Wolf tail talisman

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Wolf tail talisman

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Default Wolf tail talisman

Found an interesting situation recently that i cant find a solid answer to.

wolf tail talisman says any psychic power that effects this unit is nullified on a 5+ or something. (dont have quote on me)

Lets say a psyker battle squad fired a large blast psychic attack at a unit and it scattered off that unit onto a unit with a talisman. Is it nullfied?

Now lets say that it scatters onto the unit with the talisman but is still touching the target unit that is without a talisman. How does that work?
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all depends on the wording mate,

now l don't play SW but they have a few of these items and skills so this is how it works in the games l played with my GK.

some say the Target unit, where it lands or cast from and if it effects.

for example

Stormcaller has his "anyone who cast within in 24 incs" so it does not matter as long as the user cast within 24 for him.

with talisman if the unit gets a "effected by the psychic skill" so if you cast a buff on your self it won't trigger. However if part of the spell lands or "effects" that unit (even while still hitting a unit without it) with the talisman and he pass his 5+ then its gone.

other's say "spells targeting the unit" so if you target one unit and it just happens to scatter on to the other unit with this rule it does not matter because it did not "target them"

like l said before l don't own a SW dex so l can't check the wording but next time recheck your friends, it should be clear :D.
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It say's if the unit is effected the power is nullified on a 5+. So I'd say yet, you could roll in all cases.
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And with that if it hit 2 units one with the Talisman and one without then if you make the roll it nullifies the power so it will affect neither unit. If both units had one you would get 2 shots to nullify the power.

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