Converted Necron Cryptek

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Converted Necron Cryptek

Modelling and Painting

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  #1 Old 02-25-12, 02:06 AM Converted Necron Cryptek
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Default Converted Necron Cryptek

With only one Cryptek available from GW (and Finecast, to boot... horrible substance), I decided to convert one from the wealth of bitz available on the Immortal and Lychguard sprues...

Legs are Immortal (To make him a bit shorter than the Lychguard/, torso front is Immortal, while the back is from a Praetorian. Arms are Praetorians/Lychs, while the left fist is from an Immortal. Staff is the standard Praet/Lych one, but with Praet backpack "balls" as energy sources. Head is a Deathmark, with a Praet backpack bit as his beard. The "loincloth" is another backpack ball with the original staff butt...

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  #2 Old 02-25-12, 02:11 AM Converted Necron Cryptek
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Looks really good,I like how you did it. I'm not fond of the Cryptek models either myself.
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  #3 Old 02-25-12, 02:39 AM Converted Necron Cryptek
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Good to see how you did your conversion and what bits you used for it.

I am sick of having to use the same models for all of mine, and I have a list that uses all 10!

The Crypteks I pre-ordered and the ones from early lot numbers look great, but the later ones they are putting out have been coming to me with holes in them, missing pieces off of torsos and with some kind of shiny coat already on them. Not very happy with finecast overall.

I am going to have to use some of my Praetorian/Immortal parts to convert mine now.
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  #4 Old 02-25-12, 02:41 AM Converted Necron Cryptek
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That is fantastic. Much better than the finecast version.

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  #5 Old 02-25-12, 04:00 AM Converted Necron Cryptek
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Where was this a couple weeks ago? I could have used this to help sort out mine! Lovely work Bill. I'm going to have to 'loot' this one for future use!

Good luck and good gaming,

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  #6 Old 02-25-12, 06:33 AM Converted Necron Cryptek
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Excellent conversion and it works really well. I like how you created the beard of the head. Nice one
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