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Default Newb Painter suggestion to any other newb painters out there.....


It makes a huge huge difference in detail. You may have to put a extra few coats on but its more than worth the time. I painted the tactical marines I got as a starter set right out of the pot with little water. Problem came when I tried to do highlights along the details. I could not see many of them because I had filled them in with paint.

Unhappy with this situation I started reading more on the internet about painting and then stripped the paint off them. Reprimed and now I have a wet pallet setup. This is pretty much a small dinner plate with a couple layers of soaked paper towel. A piece of parchment paper (stuff you bake on from the grocery store) placed on this and pressed so that it's damp. This keeps your paint wet as your painting. I then used a tip from somewhere online that I can not remember at this point :-p

Water you paint down until it is like milk. About 3 water drops to every 1 drop of paint. It looks way to watery, it goes on almost like a wash, it covers great and leaves all the detail in place.

Really wish I had done this from the get go, would have saved a lot of time.
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