Knightly Order Army?

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Knightly Order Army?

Warhammer Fluff

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  #1 Old 04-07-12, 05:40 PM Knightly Order Army?
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Default Knightly Order Army?

Could this happen? Would a single knightly order have enough men at arms etc to form a total army? I was considering making one after realising how many knights and pistoliers I have and the new demi gryphons look nice as well. If so, was wondering if I'd have to choose a well known knightly order for it to be accepted or could I make my own.
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  #2 Old 04-07-12, 11:14 PM Knightly Order Army?
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Well I'm not an expert on the Empire but definitely the larger Knightly Orders like the Reiksguard or the Knights of the White Wolf would have enough knights and men-at-arms for their own armies. If you look at the Knightly Orders of our own history you'll see that they have their own standing armies as well as fully manned castles and forts. So you can easily make an Empire army that is a Knightly Order army. You could also create a Crusade army composed of several Knightly Orders united together in a cause.
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I've tossed around the same idea, knightly orders from Middenheim. The general idea is that on horse would be all White Wolf and Kinghts Panter, and using the Tutogen (sp?) models as greatsword-equivalent White Wolf on foot. I currently don't have enough White Wolf knights yet, and am only now looking for great-hammer wielding foot troops.

I've not read the newest Empire book to see if the lore and background of these orders have changed but older editions of the Empire army book and also the original WFRP had both Knights Panther and Knights of the White Wolf based entirely out of Middenheim, with a semi-friendly rivalry between these 2 orders.
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