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Nalgar watched as his undead horde advanced towards the Elven line. Many of his minions fell to the points of the Elves arrows, but they rose again as soon as they fell. He smiled as Arínathís wraiths glided towards the Elf line, their spirit bodies immune to bolt and spear. The Liche gave a throaty laugh as the western glank of the elf line buckled under the weight of the wraith assault. As the elves adjusted their line to meet the threat, Caloth led his revenant cavalry from the tree line into the heart of the Elves eastern flank. Caught between lance and spirit, the Elves were defenceless against the main body of the force as it arrived. The ghouls struck first, biting, hacking, clawing, limbs falling wherever they went. The zombies arrived next, feasting on the injured and pushing further into the Elf line.
When the skeleton horde reached them, the elves were broken. In retreat or dead, they were defeated.

ĎRaís,í the Liche spoke, Ďregroup the troops, we press on. The day is young and there is much blood to be spilled.í


Update time folks. The undead box still hasnít arrived, turns out its out of stock so wonít arrive until the end of next week at the earliest

I have managed to get some more painting done though. I painted another Necromancer, Arínath the wraith master.

His staff top is green because that will be the colour of my wraiths. And green is Arínathís magical signature. You canít see it in the picture, but he has green eyes also.

I think by this point Iíve got painting the red and blue down to a T and should be able to knock the main force out quite quickly.

As always, comments, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome!

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