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Default The Art of Necromancy! Reaper’s Mantic Undead

"Necromancy is the most abhorrent of sorcery, and all who practise it are hated and feared in equal measure. In violation of natural law, Necromancers are able to use their power to defy death itself, extending their own lives virtually indefinitely.”

Nalgar walked across the empty plains, humming to himself. In the distance he could hear them coming. Hundreds of armoured boots. He smiled, it was raining. He enjoyed summoning in the rain. And this fog would provide amply cover.
He placed his phylactery in a finely crafted steel box and handed it to Ra’s.
‘Make sure it is well hidden.’
‘Yes my lord.’
‘And call the others. They will be here soon.’
Ra’s bowed his head and hurried away. Nalgar was joined by a quintet of other necromancer’s, forming a line beside him.
‘Karnack,’ the Liche spoke, ‘are you certain this is the place?’
‘Certain my lord. There will be more than enough.’
‘Excellent. You may begin your summoning.’
The necromancers moved away as the Elf army appeared in view at the opposite end of the field. Nalgar watched his necromancers begin the process of raising the dead. Skeletal arms burst from the ground all around him. The undead rose from their earthly slumber and formed neat ranks and columns.
‘So much more obedient than the living,’ Nalgar laughed. He took a phial from inside his robes and poured a single drop onto the fertile earth. Speaking an incantation of dark magic, he lifted his arms above his head. The ground gave a soft rumble and the freshly dead forced their way back into the land of the living. The zombies formed a horde of rotten flesh in front of the skeletal ranks. Nalgar watched the ghouls who had accompanied him fight amongst one another with a smile.
‘The summoning is complete my lord,’ Ra’s said.
‘And my phylactery?’
‘Totally hidden.’
‘Excellent. Let us spill some blood.’


Yes, that's right, it's time for another Reaper plog. And this time, it's not marines!

No sir, this log will chronicle my journey into the art of Necromancy as I build and paint an undead army for Mantic's Kings of War. There aren't a lot of Mantic log's around. So my plan is to make this something special

In light of recent happenings involving GW, I have decided a partial boycott is in order. I won't be buying GW minis in the month of June and I play on toning down my buying of GW minis in the future too. I already have more than enough marines to make thousands of points for an army, and I recently sold most of my Guard/Krieg, so the stage is set for Mantic. I will still buy GW paints because they are what I work with most, but I'll only need to buy a few to get myself going with this army.

Well, onto Mantic then. As I said, because of recent events, myself and a few others have decided to give Kings of War a go. I downloaded the rules and gave them a read, and so far, I'm loving what I'm seeing. For such an easy game it seems to have so much character.

I chose undead because I think they have the best models and I already had a horde of zombies.

My force will based around the Liche King Nalgar, from the short fluff piece above. He's a vicious being, but I'm hoping to add a little humor to him over time. As per the fluff, Liches deal with the recently dead, so Nalgar is a master of Zombies and ghouls. While his six necromancers handle the skeleton elements of the army.
I will be reflecting this on the table top. Whenever there are zombies or ghouls present. Nalgar will be there. And wherever skeletons walk, his Necromancers won't be far behind.

So, onto pictures:

Obviously one of the first things I considered was colour scheme. I saw a few different ones that I liked but in the end settled on a variation of the Mantic Studio army's Red and Blue. I chose this scheme because blue is one of my favorite colors to work with and red can be done really well with washes.

My first test mini was Ra's (think Ra's al Ghoul from batman for the pronunciation)

I chose to use a ringwraith model because I'm not fond of the any of the hero undead miniatures apart from Mhorgoth. The pictures make him look a lot shinier than he is and a few have lost some of the depth in the colors (the bottom is closest to true colors)

Next we have my first army standard.

I'm really pleased with this guy. However, the picture has washed out a lot of the depth in the red and blue, particularly on his banner. He represents a recently dead warrior, hence the skin tone. For those interested, here are my colour recipes:


Basecoat regal blue
Ogryn Flesh wash
Begin layering a 50/50 mix of ultramarine blue and regal blue
Highlight with roughly a 50/25/25 regal/ultramarine/white mix
Wash with Asurmen blue to tie the colours together.

Mechrite Red Basecoat
Thraka Green Wash
Layer Roughly 50/25/25 Scarab red/blood red/blazing orange
Highlight pure blood red
Wash heavily with baal red wash.

Boltgun base
Chainmail and weapons are washed badab black
Plates and other metal areas washed devlan mud

Dead Skin
Dheneb stone base
Levaithan purple wash
layer a 50/50 mix od Dheneb stone and Rotting flesh
Highlight with same mix but skull white added.
VERY light purple wash

The last thing we have is the first regiment of zombies:

These will be (re)painted following this tutorial.

Well, if you've stuck with me till the end, have an internet cookie. I will be buying the undead £50 set in a few days and will begin building the majority of my force.

Until then

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