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brettonia army book

Bretonnia Army Lists

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Default brettonia army book

im going to start a colection but i dont want to buy a bunch of stff then have the new army book come my question is when do you think theyll bring out new stuff for them as i want to buy them but if they'll bring out new stuff in a few months i would rather wait
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At least eighteen months, probably more like 2-3 years. The smart money right now is on their being the last book of Eighth or the first of ninth.

I don't know what you're afraid of, though. I mean, Knights. Can't go wrong with Knights. think the new book will suddenly make your Knights useless?
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Brets need a new book (with some adjustments to point costs and internal balance) but are surprisingly still competitive now as they are. I would not expect major changes in a new book, more of a points cost adjustment (which is probably one of the reasons no one at GW has picked up the book to write a new one) and some additional units or existing models made much more viable and reworked (like the grail reliquae and the hippogryph).

GW is intent on keeping most of the units in the prior book still viable in new books in 8th edition but is sort of juggling the relative balance of units by recosting them. GW is then adding new units or making more viable units previously out of favour.

The focus of brets has and will be on the knights and those basic core, special and rare units are not likely to change. If anything, GW will either keep the costs of cav the same, lower their points cost slightly, or give a better chance of getting to a 1+ AS for some units (like grail knights) or greater S for some units, like KOTR having S4 like Inner Circle Knights do for Empire. There may be some reworking of the lance formation rules and/or recognition that the steadfast rules in 8th edition make the lance formation less potent than before in some ways but still useful in others (allowing one to rank up three wide and hide the damsel in the middle of the second rank is a huge benefit in 8th edition) and a basis for a modest lowering the points costs of cav units. Given Empire cav costing, I would expect Questing knights decreasing by at least 3 points per model, grail knights decreased by a similar or greater amount, KOTR either getting S4 or dropping by at least 2 points per model and Knights Errant dropping by 2 points per model.

GW is raising the points costs of infantry in other armies (like empire) and that may make men-at-arms relatively more competitive in the future but men-at-arms in comparison with empire infantry are unlikely to see their cost go up and more likely to see their costs go down by a point (given WS2 and LD5). One alternative might be to allow the unit to be led by a knight on foot or the addition of an option for a knight character to be on foot for greater leadership and more infantry horde based army.

Trebs will go up in cost (to as much as 120 points) simply because they are very effective and stone throwers, without guess range, are more potent in 8th edition.

I would not be surprised to see a reformatting of the grail reliquae unit to make it more useful and interesting (put it in a chariot or wagon and give it an area augment effect sort of like the new magical chariots of empire or the cauldron of blood) or something similar added to the army.

Similarly, GW seems to be giving each army a new monstrous infantry, monstrous cav or a monster option. You might see peg knight unit with a character a more viable option consistent with the Bret theme. You might see the hippogryph made a viable monster choice, rather than just a steed.

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