueness of a space hulk may trigger memories of the past.
  • Risac Report - 40K - A short review of the regiments raised from Risac by Inquisitor Gortanu
andygornAnfoAngelofdeath690Anne Marie
anubi_gateArcades Dolor
  • Entombed - 40K - Told from the point-of-view of a Dreadnought
  • The Sh'uiset enclave incident - 40K - When Inquisitor Silas Hoth hears of a Tau enclave surrounded by two Imperial Guard regiments he jumps on the opportunity to capture an Ethereal
  • The Opsillion Incident - 40K
  • Stone Dragons SM Story - 40K - Initiate Caiden Holtzen of the Stone Dragons is textbook perfect in training but will his knowledge suffice in the crucible of battle?
Archon Dan
  • A Dracon's Ambition - 40K - Koreval Blackthorn of the Kabal of the Shadow's Bane vows to lead the Dark Eldar to dominion over the galaxy.
  • 227-5 - 40K - A short story from the perspective of a lowly Necron Warrior of the Jiang Shi dynasty, describing a battle of Draugr.
  • Into Frozen Hell - 40K - a companion story to 227-5. Following a young, neophyte guardsmen on his flight to the Draugr system and the ensuing battle.

BabypowderBad BadgerBane_of_Kings - User Library
  • Fist of Iron
  • Death Bay - An Inquisitorial Fanfic
  • Cracking the Code - An Imperial Guard Fanfic
  • Emperor's Elite - An Imperial Guard Fanfic
  • Vanquisher - A Vanquishers Novel
  • Heresy Online's First 40K/Doctor Who Crossover
  • Hold or Die - An Imperial Guard Short
  • Host of Angels - 2010 Fiction Competition Entry
  • Guardians of Darkness - A Raven Guard Novel - A Raven Guard Novel - Captain Mortem Kardon of the Raven Guard 4th Company Must Take Kathius from the Heretics that Hold it, alongside elements of the Imperial Guard. However, with the unexpected arrival of several warp storms, cutting of Kathius from the rest of the universe, and the apperance of a warp rift, the 4th Company and their Imperial Guard allies seem doomed. However, unexpected relief comes from a Chapter thought Long extinct - The Eternals, deemed renegade by the Imperial High Command. How they got there is a mystery, but why they were there matters more. The Eternals are a Chapter Disgraced by the Imperium, and would only fight alongside their former allies in the most direst conditions. However, these conditions are certianly dire, but Kardon thinks that the Eternals may have an alternative motive. For another force lies in the heart of Kardon, stretching back to the days of the Horus Heresy.

    Can Kardon find what lies there, and will he be able to inform the rest of the Chapter of his discovery?
  • The Eleventh Legion
  • The Shadows - An Inquisitor Hakeon Novel
  • Honour and Sacrifice
  • The Chronicles of Madness
  • Doomsday
  • Winter's End - 30K - 2012 Fiction Competition Entry
BlackApostleVilhelmBlackGuardBlack Steel FeathersBloodangelsfanBloodhound
Bloody Marybob3472
  • Raising the Primarchs - 40K - Chaos scattered the Primarchs throughout the galaxy, but would the Empire of Man been any less chaotic if they had not? It might well have been more humorous.
  • The Diary of Professor Cornelius Galatius - WHFB - In an attempt to discover Orc culture the Professor and his assistant disguise themselves as Greenskins.
- User PageBraveheartBrodingman87
BrogutsBrokenBrother ArnoldBrother AzeekBrother EmundBulljump

  • A Quick Fic about Medusa V - 40K - Brother Jay of the Grey Knights is aassigned a routine guard post at Deimos space port. However not all passengers share his loyalty to the Imperium.
  • Chosen - 40K - When a falling star brings foul monsters to his people's land, Cambrius must take up arms.
  • Last Reunion - 40K - a sequel to Chosen
Cameron the PillagerCaptainBaileanCaptain Loken

Captain Ramius
  • Terminator - 40K - Captain Ramius of the Ultramarines spearheads an assault on a Chaos stronghold.
  • Shadow Games - 40K - An uphiver comes slumming in search of a rare import.
Captain Sor TalgronCaptain StilliosCavash
  • Simba's Story - 40K - Sole survivor of an Ork assault, Simba joins the 1st Veteran Squad.
Chapter Master Onyxius
chrisman 007
ChucknorieCjayckcrawfordCol. SchaferCommander_CullnCommissarHorn
Commissar Ploss
- User PageConcrete HeroCraftworldSurathin
C'Tan Chimera

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