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Red Scorpions 2k Army List...

Hey Folks,

Working around with some stuff I have and wondering if this concept might be effective.

140 - Chaplain - Jump Pack, Digital Weapons, Plasma Pistol
190 - Librarian - Termy Armour, Epistolary, Smite, Gate of Inifinity, Storm Shield

200 - Termy Assault Squad - 2 Pairs Lightning Claws
195 - Ironclad Dreadnought - DCCW, Seismic Hammer, Meltagun, HF, Ironclad Assault Launchers, Drop Pod
245 - Venerable Dreadnought - DCCW, Plasma Cannon, HF, Extra Armour, Drop Pod, Locator Beacon

230 - Tactical Squad - Flamer, ML, PF, Rhino
230 - Tactical Squad - Flamer, ML, PF, Rhino
85 - Scout Squad - HB (or ML for extra 12" range), 3x Boltguns
85 - Scout Squad - HB (or ML for extra 12" range), 3x Boltguns

Fast Attack:
260 - Assault Squad - 2x Plasma Pistols, Plasma Pistol + PF

Heavy Support:
140 - Vindicator - Seige Shield, Extra Armour

I do have scouts in this Red Scorpions list, but only using them as rear/backtable objective grabbers and not using the camo cloaks to try to keep in theme with RS fluff. Would use the tactical squads in rhinos to try and grab foward objectives.

My main concerns are the plasma pistols I put on the chap and the attached assault squad. With the reroll to hit from "Litergies of Battle" for the entire squad I hope the "Gets Hot!" downside to plasma would be minimized. Yes/No?

The dreads would pod in and smash & crash things up pretty good hopefully. Putting a blast/pinning weapon (plasma cannon) and a flamer on the venerable a good loadout for close combat? Hoping the blasts from the plasma cannon on the venerable and assault grenade launchers on the ironclad would keep infantry pinned down effectively.

The libby attached to assault termy squad would teleport in after the pods touch down with a locator beacon and then they'd blink around with gate.

Since theres only 3 vehicles, they all have extra armor to help with any enemy focus fire.

I could squeeze in a predator with heavy bolter side sponsons for 85 points if I drop epistolary upgrade, digital weapons, locator beacon, and extra armour from the vindy. That would offset the armour loss by giving the enemy something else to spread fire around onto.

I'd have/want to order the venerable + weaps from FW and pick up 2x pods and the IC dread, but have the rest.

Oh well, any advice, tips, suggestions, constructive criticism is always welcome and thanks,


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Looks pretty damn good to me. The only question i would raise would be is it worth having both the ironclad and venerable Dreads? For the price of those two you could easily have 3 normal dreads instead. Up to you though.
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Venerables kind of suck in the new codex due to their exorbitant points cost. For 250pts, you could get a Land Raider and change, which is actually what I suggest since your terminators lack a sweet ride. Another thing that immediately jumps out is all the plasma. This isn't 4th edition, 4+ cover is everywhere. Bring 2x flamer on your assault squads. Your list also has no reliable way of dealing with armor, barring a single meltagun on a single Dreadnought. You need meltas, because ML don't really cut it even against AV11. One melta at 2000 points just does not compute.

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Nice list. I wouldn't teleport Assault Termies though, and imo a Librarian is too costly for one guy. I'd favor a Land Raider with another Chaplain for the Termies and hope to hell that they can rip apart any casters before anything bad happens.

Originally Posted by sooch View Post
One melta at 2000 points just does not compute.
I'd drop the Venerable Dreadnought and add something with more anti-armor firepower. Sternguards with combi-meltas maybe? LC Predator? LC Razorback?
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Ven dred vey good BUT used as it should ::: Ven dred is bs 5 ,give him an assault cannon,with storm would be 6 shots+dccw in cc.4shots-str6-rending....this means if you are really really get against a monolith: 2+ to hit, 6 to pentrate-rending another 5+ and a 5+ on the damage table, BUT you have 4 dices..chances,not really,never seen it, but against anithing else even av 12 could be gr8
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I was under the impression that only 1 scout squad can only ever be taken with a Red Scorpion army.

This was detailed in the IA 4 book " The Amphilian Project" and to my knowledge has not ever been recinded.

Please correct me if I am wrong?
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That is mentioned in IA 4, but thats with FW rules and traits (0-1 scouts and can upgrade sergeants to apothecaries in tactical squads). Trying to balance vanilla codex and RS fluff at same time. The local gaming store has a badab campaign going where couple other Red Scorpions players are using the FW fluff because of the campaign rules, but it won't work in regular tournaments I was told. Really don't want to use scouts knowing the RS fluff, but they do a have reduced strength 10th company, just wasn't going to field them with camo cloaks for straight up stealth bonus even though it's nice. Would deploy them like regular troops in the back and have them babysit rear objectives.
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sorry to off topic a bit here, but if you're building a Red Scorpions list i have a massive pile of RS Forgeworld shoulder pads (about 50); perhaps we could work out a trade. i don't have any ratings for trade but I do have a good ebay rating and a good rating in another forum if it helps.

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