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WHF - Beastmen

Painting and Airbrushing

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Default WHF - Beastmen

In this tutorial Liam shows you a step by step guide on how to paint Beastmen.

All paints used are GamesWorkshop paints. Colours that you will need are: Tallarn Flesh, Scorched Brown, Devlin Mud Wash, Bestial Brown, Calthan Brown, Dheneb Stone, Red Gore, Blood Red, Badab Black Wash, Boltgun Metal, Khmeri Brown, Snakebite Leather, Charadon Granite, bubonic brown and Bleached Bone.

Step 1:
In this step I based the model in sand before spraying it black.

Step 2:
Next, paint all the skin calthan brown and the fur areas scorched brown.

Step 3:
Now, drybrush khemri brown over the horns and paint the small ram skulls dheneb stone. Also drybrush boltgun metal over the metal areas, and paint the axe handle calthan brown.

Step 4:
Next, paint tallarn flesh over the raised muscle areas, leaving the recesses calthan brown. Take a lot of time on this to get it just right, especially on the face.

Step 5:
Now, heavily wash all of the skin areas with devlan mud and the metal areas with badab black. Wash the horns with devlan mud and the scorched brown areas with badab black.

Step 6:
Firstly highlight the horns with khemri brown, then bleached bone. Next highlight the skin with bleached bone(very lightly), then highlight the fur with beastial brown, then with snakebite leather. Wash the ram skulls with devlan mud, then highlight with bleached bone. Highlight the hooves with charadon granite and the axe handle.

Step 7:
The shield was firstly painted scorched brown, washed with badab black, then drybrushed around the edges with beastial brown. Then finally highlighted with beastial brown.

The base was painted scorched brown around the edge and on the sand. It was then heavily drybrushed with beastial brown, drybrushed again with snakebite leather, then lightly drybrushed with bubonic brown. The grass is glade from GW.

This is the first unit of my new beastman army, I will be doing many other squads of beastmen and creating a terrain showcasing board for them. Keep up to date with the project in the projects section, and any comments are welcome.

Our website is: http://growlermodelpainting.weebly.com/
Our YouTube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrowlerModelPainting

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Fine tutorial bud! Thanks for sharing!

Good luck and good gaming,

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