Cursed Knights Kill Team

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Cursed Knights Kill Team

Kill Teams

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Default Cursed Knights Kill Team

I'm trying something a bit different here. I'm using the Cursed Knights from the Cursed Founding army list, found way back in Chapter Approved '04. The idea is that these Cursed Knights are on a mission to redeem their chapter (it can really be any CF chapter), perhaps by finding some lost piece of technology that can help purify the gene-seed. I know this really isn't the most practical of KTs, but I couldn't resist the fluffiness and fun I can have with these guys.

~Cursed Knights (5)
-Missile Launcher (Tank Hunter)
-Feel No Pain
-Cursed Knight Champion (Furious Charge)
-Power Weapon
-Plasma Pistol
-Frag Grenades (For all)

I'm thinking of giving FNP to the champion and replace his Power Weapon with a Power Fist. With FNP, he'll have 50% chance of not getting his head kicked in before unleashing his PF. On the other hand, a champion striking at 6 strength, 6 initiative, with 6 attacks and no armor saves is nothing to scoff at either.

I've heard about some new rules for KT, notably that you can now have 200 points' worth of elite desperados+equipment. I don't know if they've lifted the ban on having a "1 template/heavy weapon" but I'm guessing so.
Does anyone know where the new rules can be located (on a GW-sanctioned website, of course), or what book they are included in?

Last edited by daxxglax; 04-29-10 at 04:03 PM. Reason: Thanks to Siskin for elaborating on the USR's lack of points cost
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the new KT rules are in the BattleMissions (not sure if it's exact name but close)

USR are free u just get to choose 3

hope it helps
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