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Default [eLylyth][Tournament][35][Tactics]

Perhaps the 2nd best gunline I've produced after Ravyn. This list is what I would consider text book for all eLylyth players.

List 1

eLylyth + 5
Ravagore - 10
Ravagore - 10
Bolt Thrower - 6
Nyss Stryders - 6
-Commander & Musician - 3
Death Stalker - 2
Forsaken - 2
Shepard - 1

The idea is to use speed combined with pathfinder to run the army into the best shooting position for the following turn. Remember that you have eyeless sight on your battlegroup and hunter on your Stryders so forests should be abused. eLylyth will want to cast Shadow Pack.

On your second turn you want to reave the fury from running and upkeep Shadowpack. Activate eLylyth and cast a boosted pin cushion on a model/unit with high defense or high armor. Pin Cushion is not a fire and forget spell. It should target model/units that you intend to wipe out.

Activate Decimation. Remember that you now have 2 base shots with eLylyth and a fury for a 3rd shot if needed. Target mid defense/low armor targets and for every kill you trigger snap fire. If you choose your targets wisely you can kill up to 6 light warrior models and advance up to an additional 12 inches from swift hunter for repositioning.

Your Ravagores will always want to activate Dragons Fire on themselves and boost your to hit roll to maximize placement of "scather" Thats a total of 4 shots with a 22 inch threat. Infantry that aren't killed directly will have to deal with continuous fire and scather on thier next turn. Make sure you glog up their travel lanes to maximize scather. Avoid waisting this amazing AOE on Warjacks/Solos unless they're the only targets and cannot be charged.

The Bolt Thrower also has 2 shots and should target annoying solo's or warjacks. When you target Warjacks be sure to boost to hit roll to trigger knockdown on the "Thunderbolt." With snipe you can easily push a tougher Warjack back 2-6 inches with both shots.

Your Styders also have an impressive threat range and with Swift Hunter/Reform you can cover serious territory. Use them to pick off remaining infantry warrior/solo models. Once those threats are eliminated your Styders can combine fire with pin cushion for reasonable damage against Warjacks.

The idea is to destroy all of your opponents infantry on your feat turn. This requires you to be familiar with idea positioning. Remember to "Aim" if possible, and that eyeless sight ignores concealment and stealth. Eyeless sight will keep your battle group safe from retaliation if you find the right terrain. I've won games by packing my battlegroup into a forest and avoid return fire until my opponent was to weak to charge.

You dont handle jack eccentric builds with range as easily as you would infantry warrior/solo models. So destroy them all and outnumber warjacks.

List 2

eLylyth + 5
Ravagore - 10
Bolt Thower - 6
Bolt Thrower - 6
Raptors (Full) - 10
Anyssa Ryvaal - 4
Death Stalker - 2
Shepard - 1
Shepard - 1

This version of the list is primarily to deal with Hordes armies who dont rely on infantry warrior models as much as Warmachine does.

Raptors/Anyssa replace Stryders for thier poison shots. Poison/Pin Cushion should drop most Warbeasts after 1 round of shooting.

The Bolt Throwers can push/knockdown Warbeasts after you've killed your pin cushion target. This will allow you to stall and recast pin cushion for your
Raptors to finish off.

ELylyth, Deathstalker, Anyssa should be used to remove solo's.

The Ravagore is thier for that 1 Hordes warrior infantry unit that your likely to encounter.

Against Hordes you want to eliminate Warbeasts and warrior infantry/solos that can ruin your Raptors. Once your opponent notices how fast they strikedown warbeasts they will become a primary target.
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