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Default Mortal Kombat : A review of the new recent game

The MK series has come a long way from where it began. It has seen a major release on almost every major console system and had many diffrent arcade adaptions along with spanning into other media such as, cheeseball movies, books, CDs, toys, and even spin off games lik Sub-Zero MK Mythologies.

Many will remeber not to long ago the cross over between DC and MK which didn't go over too well due to some game mechanics, lack of characters, and the watered down violence. Many will remeber the other next gen incarnation Armegeddon, which though was a decent 3D fighter didn't hold very well compared to other titles. IMo the best game of the series in the 3-D world was Deception, but even that game was very sub-par and didn't offer much more that wasn't already out there as far as fighting games go and as time went by the old fatality thing that made MK famous got even more watered down and old. For the old MK 2 was probaly the best of the series overall and after that it began to get a little too commercial and convoluted over time.

So many will ask why should we pick up a new MK title after being let down for such a long time. Well because this new game is FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

The developers of the game went back to what made MK well MK
Over the Top Violence and down right Bloody. Instead of attempting bring something new to the table it went back to its roots into what we remember MK to be when it was first introduced back in the day. 2-D gore fest fun!!!
The game play is back in the 2-D format but does offer much fun and ease to learn and adjust to. The mechanics have been improved over its predecessors and allows much more creativity when linking combos and performing special moves ect. ect.. It can be a little jery in the beginning when readjusting to the old school format but once you run through the tutorial you will have the basics down and the game begins to flow much better. Combos and special moves were designed to be easily pulled off and for a noob to the fighting genre will get to enjoy the game right from the start and for us vets out there that have beatin up Goro and Shao Khan so many times to even count will still have a dman good time learning the new system. The system maybe easy to pick up and learn, but doesn't leave out the ability play as technical fighting game allowing you to actually fight rather than button mash all the time. A average button masher will go far in the game, but early on the button mashing will be brought to stop as the game really deters that sort of thing.
There is however some other new additions thatmake the game even more pleasant and adds to it quite well. With the super meter invovled players can now pull off enhanced versions of regular special moves, combo breakers, the new X-Ray move. I've seen in many games these over the top devastating super style moves tend to overbalance the game and slow down the flow of things , but in the new MK it just adds to game and makes you enjoy it even more.This not a Street Fighter clone and pretty much raises the bar on what to expect in a fighting game.

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Content and Characters:
Well there really isn't any new fighters introduced in this game, it does however bring back many of the classics that mad MK what is today. Char. like Scorpion, Sub-zero, Kitana, Jonny Cage, and Mileena are just a few of the slew there is to choose from. Many of the old secret char. and ninja clones are back and actually now have there own look, feel, techniques, and background fluff that seperates them from being the old clones they once were known for. For those that buy the PS3 version will now have the ability to play as the God of War himself Kratos.
The old money system and krypt are back again which includes a whole slew of things to unlock garenteeing you will be playing for many hours to come. Now instead of just gettin little tid bit goodies to unlock you even wind up getting new finishing moves,costumes, and char. to unlock.
Game Modes:
In today's fighting games you no longer have the old arcade and vs. modes only anymore their are now normally a whole slew of diffrent modes to tinker with and MK doesn't dissapoint one bit. You now have a story mode that unlike many other fighting games that include a mode like this, it instead actually tells the story of the game and you follow this story through the perspectives of many of the diffrent char. out there hero or villian alike. It plays out much like watching a CGI movie and can at times be a little cheesy, but will both challenge you and force to think outside the box and learn how use many of the diffrent fighters within the game. The training section gives a basic tutorial on how to play the game and practice modes as well. One of the practice modes that I found quite intresting and fun was the fatality practice mode. This mode will not only teach you how to pull of these over the top bloody moves but will even give you the chance to see what evryone does in the game. I'm sure many of us remember goin I wonder what so and so does and playing hours on end tring to just perform the move and failing many times. Well not anymore you can turn the timer off now during this mode and just have at it. Even with the timer on you now plenty of time to pull it off.
the new MK now offers a tag team fight system that although isn't new to this genre, does however really add to the game and doesn't taake away unlike many other games with this option. You can have your team mate assist and and you switch back in forth between the eaily and smoothly unlike many other games out there.
Online Play :
Well Ill fill this in later once I get to try this part out.

To conclude this legnthy review, this game really raises the bar of what one should expect from the MK universe now and really goes back to the root of what makes a fighting game a great fighting game. It has a diverse set of char. to choose from that each have there own indidual style of play and is quite balanced out very well. The game mechanics are very well in place. Beginners can grasp everything really well and experianced players will feel right at home with many challenges to keep them busy for many hours. At times the game can be little over the top and somewaht unrealistic, but many wouldn't expect anything less.

I honestly if I had to give it a rating of 1 - 10 id'e say about a 8.

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Bought the game myself, and echo each sentiment. This is what Mortal Kombat was always about... over the top, unrealistic, but fluid game play. I would rate this higher than an 8 (IMO)... only because of the content that is included. The gameplay is much easier to navigate, and if you happen to forget the combo's they have an easily accessible "menu" option that lets you research. I'll be playing frequently, if anyone feels like tackling a "king of the hill" let me know. kjbraun is ID
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Let's not forget the fact that Frost is possibly (HOPEFULLY) going to be a DLC character soon as she's clearly the best character from the 3d games.

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Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
Let's not forget the fact that Frost is possibly (HOPEFULLY) going to be a DLC character soon as she's clearly the best character from the 3d games.
I agree frost was a bad bitch and hot as hell or cool which ever you perfer but anyway it has been released that the next DLC is gonna be kenshi and a new female ninja named scarlet

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Having had the chance to play Mortal Combat, I did find it refreshing. The series has long been dead to me, I haven't played since MK3 because it just got stupid after that.

I enjoyed the game, though there are too many teleporting moves for my taste. Well worth a play through.
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