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Nothin' But Fur and Disease (Destruction vs. Chaos 2000 Points)

I've been working on my Battle Report writing and will now be posting them a bit wider than usual to get feedback and hopefully provide an entertaining read.

Today I got in a game with my mixed-Destruction, mostly Beastclaw Raiders list against a local I've never played and his Clan Pestilens.

You can check out the Report at this link.
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it would have been better to directly post pics here on the board...

The Legion of Perfects Project

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
The calls of Slaneesh stir so deeply within me, as if I was birthed from the very essence of it. For my ambition to infinitely ascend above all is never ending, like fire within it burns me to ever cindering ash. Lord of light and ascension is who I am, realities burn to ash at my very passing. My luminescence is unparalleled for I am luminosity itself, all light is but a shadow of my silhouette
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Unfortunately I post it around a few boards, or will be going forward, and several of them use different coding. That means I have to edit it several times which is a bit of a pain. Not trying to direct a bunch of traffic to my blog for any specific purpose other than laziness.
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From the link provided: https://tidesofdestruction.blogspot....d-disease.html

Episode 14:Nothin' But Fur and Disease (Destruction vs. Chaos 2000 Points)

It has been a minute since I did a Battle Report, as always my apologies. Been taking things a bit slow this past week although I did manage to get my League game in. Unfortunately my opponent had a pretty straightforward Nurgle Demons list which just can't compete with what I'm bringing so the game was not tactically interesting. From what I hear about half the League went balls out in terms of list strength while the other half took more middle of the road armies as they weren't sure what the feel was going into it. By now everyone is upping their game and from now on the matches should be more interesting to play and report.

Anyways, I managed to get a game in against someone I haven't played before, Casey, and his mostly Clan Pestilens army. I gave him a choice of which list to play against, as I always do, and he didn't much care but I decided to go with Beastclaw Raiders. I think my Kunnin' Rukk builds would have made for a fairly trivial win and that's not what I was interested in. Here are the lists:

Frostlord on Stonehorn w/ Battle Brew (General w/ Ravager)
Huskard on Thundertusk
Huskard on Thundertusk
Huskard on Thundertusk

10 Savage Orruks
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears and Shields (3 Netters)
20 Moonclan Grots w/ Spears and Shields (3 Netters)

1 Fanatic
2 Fanatics

Verminlord Corruptor w/ Crown of Conquest & Great Destroyer
Plague Furnace w/ Crown of Conquest
Plague Furnace w/ Crown of Conquest
Plague Priest w/ Warpstone-tipped Staff and Crown of Conquest
Lord Skrolk

20 Plague Monks w/ Blades and Woe-staves
20 Plague Monks w/ Blades and Woe-staves
20 Plague Monks w/ Blades and Woe-staves
20 Plague Monks w/ Blades and Woe-staves


1 Virulent Procession
2 Congregations of Filth

I've played against Pestilens before but this is a pretty unique build. All the Crowns of Conquest are actually very cute and prevent the Plague Monks from running, which they love to do. The Corruptor still gets to use his Command Ability, which is a strong one. My plan was to get stuck in and block as many Charges as I can to prevent the Attack Bonus for the Monks and then just grind it out.

My list is the standard, powerful Raiders list minus the additional Grot Unit as I don't own a third one. It's the most casual list I can make with the models I own with some amount of synergy. Generally still a powerful army but very beatable, especially on Scenario.

Terrain and Deployment

My forces lined up.
Clan Pestilens ready to surge forward and spread their plague.
Another setup angle, left-side.
Setup angle, right-side.
Lord Skrolk holding the tower.
Terrain, starting with the cornfield close to camera and going clock-wise: Inspiring, Mystical, Inspiring, Inspiring, Sinister, Damned, Inspiring, Damned, Deadly, Inspiring.

Deployment saw Casey dropping his huge Battalion, spread along the table. I put most of my Monsters down on the center-right and spread my screens out. My goal was to fight half or three-quarters of the Skaven with my full army and then just delay while I grind the rats down.

Casey finished deploying way before me and chose to go first.

Chaos Battle Round 1

Inspiring Presence goes on each Plague Monk unit and Gouge-tear their Eyes! on the nearest Plague Furnace. Everyone surges forward and the Corruptor moves to the left Objective, all in all most of the army ran.

Plagueclaws take aim at the Grots but both fail to Wound and with that the Turn is over. Case scores 1 Point for the left Objective.

Score | 1-0 for Chaos

Verminlord leading the way.
Archway slows down the advance and makes future Charges a bit doubtful.
Plague Monks don't run very far.
Overview of the Battlefield.
Destruction Battle Round 1

Battle Brew and Bellowing Voice go up from the Frostlord while all three of the Huskards use Winter's Strength goes on the Frostlord, Red, and Green Thundertusks. Everyone but the leftmost Grots move up with Rampaging Destroyer.

In Movement the Frostlord runs and angles for a Charge into the Corruptor and Furnace while the Thundertusks get into shooting positions and take the center/right Objectives. Grots run into screening position but are lagging behind the Frostlord and the Orruks move up for a medium distance Charge on the Plague Monks.

Shooting removes Lord Skrolk, puts 6 Wounds on a Furnace and remove a few Monks from the center unit that the Orruks want to get into. Both the Orruks and Frostlord make their Charges, removing the Corruptor and putting a few Wounds on the Furnace. Unfortunately I forgot about Earth-shattering Charge, probably could have done more damage to the Furnace.

I take a few Wounds back on the Frostlord and lose two Orruks while cutting down several Monks but Battleshock fails to inflict any further losses.

Casey wins the Initiative Roll and takes the Turn, hoping to get some Charges of his own, I score 3 Points as I have pretty firm control on the center/right Objectives.

Score | 3-1 for Destruction

Rampaging Destoryer moves everyone up.
My right flank after the Hero Phase.
No more Verminlord!
Combat opens up in the middle of the board.

Chaos Battle Round 2

With the General down but plenty of Crowns of Conquest on the field every Monk unit except the far-right one gets Inspiring Presence. Rabid Fever goes on the Plague Monks fighting the Orruks and Bless With Filth goes on the far-left unit who promptly fail their Mystical Terrain check. The Plague Priest tries a Pestilent Breath on the Frostlord but fails to do any damage. Poisonous Fumes go out and put a Wound on the Frostlord but don't do much else.

Everyone but the stupefied Plague Monks moves for the Charge Phase and both the Plagueclaws miss my Grot unit, needing 2's to Hit! In the Charge Phase I release my Fanatics, one unit fails to get into the left Plague Monks that then get to my Frostlord, the other Fanatic blocks the rightmost Monks from the Grots.

In Combat my Frostlord puts the Furnace down to 1 Wound remaining and kills a few Monks with the Punches & Kicks/Hoove attacks, in return my Fanatic meets a brutal end. The Orruks drag down a few more Monks but take losses from the other Furnace and remaining Skaven. Finally the charing Monks put 4 Wounds on my Frostlord with some good rolls, which Casey certainly deserved at this point.

Battleshocks yielded no results again but Clan Pestilens scored no Points as I still controlled all three Objectives.

Score | 3-1 for Destruction

Plague Monks fail their Mystical Terrain Roll, denying Casey a Charge into my Grots.
Overview of the Battlefield after Movement.
Plague Monks gearing up for a Charge
More Monks get into the Frostlord as the Fanatics fail their Charge.
A Fanatic gets into the back, denying Casey from Piling Into the Grots.
The Furnace is on it's last legs but the Frostlord pays the price.
No more Fanatic.

Destruction Battle Round 2

The Frostlord drinks his Battle Brew again and decides to his Inspiring Presence on the Blue Grots after they Rampaging Destroyer up. Unfortunately they then fail their Mystical Terrain Check, preventing me from defending the Frostlord from another unit of Monks. I do manage to heal the Frostlord for 1 Wound as a Thundertusk can't get into range without leaving the Objective, instead I put Winter's Strength on the Red Thundertusk. Everyone who's un-engaged moves up to either block a Charge or get into melee.

I pretty much skip Movement since all my models are in position although the Red Thundertusk gets within 3" of the center Plague Monks, hoping to reinforce the Orruks. Shooting removes both Plague Furnaces and a few Monks here and there, I'm hoping to free up the Frostlord in Combat before he takes anymore damage.

Big Red makes it into the Monks and I start with my Frostlord who removes what's left of the Skaven threatening him. I lose another few Orruks and take two Wounds on the Thundertusk but manage to almost wipe out the Monks in return, although they're unfortunately still immune to Battleshock.

At the end of my Turn I lose an Orruk but gain 6 Points as I still control all the Objectives and have now taken out almost all of Casey's Heroes. Once again I lose the Initiative Roll and Casey takes the Turn, eyeing my Frostlord.

Score | 9-1 for Destruction

Frostlord is taking on all comers.
Combat continues to grind on in the center but I'm holding on Scenario.

Chaos Battle Round 3
Inspiring Presence goes onto the far left Plague Monks from the remaining Priest who this time fails his Mystical check, the Monks don't. The two remaining units move up to Charge and earn some glory. Meanwhile the Plagueclaws again both miss, roll 1's. Neither myself nor Casey could believe it, I've never seen Warmachines do literally nothing in a game before!

Both Charges are made and Casey goes into the Frostlord, killing him to the Wound as well as removing both my Fanatics. My Grots poke a few Monks down and what remains of the center unit takes me down just the Orruk Standard Bearer. I strike back and manage to finish that unit off. My Blue Grots are unable to attack since they're still feeling the Mystical effect.

I lose a few Grots in Battleshock and Casey loses some Monks on the far right but my Orruk holds fast. Still no Objective control for Casey so the score remains static.

Score | 9 -1 for Destruction

Plague Monks finally get into the Grots but find the Netters bothersome.
The Thundertusk stomps out the last of the center Plague Monks.

Destruction Battle Round 3
Time to go for the kill. Winter's Strength goes on all the Thundertusks and everyone Rampaging Destroyers towards what remains of the Clan Pestilens army. My Grots fail their Mystical check again and don't seem to feel like participating in the game. Overall I shift towards Casey's Deployment, looking to shoot down the Plague Monk unit and the Priest.

In shooting I meet all my goals although my Arctic Breath misses into what remains of the Monks on my right. Plagueclaws also take a few Blood Raven Wounds as they decide to make themselves useful.

I get my remaining Orruk into the Plague Monks on the left but Big Red fails his Charge, I also the Green Thundertusk into the Grot Combat on the right. All the Monks on the right go down in exchange for a few Grots while my Orruk dodges a bunch of attacks (thank you Netters) and claims another rat. Some of the Blue Grots die off and another few run from Battleshock in both units. I retain control of one Objective, netting me 3 more Points.

Score | 12-1 for Destruction
A few Shooting casualties for the Skaven.
Grots stand there getting stabbed while the heroic Orruk Standard Bearer won't be denied!
All the Plague Monks are gone on the right flank, mostly from Battleshock.

Wrap Up

From here I win Initiative and manage to table Casey by shooting off a Plagueclaw and the remaining Monks. The Grots stab the other Plagueclaw to death for its failure to do anything in the game, which we both found amusing.

Major Victory for Destruction!


Casey's list was pretty soft and even though I did what I could mine was much more competitive. Casey also had horrible rolls for most of the game, particularly with the Plagueclaws where did nothing the entire game and then died. I don't think the outcome would have been changed if they'd done some work but it would have been more interesting.

This game was a test to see what the Frostlord can absorb since I'm considering running him with my normal Kunnin' Rukk build. He managed to make his Points back and take up a lot of attention, Clan Pestilens isn't the worst at beating him down either since they have a lot of small Mortal Wound outputs from a lot of sources. I should have kept the Thundertusks closer to him but I was playing for Scenario, even still he barely died.

I made a few positioning mistakes, mainly with the Blue Grots which cost me any output or screening potential from them. Overall I think I played the matchup well, particularly stripping the Buffs away early and getting my own Charges to deny the Plague Monks/Furnace their bonuses. I probably should have killed a Plague Furnace Turn 1 instead of Lord Skrolk but again, I didn't think I could lose on Scenario by grabbing all three Objectives and camping at least two while the Frostlord did his thing.

There wasn't much Casey could have done with his rolls, although he did run the Corruptor way too far out. I did tell him about all my movement potential since he hadn't played against Destruction before, overall the Verminlord wasn't going to do much against my Monsters anyways. Terrain prevented the Skaven from getting all the Charges they'd like which was my plan, using Terrain against horde style lists is always a good idea.

Overall I had a fun game and Casey was a great sport, rolling with the punches and going for the moral victories. This week I have my third League game which is against Sylvaneth and an army I've seen before. I'm one of three remaining undefeated participants with Chaos Dwarves and an unknown army joining me at the top. This will mark the halfway point of the League and at the end we'll have a Tournament for the Top 4 Players with a lot of prizes so I'm hoping to stay in the running for that.
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