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2.5K Speed Freeks Vs Ultramarines

The Isambard Cluster was still a heavily contested warzone. The Orks held on tenaciously to the worlds they had gained in their Waaagh. The swift Imperial response had ensured that the Orks were unable to encroach further into the Cluster; although they were able to spread further throughout the Shackleton Nebula using small raids and subterfuge to subdue the Imperial forces there.

The Ultramarines had deployed more assets to the agri-world of Linvingstone III to help counter the Orks latest push. They were trying to break out onto the vast plains where the Imperial landing zones were situated. Control of these zones were vital for the Imperial forces, without them they would be cut off from their logistics and annihilated.


Ork Speed Freeks

Big Warband
with Mekboy Bad Ork Bikeboy and x2 Flakwagonz

Big Warband
with x2 Flakwagonz

Big Kult of Speed
with x2 Mekboy Speedsta

Big Kult of Speed
with x2 Mekboy Speedsta

'Uge Blitz Brigade
with x3 Mekboy Speedsta

Fighta Bommerz


Tactical Detachment
with Supreme Commander and Razorbacks

Land Raiders

Land Raiders

with x1 Hunter

Assault Detachment

Thunderhawk Gunship

Reaver Titan

We had two objectives; an immobilized Ork Battlefortress and an unexploded Deathsrike Missile! Unfortunately we totally forgot about the blitz objectives. The Ork objective (Battlefortress) was situated on their right flank, close to the Ultramarines deployment. The Ultramarines objective (Deathstrike) was to the front of the Orks deployment zone, on the Orks left flank.

Speed Freeks
The Orks had a Kult of Speed deployed on each flank. The 'Uge Blitz Brigade was deployed just to the left and both Warbands were in the centre.

Both Land Raider Detachments were deployed on a flank each. The Reaver Titan Dominus Erasum was deployed in the centre with the Tactical and Whirlwind Detachments.
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Orks win the initiative!!

Coming out of the sun with all guns blazing, the Orky flyboyz in their Fighta-Bommerz dived upon the Whilrwinds. The attached Hunter SPAAG got into action and shot one of the attacking aircraft out of the sky. With the loss of one of their number, their aim must have been off and all the Orks managed to do was blast the rocks where the Ultramarine vehicles were hidden.

The Ultramarines now responded in kind - sending in their Thunderhawk to strafe the left Kult of Speed with its heavy armaments. The Kult of Speed came off very lightly with only its two Mekboy Speedstas being stripped of most of their powerfields.

With shots already being directed at them, the boyz of the left Kult of Speed put the pedal to the metal and floored it up their left flank. To counter this threat a Land Raider detachment moved to intercept the Kult of Speed - they opened up with their lascannons, destroying two of the light Ork vehicles.

The Land Raiders rip into the light Ork vehicles

The Blitz Brigade saw that the Kult of Speed was having all the fun and so moved forward into the centre of the battlefield. The Brigade must have been detected by the Ultramarines augurs as the Whirlwinds opened up, laying an explosive carpet upon the Kult of Speed; more of the light Ork vehicles were obliterated.

The Mekboy Bad Ork Bikeboy was itching to get his hands on the immobilized Battlefortress and so led his Warband straight into the ruins beside it. He hoped to hold onto the position till more Orks could come forward and bolster his numbers. Instantly the Ultramarines sent a Land Raider Detachment to shoot up the flank of the Mekboy's Warband.The heavy tanks opened fire, destroying a Warbuggy and Skorcha.

The Mekboy's lust for Orky-tek leads him and his Warband down a dangerous path...

Just as the smoke was clearing from the Land Raiders attack on his right flank, the Mekboy now saw the ominous form of Dominus Erasum stride into view. The huge Imperial Titan gave a blare of its war-horns then set about the Warband with it's Turbo-Laser Destructors and missiles, causing carnage in the Ork ranks.

Seeing their leaders Warband taking heavy punishment, the right Kult of Speed decided to wade in and have some fun of its own. The formation doubled towards the Land Raiders, hoping to destroy them all. As it was only a Mekboy Speedsta was in range and managed to destroy one of the heavy Marine tanks with it's custom weapons.

The Space Marine commander could see the Ork Warband was close to breaking; he led his Tactical Detachment into assault. Leaping out of their Rhinos and Razorbacks, the Tactical Marines fought the Warband out of the ruins with Bolter, Chainsword and grenades. The Land Raiders and Dominus Erasum leant their support wiping out most of the Warband and forcing the remnants into retreat. It was a glorious victory for the Ultramarines, but was tainted by the loss of their commander.

The Tactical Marines charge into action, wiping out the Ork Warband

The second Ork Warband failed their initiative test and merely moved onto the ridge in front of their deployment zone. The Mekboy's Warband managed to rally.
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Ultramarines win the initiative.

The Kult of Speed was very exposed on the right flank - they'd rushed forward to help support the Mekboy's Warband but were left in the lurch when it retreated. The Ultramarines saw this and pushed the Land Raiders forward and put the beleaguered Ork formation under heavy fire - however their aim was off and they hit none of the Ork vehicles!

The Thunderhawk comes in with Assault Marines to destroy the Kult of Speed!

However, the Marines retained their initiative and the Thunderhawk came flying in with all guns blazing. Before it had even touched down, assault Marines were leaping out with their jump packs into close combat with the Kult of Speed. It was a vicious battle and heavy casualties were inflicted on both sides. When the dust and debris had settled there was Marine dead everywhere. The Thunderhawk was laying gutted on the lush grassland and the Land Raiders were retreating back the way they had come. Even though the Orks were victorious, they had lost so many of their number that they too were forced to withdraw. What had started out as a crushing Ultramarine victory was beginning to fracture under the weight of Ork dead.

Both sides suffer heavy loses and are forced to withdraw to lick their wounds.

With the Kult of Speed in flight and columns of smoke rising from the right flank, the Kult of Speed on the left thought it was missing out on all the fun. With this in mind they assaulted the Land Raider to their front which had inflicted heavy casualties on them the previous turn. The heavy Marine tanks were no match for the heavy choppers and stikk bombz of the Orks and they were quickly despatched.

With both Ultramarine flanks now in tatters, it fell to the Princeps and Dominus Erasum to rectify the situation. Standing stock still, the Titan trained its massive weapons on the Blitz Brigade and unleashed hell. The Brigade lost many gunwagonz but were left with enough to still be an effective formation.

The Warband which had failed it's initiative test on the previous turn were eager to get stuck in. They doubled towards the Reaver Titan, de-bussed from their Trukks and opened fire with all their gunz, taking down the Titans void shields and hitting its thick armour.

The Whirlwinds opened fire at the Kult of Speed on the left flank. The boyz were flush with their victory over the Land Raiders and didn't see the rockets arching towards them. They exploded in their midst, destroying another three vehicles.

The Ork Fighta-Bommerz returned and sent multiple missiles into the mighty Dominus Erasum. Athough the Titan remained unharmed, the amount of fire being directed at the Imperial engine was obviously too much for the Princeps who decided to withdraw into the ruins held by the Tactical Marines.

The Ork Flyboyz' fire forces Dominus Erasum to retreat.

With the Titan out of the way, the Blitz Brigade doubled over the hill to the front. As they crested the hill they saw the Whirlwinds hidden within the rocks on the other side. Although the Brigade bought all their weapons to bear, the Whirlwinds only lost one vehicle.

The turn ended with the Tactical Marines firing at the Warband in the centre and the Mekboy's Warband remnant moving through the Imperial lines and taking position behind the Ork's objective.

The remaining Land Raider detachment rallied as did Dominus Erasum. The Kult of Speed on the right flank remained broken.
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Ultramarines win the initiative.

With the Ork Warband almost within the ruins and striking distance of their objective, Dominus Erasum moved to get a clear shot at them, whittling down their numbers with it's Turbo Lasers and missiles. The Ultramarines retained their initiative and moved their Whirlwinds away from the Blitz Brigade and into the ruins with the Tactical Marines and Titan.

Domunus Erasum blasts away at the Ork Warband!

The Kult of Speed on the left flank was too far away from any of the action to be of use, so they headed back to the Ultramarines objective.

The remaining Land Raiders zeroed in on the mangled Warband in the centre and poured more fire into their ranks, killing more Orks and their transports. Still it was not enough to break the formation; the Marines decided to retain the initiative again and this time the Tactical Marines wrought bloody havoc on the Warband. Their bolters and missiles were the tipping point - the Orks retreated from the heavy Ultramarine fusillade.

With every gun in the Ultramarine force firing at them, the Warband breaks and withdraws.

With the Marine's attention on breaking the Warband in the centre, the Mekboy and his Warband remnant charged into the Whirlwinds, quickly destroying them with Krak Bombz and Rokkits. The Flyboyz returned and swept upon the Land Raiders, but their missiles and gunz proved to weak in penetrating their armour. Finally the Blitz Brigade doubled round the flank and opened fire on the Land Raiders, but even with the Mekboy Speedstas they were unable to dent them.

The Blitz Brigade fires at the Land Raiders at point blank range, but fail to acheive the desire result...

As the fires from burning vehicles raged on all across the grasslands, the Ultramarines withdrew from the field of battle. Covered by Dominus Erasum, what was left of the Marine force retreated back to the river Wavell where the Imperial forces had built a defensive line. The Ork Speed Freeks held this region and would continue to do so until the Imperium could send in enough reinforcements to crush them. Until then the landing zones would be within range of the Ork big gunz...



Speed Freeks - 1 T&H obj.

Ultramarines - 0 T&H obj.

Orky win!! - but with heavy casualties. The Orks held the unexploded Deathsrike missile and the immobilised Battlefortress was contested

This was another great game against my brother's Ultramarines! Very early on it the game I thought that my Speed Freeks would have to go on the defensive; especially after the annihilation of the Mekboyz Warband and the very vicious Thunderhawk aerial assault on my Kult of Speed. With both those formations wiped out, the Marines would have had the left flank secure and been able to deal with the left far easier.
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yeah, epic once again! good work my man. GO ORKS GO!!

i'm even starting to get used to those ugly epic armaggedon rules.. besides my beloved epic sm/titan legions


There is no such thing as too many tanks.

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Always enjoy Epic BatReps, thanks! +Rep.
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Keep up the good work mate, everytime I read your reports part of me wants to start playing Epic!
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Originally Posted by Graf Spee View Post
yeah, epic once again! good work my man. GO ORKS GO!!

i'm even starting to get used to those ugly epic armaggedon rules.. besides my beloved epic sm/titan legions

I find the Epic:Armageddon rules work really well. They are streamlined and really reinforce the fluidity of the game.

Originally Posted by TheKingElessar View Post
Always enjoy Epic BatReps, thanks! +Rep.
NP sir!

As long as I play Epic, I shall always do a bat rep.

Originally Posted by Wolf_Lord_Skoll View Post
Keep up the good work mate, everytime I read your reports part of me wants to start playing Epic!
Start it now WLSkoll, start it now...
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