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Dark Angel Rumours

Wargaming News and 40k Rumors

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  #1 Old 02-22-12, 06:32 PM Dark Angel Rumours
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Default Dark Angel Rumours

I'm a little late posting this but I couldn't see it posted on here anywhere yet. It's just a small rumour and I don't know how trusted a source it is so have some salt at the ready, but it's a start.

Originally Posted by Stickmonkey
Next incarnation will see expanded use of chaplains. Rumor is they may be able to be taken in groups and assigned to lead troops, like wolf guard. If solo they stay elite slot, if Interrogator they are hq.

Heard this stuff elsewhere before, however coming thru a more trusted source now...

Rumor of plasma cannon sponsons on DA tanks. And a special Plasma main gun predator or vindicator...
Make of it what you will, it's just a rumour.
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  #2 Old 02-22-12, 06:36 PM Dark Angel Rumours
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Hmmm.... Saw this a couple of days ago, don't remember where, but I thought that it would be interesting to see. There is precedent for doing that with units like Chappies, wolf guard were mentioned, and crypteks and Necron lords are very similar to what they are describing. Only time will tell.
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Please yes! I like the idea of chaplains running around in a cross between wolf guard and sang priests - much more original. And who doesn't like plasma on their vehicles? Maybe a new land raider variant?
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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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Some form of executioner predator? Like the sound of that.

If they just fixed the bike and tactical entries in Codex: DA then it actually wouldn't be so bad a hotfix.

Still, I await the Day Belial is more than a sergeant with 3 wounds!
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  #5 Old 02-22-12, 07:21 PM Dark Angel Rumours
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I like Dark Angels.

I really like Chaplains.

And I fucking love Plasma weaponry.

I like the sound of these rumors, been looking for something to get me going with the Unforgiven once again.
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I hope this isn't true, it's taking me forever to do my Knights Of Blood, the last thing I need is irresistible Dark Angels coming out with tons of Plasma goodiness to bugger things up for me even more!
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  #7 Old 02-22-12, 07:32 PM Dark Angel Rumours
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Well, if these rumours pan out, my SW may be getting a run under the DA codex. I love using other codices from time to time. I also love plasma weapons.
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More Plasma! Wooo!
Its about time SM's got a tank sized Plasma weapon. Saves me having to explain my custom datasheet PlasmaRaider to every new player i game with.

DA getting some love is a good step too, just not one that interests me.

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  #9 Old 02-22-12, 08:43 PM Dark Angel Rumours
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This would cool, time to play the wait and see game.
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id love to see chaplin dreadnoughts in there
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