What is MEQ?

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What is MEQ?

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  #1 Old 12-15-08, 06:44 AM What is MEQ?
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Default What is MEQ?

What exactly defines a MEQ army? Is it mechanized, in that the troops are all mounted in transports and all the heavy support are mobile as well (tanks or skimmers)....or are they just heavily armored infantry like Space Marines?
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This should probably be in the General 40k category, but MEQ is more of a unit descriptor. Fours on most stats with a 3+ save is the general definition of an MEQ unit. GEQ is generally 3s with a 5+ save.
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for orks it just means lots of vehicle
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Originally Posted by lordbloodshed View Post
for orks it just means lots of vehicle
It doesn't mean anything for orks, other than perhaps "target" or something like that. "Mech" means lots of vehicles.

This forum actually has a glossary feature that tells you the meaning of the various acronyms people use. Mouseover MEQ, DP, DA or whatever, and it will explain it to you.

I'm moving this thread to general 40k. It has nothing much to do with tactics, but then you probably didn't know that if you didn't know what it meant.


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Orks are not MEQ unless you are using a beardy all Nobz list.

EDIT: posted this before I saw Someguy's comments.
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So to sum it up, two different terms here.

MEQ- Marine Equivilent~ T4, 3+ Sv etc.
Mech- A mechaniclised army, think lots of transports.

I know the others have said this, but I thought it all together wouldn't hurt
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