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Originally Posted by vorbis View Post
HAHAHAHA so you believe that

one there is a god

two he came down and spoke to a person giving them detailed instructions on what to build how to build etv

three he then coudnt perform a few piddling miracles like making the boat strong getting all animals together

lol sewiously guyz
Can you not take the piss out of peoples religion please.
Personally, I couldn't give a shit, however, theres a lot of people that take religion extremely seriously. Just have a think before you post.

Stick a V8 in it!

Quote eric, I'm sure Madonna has her own awards shelf. It doesn't make her any good.

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Back to film misconceptions and ignoring intolerant remarks from certain individuals regarding religion:

This is found in both film, video games, and many other games and action based whatnots. Hit locations. Honestly, it doesn't matter it you get shot in the head, the chest, the arm, the leg, the foot, or anywhere else. If you are unarmored, you are down for the remainder of the fight, and if the bullet doesn't kill you, without immediate medical attention, the blood loss will!

As a matter of fact, even if you do have a bullet proof vest on, its still going to hurt like hell!

It angers me when the only disadvantage someone gets when shot in the shoulder is limited use of that arm. First off, depending on the bullet and how it hits, there actually is a chance that your arm will come off. Also, the pain and blood loss would have you on the ground, grasping at your shoulder with your one good arm, trying to stop the blood from pouring out completely.

Not to mention recovery times being screwed up. It takes a while to fully recover from something like a bullet wound, if you ever do!

"Did you just deploy your guardsmen in ranks?" - Quote from my last battle

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What you need is a montage.

Stick a V8 in it!

Quote eric, I'm sure Madonna has her own awards shelf. It doesn't make her any good.

Painting Great War Germans. Mmmm... Flamethrowers.
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I hate the lethal weapon part where the stars are able to jump into a bath tub quicker than a bomb can kill them.

A standard detonator bridgewire functions in around 300 milli seconds and the resulting high explosive shock wave travels at around 6000 to 8000 metres per second!! How quick would you have to be?

Also the huge flaming explosions in hollywood. You only get them by adding large amounts of fuel to small amounts of explosive.
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that one with the bullets not going through doors! what a load of crap! I saw futureweapons once and a .45cal from a tommy went right through a car door and out the other side, in the 2nd matrix movie, trained assasins cover that car in bullets from a .45cal ump SMG and no one inside is hurt, and on top of that, dodging bullets, you can make yourself phase shift, but you cant aim a gun at a car? pfft!

and just how people can take crazy damage not just from pistols and stabs, but fist fights to, 5 hits to the face, and unless you are insane or on drugs (bit of both) you are going to be a little less than the top of your game.
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firstly...i have been shot in the arm...its not that bad when you factor in the fact that i was still being shot at so i didnt just bitch out and lay on the ground like a little woman. i fought back untill it was safe to whine like a girl then i found my doc and made him patch me up and deal with my whinning....and the .45 from a thompson machine gun and that out of a UMP SMG are differant kinda of round that why the .45 ACP round is used my many of the military and civilian special forces for CQB so you dont shoot other fire team members on the other side of the wall to the room you may have received contact in
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sorry seems my point was misunderstood, i am jewish and by my own (admittitly fairly lax standards) not a terrible one

my point was with people believing implicitly in the harder things and then squabling over the little things for instance if you believe there is a god (not easy in this day and age) how can you then not believe that he wont make the ark work no mater what.
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The fact that lasers in security systems move around in some films and also that they can usually be seen ( or if they can't sprays are usually used which might set off a sensitive beam). It looks cool in the film though when they have to get through them so I'm not too annoyed.

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Computers in movies.
Cars that explode when you shoot them (unless they're pintos).
Only headshots are immediately disabling - gutshots just hurt a lot.

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Families...they are either perfect or completely dysfunctional

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