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Here's a little spiel for the bands I mentioned earlier: maybe a bit of an incentive to listen to them.

Both Russian Circles and Pelican are instrumental bands that play "heavy" style music. I listen to them beacuse, although I like the brutal riffs and stuff of metal, I'm not the biggest fan of the vocals in most bands. These two bands get past the vocal problem by just playing the heavy riffs in all its headbanging goodness.
Track to listen to from these guys are: Death Rides a Horse by Russian Circles and Bliss In Concrete by Pelican

maybeshewill play a similar style of music as the two above, but just a little less metal. Again, it is an instrumental band, but in a few of their tracks they add some audio bits; dialogue, conversations and the like.
Track from these guays is Co-Conspiritors

65daysofstatic are technically a "postrock/mathrock" band, so what that means is that they play again, instumental stuff, which is sort of rock-y/heavy in nature, but they throw in a bit of a techno/electronic bits as well.
Track to listen to from these guys is This Cat Is A Landmine

Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band, which plays some really relaxing, mellow tunes. The vocals are in both Icelandic and English for some tracks. I really like this lot, and I find their music sort of uplifting, as if just listening to it cheers you up; especially this track: Gobbledigook.

If These Trees Could Talk plays more heavy instrumental stuff, but it has its own unique sound. Hard to describe from someone who doesnt play an instrument, but it sounds as if their tracks have a sort of atmosphere. Great riffs and catchy melodies. This band makes me want ot lie back and reflect on life.
Track to listen to is From Roots To Needles

Faunts has to be my favorite band of all time. They have the same sort of atmoshpere as ITTCT, but their stuff is more subdued and quiet than them. They have a strong rock feel, backed up by a fair bit of electronic-ness, which really comes through on the keyboard. If you've ever finnished Mass Effect, you would remember this track from the closing credits.
M4 Pt II

Blatherskite are a local {Australian} band, which plays a heavy punk/metal set. The lyrics are really interesting and I definatly recomend you look them up. Cant really think of much else to say on them, so have a listen to Majestic.

Mogwai (dont feed them after midnight) are yet another instrumental band, which plays sort of relaxing, sort of reflective music. Thay have really interesting track names and on some of their tracks they have a strong electric influence. Have a listen to White Noise.

The Postal Service is an alternative/indie band which definatly has a strong electric foundation. It is sort of subdued, with 'gaps' between some of their stuff. That probs made no sense, so jusst listen to Band New Colony

Finally, if you need to be cheered up, look no further than Reel Big Fish. A whole bunch of trumpets and an uplifting beat, yes please! Have a listen to Everything Sucks

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