Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere

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Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere

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  #1 Old 05-14-13, 04:41 PM Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere
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Default Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere

Hello Heresy!

I recently came back from several tournaments all having different formats and I really wonder what makes them actually competitive / non-competitive? Is competitive /non-competitive game play based on the army? the opponent (tactics/personality)? or is it the way a tournament is organized (point limits, limiting certain types of units, etc)?

I will start by giving my 2 cents on the issue:

I personally think that as soon as you have to pay money to enter into a tournament that has prises/trophies for coming in on top immediately becomes a competitive tournament.

There is no aspect of a tournament that suggests its non-competitive. At any and every tournament I have been to / read about / or heard through other local gamers is that there are points scored for a variety of things such as:
- Army Composition (gaining / losing points for taking too many or too few of any particular force org slot).
- Display (your army's over-all look, cohesiveness, display board)
- Back-story (does you army have a theme and does it make sense?)
- Paint (highlights, shading, low-lights, bases, conversion work, squad markings, etc.
-** Best Sportsman (are you a dick or a good guy regardless of what your fielding/ what you have to play against) **
- Best Over-all (combining all points from all other categories and accumulating the most points.)
- Best General (Accumulating the most battle points through the tournament)
- Even winning a game is worth more points then losing and nobody pays to play in a tournament and lose all their matches...

The list is endless.... But the main point I am trying to make here is that no matter how you try and spin it tournaments will always be competitive.

NOW.... in saying all of this what I think dictates a tournament for most people is FUN. Even though I am a competitive player in most aspects when it comes to tournament play I am a firm believer of still having fun. I strongly feel fun is something that can only come from the opponent not from what list they bring or the tactics they use. It ultimately comes from their body language and the way they present themselves. A person I could be facing could very well take 3 Helldrakes (I only use this example because the amount of butt hurt people I see over this cracks me up) this does not mean the game is going to be utter shit. Now I know the game is probably going to be an uphill battle (unless I am playing cron-air) but if the game is full of laughs, decent conversation, and allowing each other to correct minor order of operation errors then who is to say the game was still not enjoyable.

Bottom line here is that in a tournament you have to accept the fact that you will see lists that can trump yours before the word go. It is what you and your opponent do after that that dictates the mood of the game.

I know there are a lot of different views and takes on this topic; So tell me, what makes a tournament competitive/fun/non-competitive/not fun? (lets keep in mind that bashing others is not what this is here for, we can disagree and make valid arguments against one-another but please keep it clean as everyone is entitled to their own opinion)


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  #2 Old 05-15-13, 04:24 PM Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere
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Tournaments are by definition competitions. So I will assume we are including any event where many people get together to play several games in a day/two days/&c.

For me the boundary lies in whether the set-up aims for objective equality.

It is competitive if each game is played between two theoretically equal sides, with the variations being strategic/tactical acumen, luck of the draw, and some accidental slanting of tables in favour of one type of army or player, e.g. 2000 points, random match-up, agree terrain classification with your opponent before deployment.

It is non-competitive if games are designed to be slanted by special rules, unequal forces, &c, or are not judged mostly on gameplay e.g. the winner of each game gets 500 points to add to their list in future games to represent territorial dominance, all Necrons have a -1 to resurrection because the Tomb has been damaged, or 60% of points come from background fluff and how true to the background your list is.
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  #3 Old 05-16-13, 03:28 AM Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere
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also I found that "team" tournaments are more "relaxed" than singles. Could also be that the tournament I ran was acknowledged as being a "friendly" enviornment - prizes were for best painted (single player winner) which got X dollars in store credit, and the team which came in last got their pick on some new dice.

The Winners got a certificate saying that they won. and bragging rights.
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  #4 Old 05-16-13, 09:44 AM Competitive vs Non-Competitive Tournament Atmosphere
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I think you need to pick and choose your tournaments. For the UK, if anything is classed as ranked, it is likly to be much more competative than a non ranked event. As a general rule I only attend non ranked events.

I have nothing against very competative play, I just get more enjoyment from more relaxed games.
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