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Default High Elves, the Warriors of Ulthuan

Hey once again, guys.

The idea for this thread is a place to collect any and all information regarding Tactics and High Elves. This can either be tactics for playing as or against High Elves. After all, the idea is to help everyone, the gamers!

So, let me create a rolling Table of Contents here, just for reference. If you guys would like to hear anything regarding High Elves, just post it right here and I'll incorporate it!

0.0 Introduction to the High Elven army
1.0 The units of the High Elves
2.0 High Elven Movement
3.0 High Elven Magic
4.0 High Elven Shooting
5.0 High Elven Combat

This is just tentative, so don't think it has to be the way it currently is. For now, that's just some of the things I'd like to cover.

Oh, and remember that this is all just my (or the respective poster's) expressed opinion. Anything and everything here is up for debate, comments and critique. This is to help all the players, so if you feel something needs to be said that I bypassed, fill everyone in!

"In the eyes of the Elves of Ulthuan there exists no fear, only grim determination.

Until one has witnessed them in combat, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess."

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0.0 Introduction to the High Elven Armies

Okay, so the introduction to the High Elves.

Things I plan on covering:
-High Elves - Are they competitive? If so, what makes them so?
-High Elves - How to make an effective Army
-More to come!

Are they Competitive?

So, with all the nasty ideas on "Army Tiers" and the hierarchy of armies, where do High Elves fall? That's a difficult question, given a limited context of comparing them to Daemons of Chaos (who seem to be the ultimate in power-armies). They are certainly more substantial than Orcs and Goblins (in terms of shear competitiveness), yet less-so than their dark cousins, the Dark Elves. I would therefore have to say they're somewhere in the middle, with the likes of the Empire and Brettonians.

Now, what makes the High Elves competitive?
High Elves do have a lot of good things going for them: Army-wide Always Strikes First, high Weapon Skill, high Initiative (in addition to ASF, of course), high Leadership, High Movement.
It makes sense, then, that they have some drawbacks: each individual model is expensive (often several times the cost of an analogous unit), all elves are Toughness 3, a general lack in armor.

So, how to capitalize on these pros and cons? Often times, the most capable armies of the High Elves are very focused, and hence create a Glass Cannon of sorts (they can dish out the damage, but can't take it). As such, they have two main builds: The Prince on Star Dragon build, and the Archmage/uber magic build.

Prince on Star Dragon

As this name implies, this list revolves around the powerhouse that is a Prince on Star Dragon. These guys are just as nasty as they can come; one of the most devastating Dragons in the Warhammer universe, with a considerable Prince in tow. These lists emphasize the use of fast movers, namely the two varieties of Chariots and plenty of Dragon Princes of Caledor in support. A scroll caddy often accompanies these forces, so they tend to have minimal magic support.

How to combat this list? If you can somehow neutralize the Dragon (not the rider, just the dragon), you'll cut off a lot of the army's offensive power. Or, if you can neutralize the benefits of the Charge, namely by preventing the High Elf cavalry from decimating things, you will often find success. Odds are, movement and Close Combat will be the realm of this type of army. Magic and Shooting, however, will often be the bane of such a setup, especially under an unlucky general.

Archmage, uber-magic
These armies employ a finely-kitted Archmage, combined with a pair of Level 2 mages, and sometimes a BSB. They emphasize defensive troops like Phoenix Guard and White Lions to hold the lines while the Mages do their deeds. Archers and RBTs tend to buffer any remaining fast movers who can threaten the mages, who are often bunkered within an Elite unit. Obviously, these armies tend to favor the ability to whittle down the opponent's forces rather than face them in combat (since Combat units tend to be more expensive).

How to tackle this list? Again, an emphasis has been placed on Magic here. Odds are you won't stop the nasty spells, or at least the ones you would otherwise need to stop. Instead, you should just focus on taking down the mages in some way. If that won't work, you can always focus on taking down the relatively small accoutrement of troops that protect the mages.

There are also the Balanced lists. These armies tend to be less competitive, yet more fun all around. Since these lists are far more open, I can't generalize them too accurately. But we know that High Elves do have the capacity to bring more Special and Rare choices to the board, so that should say something.

How to make an effective High Elf army.

I'll carry on with what I had described above, for simplicity's sake.

Prince on Star Dragon
-Emphasize Fast Movers that can keep up with the Dragon. This includes cavalry and Eagles.
-Focus on Offensive Power. Since the Magic Phase is essentially non-existent, you'll have to tie your units in combat to lessen the effectiveness of your opponent's magic and shooting.
-Your primary unit is the Dragon. Everything else is to ensure that it remains in play.
-The Prince and Dragon should be able to take down anything your opponent offers. If necessary, take down monstrous mounts before the riders and run them over in Combat Resolution (if the opportunity presents itself).

-Take the Banner of Sorcery, and other Offensive magic items. Your ability to pump out the magic and overwhelm your opponents is your biggest weapon. Use it well!
-Archmage with a Book of Hoeth will do wonders. Two Lvl2's can carry the +1 Power Die and +1 Spell to keep the rest of the magic phase in line.
-You won't need too many Dispel Scrolls if you know how to use them wisely.
-You MUST keep all the Mages alive. Bunker down and get ready for them to come to your lines.
-Harrying the opponent's flanks is nice, but don't put too many points into it. March Blockers on the other hand can do wonders. Keeping those Marauders pinned for three turns under the fire of your Mages? Beautiful! (albeit unlikely)

-Remember your ridiculous Elite units. Making an infantry army is easy, but will need some strong flank-charging units.
-As good as the Core units are, don't worry too much about them. Keep them at the minimum number of units; Spear Elves can be kept in units of 15+, but archers should be in naked units of 10, while Lothern Sea Guard are often too expensive to be put into large units (though detachment units of 10 are apparently effective).
-Use your Rare slots effectively! Eagles and RBTs are both very useful. Don't worry about defending them too much, though. Your main force should usually advance forward, leaving them to their own devices.
-Characters should be left as support. A Noble or two, with a Mage or two is often adequate for a strong army.

Overall, High Elves have a tendancy to thrive in large games. At 2000pts, they aren't top notch, and are often fighting a slight uphill battle. At 3000pts, High Elves really begin to shine. At this point, they can fill our ranks of Elite Troops and can finally bring those numbers to bear. However, at too grand a game, their advantage of greater numbers of Special and Rare units begins to deminish (only slightly, though).

Okay, this is what I have thus far. If you guys have questions, comments, or critique, fill everyone in!

"In the eyes of the Elves of Ulthuan there exists no fear, only grim determination.

Until one has witnessed them in combat, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess."

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Default 1.0 The units of the High Elves

1.0 The units of the High Elves

Next up, a brief synapsis of the many elite units of the High Elves.

1.1 Introduction to the Units of the High Elves
1.2 The Units of the High Elves
1.3 How to Use the Units of the High Elves

1.1 Introduction to the Units of the High Elves

So, by now we probably all know that the High Elves are a league of Elite Warriors, capable of eradicating enemy units on sheer ability alone. That's good, considering the High Elves have no other tricks in their book.

Since they're so elite, it only makes sense that they can field more Special and Rare choices than other armies, too (+1 each at any point limit, I do believe). Unfortunately, the High Elves lack Core and Rare troop choices where they gain a prodigious selection of Special Troops, meaning you may have to under-utilize your Army Composition limits...

So, the clue here is that you want to emphasize your Special Units, while minimizing your use of Core troops to make more room for those all-so-important Special Forces! Granted, I love to see some Spear Elves tear apart any weak-ish units more than anyone, but the High Elves have far more interesting units to throw around. You interested to see what they're capable of? Here we go!

1.2 & 1.3 The Units of the High Elves and How to Use them.

First, let's go over the Characters:


This is the ultimate Combat Character of the High Elves. He has a solid damage output and absolutely fantastic staying power. He has all three types of Saves, several WS9 S7 flaming attacks, and Malhandir dishing out a few extra hits to top things off. He's go more stuff, but his kitting is rather irrelavent to the topic here.

So, how to use him? With his great Movement, he's great at Hunting mages, war machines, scouts, and so on.
As for fighting other Characters, he's decent. He can dish out the damage just well, and can take just about any blow put upon him. However, Killing Blow attacks are his bane, stripping his use of his amazing saves. Aside from that, he can cause Havoc against just about anything save for a Vampire or a Chaos Mortal Lord.
Putting him in a unit is also a good idea. With some Dragon Princes, you'll have a rock-solid unit capable of devastating your opponent's lines or flanks.


By far, the greatest living mage in all of Warhammer, Teclis is a monster in the Magic Phase.

Magic is a completely different ball-park, so I'll cut to the rest here, and go on with Magic at another time.

With Teclis, you have to realize he is absolutely ATROCIOUS in combat. His sword is fantastic on any other character, but with Teclis it's a joke. Don't be fooled, if he ever gets into Combat, he will fall with an ease that would make a Tumbler envious.

That tragedy revealed, he needs protection. Now, I don't mean he needs to be put in a unit, or left alone in the backfield. I only suggest that you try not to present him as an easy target!

Like I said in my Phoenix Guard post (here), the Phoenix Guard can create a great Bunker for Teclis with their High Leadership and survivability. Now, White Lions are another good choice, but I prefer Phoenix Guard. Spear Elves don't have the Leadership nor survivability, and Cavalry units are negatively affected with Teclis amongst their ranks.

Aside from that, he will need LoS most of the time, so you'll want to consider that. Again, avoid combat at all costs!


I can't say that I'm too experienced with him, but I do love the concept. He can cast spells, shoot, and demolish things in Close Combat! All around, he's nasty!

The problem: his skill set is very sporadic. He doesn't have much focus, so he isn't as killy as a Prince on Star Dragon, can't cast like a Level 4 Archmage, or shoot like Alith Anar. I know he's meant to be a kind medium, and he pulls it off well, make no mistake.

What does that mean? Well, it just means that he'll need support with whatever he does. His shooting alone, for instance, won't be enough to turn ranks. His combat prowess might be able to make a unit flee, but I'd rather see him take to combat with a unit of Dragon Princes or Sword Masters (I'm a jerk, I know).

Altogether, he's a great support Character. Since he has no focus, he'll probably find his niche in a Combined Arms (Balanced) army, where are phases are represented equally in the army.


Alith Anar
This guy is pure anti-Dark Elf. His plethora of special rules makes him a considerable threat, especially in a Themed or Campaign Battle against the dark kin.

Again, I'm not too well versed with him, but again I like the concept. It seems that he'd do well to support your forces while another unit or two of Shadow Warriors scouts ahead. That way, his high Leadership and amazing skills will serve him and the bulk of your forces well.


Archmages are the generic high-level casters of the High Elves. Since High Elves have a decent selection of things to outfit them with, they can be quite a nasty threat to the opponents of Ulthuan.

As with Teclis, this is more of something that belongs in the Magic seciton.


Princes of Ulthuan
The generic Combat Characters of the High Elves. As with Archmages, they have a long list of items to equip them with to make them very powerful. There are a few basic ones that seem to fit most builds, however. I'll cover those more elsewhere, since that doesn't entirely apply here.

Now, how to use your combat character? Odds are, a Prince will be used as an Offensive Tank. That is, he'll often have some nasty gear and will be atop a Star Dragon. This makes for a combat powerhouse that can rip apart just about anything in Warhammer Fantasy. They are incredibly tough, too. The problem is that this single unit costs around six hundred points or more! That's a lot of points for anything less than a 2500pt game. If you chose to do that, you'll have to be exceptionally careful with that model.

Other builds often involve the Prince as being a missile platform with one of the magic bows. He'll often ride a Great Eagle, too, just to get around better. This tends to be rather nasty, but expensive for what he does all the same.

As a defensive Leadership Beacon. This is the guy that just sits in the dead center of your battle line, along side your BSB, making sure your units don't run away from anything. This setup usually isn't taken, since it's rather involved for such a simple thing, and within an army where high Leadership is common.


Captain of the Phoenix Guard. Hence, he's one of my favorite characters.

He's fantastic at dealing with any of the worst units around. Hydras? Send Caradryan in. He does multi-wound flaming attacks against them. If all else fails, he'll probably bring down whatever killed him just out of spite!

He's great at leading a unit to confer his Fear and Fear-immunity, as well as Magic Resistance. He's decent in combat, too. The idea with him is to send him headlong into the nastiest thing you're going to face.


Much like Caradryan, Korhil is great at buffing your own units. He's rather tough to kill, and is great at dealing damage all the while. He's great at making units stick around.

Since he isn't immune to Fear or Terror, he can easily be defeated causers of said psychological effects. You'll have to be careful with him in respects to such things. Still, his damage output is impressive, and Killing Blow makes him a threat to just about anything.


Nobles of Ulthuan
Just your basic Combat Hero. You can give them a variety of equipment, and they can be your BSB.

Nobles are rather potent in combat, and can significantly boost the combat effectiveness of just about any troop with an appropriate build. Your Spear Elves lacking some stopping power? Toss one of these guys in with a Great Weapon. Silver Helms need a slightly more forgiving Leadership? Mount a Noble on an Elven Steed and let him tag along.

These guys aren't too fantastic, but they do deliver a lot in terms of helping your forces. Honestly, they won't stand a chance against a WoC Hero, but they can still boost the effectiveness of your army as a whole.


Your basic Level 1 or 2 casters. High Elf mages receive +1 to dispel attempts and have access to High Magic and all other common lores. They are both versatile and effective.

Since most High Elf magic items are significantly less expensive than other races' items, it's possible to create a scroll caddy that can still contribute to your own Magic Phase. Two dispel scrolls and the Silver Wand (I do believe that's the combo) can still create a strong scroll caddy.

Obviously, cost is an issue, as it is for all High Elf troops. It's not very economical to fully equip your Level 1 or 2 mages when your Archmage or Prince could use those points more, for instance. It comes down to a matter of balance when kitting out your characters and units with respect to your army as a whole. Such an ideology is easily applicable to the mages. Consider what their purpose in your army is, and kit them accordingly!


Dragon Mages
Often, these guys are seen as over-rated. The mage on the Dragon is little more than a basic mage (save for an awesome rule!) and the dragon is sub-par as far as monsters are concerned. Still, the package as a whole is still interesting.

What the Dragon Mage does is provide a "Mobile Oppression Palace," of sorts. The idea is to create a mobile offensive platform; you fly around and burn your enemies to the ground with magic and breath attacks. Normally, I would have to say not to get carried away with the Flaming Sword of Rhuin; a mage with an awesome sword is still a mage. The mage is too fragile to use effectively in combat, while the dragon is too expensive to be left out of combat. You're faced with a tactical conundrum! Basically, you'll just have to decide how to use your Dragon Mages as things come up.

Core Troops:

Spear Elves
These guys are just about the only units High Elf players can get Static Combat Resolution from. They are the cheapest units available to us, yet they are not slouches in combat. They can fight in an extra rank to the front and have a reasonably high Leadership to boot. They can still be problematic to any army.

Still, they're often seen as under-rated and over-priced within the contexts of the book. Why pay so many points for this unit when a unit of Special troops can do far better? Frankly, the Spear Elves are amazing at what they do (give SCR and can tackle hordes) and the Special choices often are focused on some other part of the game (sword Masters are support units, Phoenix Guard are meant to hold the line, White Lions are a powerhouse/tarpit).


The second cheapest unit Available to High Elves. They are often taken in naked units of ten to fulfill minimum core requirements. The idea is that they're cheap yet still effective in such small units.

High Elf archers tend to be over-priced. They can take down hordes, but are not very effective against anything with a decent Toughness or Armor Save. Frankly, Repeater Bolt Throwers are far more threatening than these guys. Still, they make good guard units for RBTs or support units for your Flanks.


Lothern Sea Guard
These guys are the combination of Spear Elves and Archers, and you pay for it too. They are the most expensive Core troops High Elf players have, and are almost as expensive as some of the Special choices.

Still, they are not to be sniffed at. They can give themselves some supporting fire, and are devastating to anyone wishing to charge them (stand and shoot, fight in three ranks). They can often be seen in units of 10, 15, 18, or 20 models, though most players prefer small units of these guys to maximize their effectiveness as Archers who just happen to also carry spears.


Sword Masters of Hoeth
These are the bane of any Horde Army. They deal out punishment in droves, and are perfect for toppling any kind of Heavy units.

The best way for these guys to lose their effectiveness is through ranged attacks. Shooting and Magic are often what does these guys in. As such, any High Elf general would be wise to keep them from losing their prodigious effectiveness for as long as possible. Either keep their unit size small (more than 5, less than 11), or keep them shielded. Often, doing both is the best alternative.

Remember, though, that these guys belong in combat. That's what they are meant for. They thrive on Active Combat Resolution, so won't need any Static Combat Resolution to be effective. +5 SCR before blows are struck? Big deal; even if I fluff my attacks, odds are I can take down 7 of just about anything shy of Heavy Cavalry.


Phoenix Guard
Phoenix Guard tend to be very difficult to bring down. They have a decent armor save, but have a fantastic Ward Save. To top it off, they cause Fear. It's pretty clear these guys love to stick around.

They won't deal out significant damage, though. Where they shine is holding off units for as long as possible. How to take them down? That's a hard decision. The best answer is to probably focus your attention elsewhere. These guys won't win games on their own; they'll just tie up your units long enough for the rest of your army to get taken down by Sword Masters or RBTs.


White Lions
White Lions act as the bodyguards of the high-ranking elves. They're known for their strength and bravery, which is represented on the table very well. They dish out only one attack a piece, but what an attack it is! They are also Stubborn on Leadership 8, so that's pretty tough. They also come with a 3+ armor save against any attacks in the shooting phase.

The problem with them is that they die in droves unless given proper circumstances (a flank attack, wiping the attacking models, etc). They have Heavy Armor in Close Combat, so they'll likely take the attacks given to them. Their Stubborn rule accounts for this, though. The best way to drop them is to where them down.


Shadow Warriors
I'm not too familiar with these guys, so I'll be extra brief with them. They are the scouts of the High Elves. They have a modest BS5 and Hate all enemies. Other than that, though, they are pretty basic.


Silver Helms
These guys are often knocked as being a poor special choice, especially when compared against the Dragon Princes. Make no mistake, they're rubbish compared to the DPs. But for what they're worth, they can make a nice and cheap flanking unit. They're fairly tough and have ASF, so they can do fairly well in extended combat (if they have support, that is!).

As with most other cavalry, you won't see the Silver Helms in large units or them acting as a main strike force. Instead, they'll be a part of a larger battle tactic, so if you can stop them you'll likely weaken your opponent's plans. Otherwise, you may want to bog them down, or otherwise make them useless. Even though they aren't fantastic, they still have some strong potential.


Dragon Princes
You want a cheese unit? You got it! These guys are rock solid; they dish out the damage and can take it, all while ignoring anything having to do with fire. They're the stronger cousins to the Silver Helms, if you want to see their relationship that way.

As tough as they are, they're still susceptible to War Machines or getting bogged down. They are truly effective on a charge, but after that they are significantly less so. Again, they won't likely form the bulk of a force but will rather be a flanking unit, so if you can stop them you'll likely limit your opponent's plans.


Ellyrian Reavers
These guys are another unit I'm not familiar with. They would make a great flanking unit, though they'd be better put to mage and war machine hunting. They can peel away an enemy unit's rank, charge a flank, or otherwise help out the rest of your forces.


Lion Chariot of Chrace
This is one vicious chariot. It always dispenses Strength 5 attacks and impact hits, and can peel away the fighting ranks of just about any unit on a charge. As long as they are supported, or support another unit, they will remain very effective.

Taking them down is rather easy, unfortunately. As a chariot, they're vulnerable to Strength 7 attacks. They are also T4 and have a 4+ Armor Save, so aren't too tough either. You can deny their charge or just shoot it away. Even if it charges you, it won't fair too well in protracted combat.


Tiranoc Chariot
This is the lighter variation to the Lion Chariot. It has the potential to pop off a few bow shots in transition, so it can be dangerous from Turn 1. It's also very fast and still hits rather hard.

It has the same problems as the Lion Chariot, though the Tiranoc Chariot is still weaker. It has a 5+ Armor Save and is T4. They are cheaper, so you'll likely have to deal with more of them. Still, shoot them or otherwise deny them their role (typically as a supporter for another unit) and you'll be ahead of the game.


Great Eagles
They are one of the best units around to misdirect and march block. They're fairly resilient and are cheap to field. They can even fight well and so make decent War Machine hunters.

They aren't hard to shoot at, and are T4 with a few wounds and no armor. They'll fall to some decent shots. If they get hit by any kind of combat unit they'll be torn asunder. Odds are they'll just inconvenience your units.


Repeater Bolt Throwers
These are just about required in any army you'll see fielded. I always have at least one!

Regardless of my own impression, they are strong against anything heavily armored or against large Rank and File units, thanks to the RBT's ability to shoot a single bolt or a volley.

They suffer from all the weaknesses of any War Machine, so you can take them down fairly easily if you tried. Still, RBT's are dangerous and should be taken into account as necessary. After all, they can tear apart your heavy cavalry like cheesecloth.

Okay, that's all the units. I'll likely toss in some more detailed information, but this covers the bases I sought to cover initially.

"In the eyes of the Elves of Ulthuan there exists no fear, only grim determination.

Until one has witnessed them in combat, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess."

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Very nice thread man, I'm really enjoying reading it. Looking forward to your opinions on the other unit choices from characters!
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Thanks for reading, Digg. I appreciate an audience.

I do tend to update this, just as an edit, though. So it won't show up in the recent posts unless I add in another section.

So far, the progress is slow. I apologize for that, guys. I'm in the midst of final examinations for school right now, and it's a doozy of a semester for me here. Hopefully after that I can keep this running.

Oh, and Comments and Critique is always open!

"In the eyes of the Elves of Ulthuan there exists no fear, only grim determination.

Until one has witnessed them in combat, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess."
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I am impressed so far as I said the other day! If you need any help with locked posts, etc, just let me know.
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Very nice write-up, my friend! Looking forward to seeing more of this

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sweet work mate, +rep from me

The creatures of the Warp have but one trait with which you need concern yourself - their undying contempt for the Emperor. It is your task to quell the rebellion they preach, and the only sure way is to destroy them utterly.
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great stuff man! i dont even play high elves but its still a great thread and very interesting.
and its pretty helpful for beating those pesky defenders of ulthuan!

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
I'll update from Prisoner Cell Block Nerd when they extradite me.
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2.0 High Elven Movement

Here's what I'll cover here:

2.1 Deployment
2.2 Maneuvering your units
2.3 Terrain
2.4 General Tactics

2.1 Deployment

Since the High Elves tend to be rather mobile, Deployment may seem to be rather unimportant. However, as you've seen elsewhere (such as Vaul's Deployment Tactica), you'll have to be cognizant of the manner in which your units start. I'd rather not see my Silver helms stuck behind a long line of Sword Masters, after all.

Since it's hard to say any concrete principles, I'll just cover some generalizations, in an easy-to-read and understandable bullet list:

Understand the varying roles of your units. As High Elves, each unit will have its own dedicated purpose in the game, so try to optimize their functionality from Deployment on through to Turn 7. That's right, 7.

Be willing to use your maneuverability to your advantage. It's rather easy for elven units to deploy on one side of the table and waltz over to the other side faster than you can truly counter. Since that's rather absurd though, just be willing to think further ahead in the game than you normally would to account for your speed.

While thinking ahead, imagine just how your units will react to your opponent's units, the terrain, and so forth. Try to consider the different stimuli that can dictate their performance and adjust your deployment accordingly. Your Dragon Princes may seem to be foolishly placed behind a forest from your opponent's most precious units, but once the Banner of Ellyrion rears its ugly head and his unit is torn apart, he'll realize just how genius (or diabolical!) you really were.

Understand how your units are going to interact with one another. Phoenix Guard standing side by side with Sword Masters is an obvious Hammer-Anvil setup, while Spear Elves and Ellyrian Reavers is less so. By simply cocking your forward units at an angle (and allowing the flank charge for a rear-ward supporting unit), you set up a nasty line where your opponent has to make some tough decisions.

2.2 Maneuvering your units

So, High Elves can move well. And if used together, they can be vicious. But sometimes it comes off as obvious, and can lead to a weakness in your battle plan.

Frankly, the idea with the High Elves, as I've said previously, is to optimize the specialization of your units and combine their strengths with another unit to maximum effect.

This is usually accomplished through setting up your flank charges in some way, or luring units away from their line. There's plenty of ways you can pull this through, so think about it!

I personally like to pair up my units and combo-charge them into relatively isolated units to the front. Often times this works will, though it does tend to thrown those two units off in a random direction. Ideally I'd be able to hit a combat and carry through into a fresh unit to tear it apart, but that's a rarity.
What has worked well for me was a Lion Chariot and a unit of Spear Elves into some weaker units. My troops ran through, and were ready to join in later in the game while being relatively safe from the bulk of the enemy forces. Thankfully War Machines weren't a serious consideration...

2.3 Terrain

White Lions are great, since they can move through difficult terrain with ease. This makes them vicious, except against Wood Elves (if I recall...). Just remember to allow them to see the unit you seek to charge once they emerge.

Terrain is often less lovable for your other units (save for the Banner of Ellyrion). You'll have to deeply consider how you intend to cope with that hill in front of your units, or how you'll use that cliff to your advantage. Or the tower where you could park your ten Archers.

Terrain often can provide cover for your units to safely advance along, though it can also deny that oh-so-important Line of Sight, denying crucial charges or attacks in the Shooting or Magic Phase.

... more to come.

2.4 General Tactics

I'll use this space as an outline for my previous statements:

-Understand the potential of your units
-Optimize the potential of your units in deployment
-Focus on carrying through a master plan during the movement phase
-Plan ahead, considering the speed at which your forces need to move to succeed

... more to come.

"In the eyes of the Elves of Ulthuan there exists no fear, only grim determination.

Until one has witnessed them in combat, one cannot comprehend the power that they possess."
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