Veterans difference?

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Veterans difference?

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  #1 Old 05-24-08, 06:01 AM Veterans difference?
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Default Veterans difference?

Hey everyone Im about to get some veterans for my space marines and I was just wondering whats the difference between the Vet Mk1 and the Mk2's? From the pics it just looks like the Mk1 are more up close combat which I like but im just curious as the difference between the two. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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  #2 Old 05-24-08, 06:15 AM Veterans difference?
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Honestly, I just usually convert my own out of plastic when I can. I hate working with metals. Limits you too much if you don't have all the equipment
to do it properly
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  #3 Old 05-24-08, 06:49 AM Veterans difference?
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They're just different models. Both are really intended more as a package of five Veteran Sergeants, I think, rather than for use as a single squad. You're better off distinguishing a Veteran Squad by painting the appropriate iconography on regular plastics, or by using the Terminator Honours shoulder pads that come in the Command Squad and Commander boxes.
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  #4 Old 05-24-08, 07:20 AM Veterans difference?
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I think the only diff. is that Mk 1 has a guy with a power wep while Mk 2 has a guy with lightning claw... Overall my preference definitely lies with Mk 2 veterans, i think they look much better... They can be used as Vet. Sgts, but TBH you are better off just making them outta plastics, as the Metals most likely won't match your army list.
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  #5 Old 05-24-08, 02:23 PM Veterans difference?
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I believe the true differance is that the MK1 was prouduced first and that the MK2 was, of course, the second package released with Apoc. The MK2 has more power weapons and Plasma pistols where the MK1 is aligned with the Vet Squad listing in the Codex: SM. MK2 is more for squad leaders in content if not intent. Guess that is what I see. Later.
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