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Welcome to VoH! ++PLEASE READ++

Vision of Heresy

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  #1 Old 05-01-12, 11:40 AM Welcome to VoH! ++PLEASE READ++
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Default Welcome to VoH! ++PLEASE READ++

Welcome Heretics, to our reincarnation of the Vision of Heresy project. Our aim here is to create a playable army in the game of 40k, a fan written codex filled with the lore, artwork and gameplay elements that one would find in any other published Games Workshop codex.

To begin with, I will outline some general rules as to how this will go about. In order to avoid repeating the mess that arose during the Dark Talons project, I have taken notes and will imposr a few small changes;

1: To prevent clutter, please refrain from posting threads in this area unless I okay it first. We will take this one step at a time until we have a firm grasp on the project and for the most part I will provide the thread most relevant to the current focus.

There will be exceptions, but please do not assume.

2: This is a community project. As such, ideas will vary greatly and many may clash. I expect any discrepancies to be handled in a civil manner lest you find yourself banned from the project.

3: Eventually, this project will venture beyond the realm of fluff. Announcements will be made in the relevant sections of the forum as these milestones are reached, but I wish to keep the bulk of the project contained here.

Above all else, approach this positively and have fun.

This thread will serve as your general FAQ thread. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the project, this is the place to ask them.

Nonsense is our Salvation

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  #2 Old 06-24-12, 10:27 PM Welcome to VoH! ++PLEASE READ++
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Hmm..... interesting
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  #3 Old Yesterday, 10:17 PM Welcome to VoH! ++PLEASE READ++
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how, exactly do we do this? please answer as exact as possible because my ASD will probably find this intriging
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  #4 Old Today, 04:28 AM Welcome to VoH! ++PLEASE READ++
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I always thought the Dark Talon project was very awesome. I am very excited about the construction of the fluff.

Has the leadership leaned towards a specific race in the fluff?

Also, what will be the first steps in creating the background and other stuff?
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