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This has been done too much. I knew what would happen in the film before I watched it, just by guessing.
And to be honest good effects don't make a good film, storyline characters and some action make a good film not 3d effects.
Probably one of the worst films I've seen. And I've seen some bad films...
Although, the Na'Vi language seems quite cool.

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I guess I'm just TOO much of a Chaos Space Marine player; I kept on thinking of ways that the Humans could just wipe out those pesky Na'Vi and harvest all that tasty Unobtanium...

1) Climate change. Let's see the obviously sun-loving natives adapt if we fill the skies with pollutants and whatnot...

2) Shell 'em from space; Never have to see the blue buggers face to face, just drop high explosives on their settlements from low-orbit; Let's see the flying critters get up THERE.

3) Biological warfare; If we can get humans, en masse, to another planet, I'm sure we could tailor some lovely pathogens to wipe out the natives. Hell, go the old 'plague blanket' route and wipe them out with diseases they've never been exposed to, like cholera and even chicken pox...

Gah... I need to stop thinking like an evil genius and just ENJOY films ...

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Well regardless of anyone's opinion, from a Hollywood standpoint, Avatar is a homerun.

Fastest movie ever to hit $1 billion dollars at the box office, just 17 days. It's the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time right now, behind Titanic (another James Cameron Movie), and Return of the King.

Projections say it has the possibility of taking down Titanic's 1.8 billion box office take.
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Hurrah, i finally watched it. Real life has been conspiring against me seeing this film....but no more.

My expectations weren't huge going in, but i must admit i was quite excited. Thankfully i wasn't dissapointed in the slightest.

This movie will definitely cement 3D as more than a gimmick, and much more than that, it makes cinema an event again.

Working in cinema for the past 7 years i've seen loads of films which I would consider to be 'better at the cinema', but that's usually just due to 5 or 6 scenes. Avatar has to be seen in 3D, and i felt almost dissapointed as i left that i won't be able to recreate the experience whenever i wish.

Yes, the plot is very cliche - you can see the devices a mile off, and you'll see lines coming way before the actors open their lips. Despite this, the heart is truely there when the actors speak, and though the routines are tried and tested i felt the emotion shone through nicely.

Above all though, my main love for Avatar is the enviroment. Everything moves & reacts on Pandora, even more so than the characters themselves. Everything is just so full of life. As the na'vi walk, the trees mirror their steps and merely touching the fauna releases a fountain of light and motion. Pandora in itself is a character, probably the most well rounded and developed here, and the 3D slowly helped to utterly immerse me into this beautiful world.

Cameron has a really inspiring creation with Avatar, and i really hope it will influence similar projects in the future.

I couldn't say Avatar is my favourite film of the year, but it was certainly a special experience i'll remember.

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First movie I saw in 3D and, although it was mainly cliched, like the storyline was pretty basic overallm but the added depth of the smaller sub plots made up for it. also the CG was amazing. Second best movie of 2009. Zombieland was better I think :D

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Anyone else find that the 3D made your eyes 'hurt' at first? Well not so much hurt but, strugling to adjust? It might just be me, or the fact i have to wear my other glasses under them so I can see lol...
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I've worn glasses from the age of 6 (astigmatism/myopia in Right eye) and had no issues with the 3d glasses (over my own) or the 3d itself. It's the first (and only) 3d movie to NOT give me a headache watching it. My eyesight in my right eye is about 1/3 as good as my left normally.

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My friend just sent me this. Make what you will of it.

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with this one i was really laughing hard :

always the same..
5 years of creating effects
20 min of writing story

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great film altho the plot is interchangeable between the american west and pandora, native american indians to giant blue people and RNA to western settlers. visuals are stunning and the plot while predictable is still somehow gripping.

on a side note, the AMP suits are fucking ace and the RDA general guy is bad ass. if you do noothing else worthwhile this month then see this film
wow ive just bothered to read what everyone has written. im pretty shocked by the negativity.

sure the story was old hat but there arnt many original films now adays anyway.
as someone mentioned further back you could feel the emotion in the voice acting help bring it to life
i would definatly see it again if i was not rationing my booze money.

but then again my view could be corrupted by the fact that i saw the new twilight the week before which makes all other films sort of shine in a strange way you never noticed before

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