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I agree about the highlights, I've never been happy with them. I think my paints have always been too thick, I've been watching alot of painting tutorials on YouTube and had sort of worked out that my paints are too thick. I've also been doing alot of reading here and read a post from someone about a Flow Improver medium (I think it was Djinn). I got some of that and have started working with a mix of that and water to thin my paints down to where they are useable. I'll post a pic of the Mini I just finished and a WIP pic of my warlock tonight (I'm at work now). I think they are a bit better but I'm still not happy with the highlights. I need a more of a steady hand, more painting practice will help with that I hope.

I like the tip about the Glaze/Matt Medium wash. I'm going to give that a shot and I'm going to have a look for the skinny masking tape suggested too. I don't know that the masing tape can save the paint job that's been finished, but for future work it should help alot.
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