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Originally Posted by shaantitus View Post
What about the techmarine models also? I am sure you could do something with them too.
Maybe, if I can be bothered to remove the shoulder pads of them.

Originally Posted by Boc View Post
The biggest pain in the dick will be coming up with 30x steampunkish weapons to act as the techpriest's weap... unless you're actually just going to buy those.
Not too much of an issue with these, Boltguns will do.

I might as well fess up.

The plan is to do a Adeptus Mechanicus theme across three armies, SM, SoB and IG.

I have been itching to go Imperial for a while now but could never settle on one thing.
With this I don't have to.

I can magpie about, doing 500 point blocks of all three but still get a Apoc force after six blocks.

Plenty conversions to do and I get to use up the random Imperials I have about the house/loft.

The guys based on Enginseers will be used as SMs and Sisters rules wise.
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