1.5k Outflank Army - Tips and advice?

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1.5k Outflank Army - Tips and advice?

Tyranid Army Lists

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  #1 Old 03-02-12, 07:12 PM 1.5k Outflank Army - Tips and advice?
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Default 1.5k Outflank Army - Tips and advice?

So basically I wanted to make an outflanky army, because they are fun to play with. I expect to win nothing, but its fun and lulling people into a false sense of security is amusing.
This army would be played at 100% strength on turn one with very spread formations, against foes that have a full reserve force...because otherwise it would just be silly.

HQ Choices
Hive Tyrant -
Weapons:Scything Talons+bonesword/Lwhip
Upgrades: Hive Commander (1 add. unit gets outflank| +1 to all reserve rolls)
Psychic Powers: Paroxysm (reduce WS+BS to 1) Leech essence (auto hit Str 3 ap2 - wounds caused, heal tyrant) both 12" range
Biomorph: Wings
Cost: 255

Tyranid Prime
weapons: Lashwhip/bonesword
95 pts

Troops Choices
Warrior Brood - Tyranid Prime added to this unit. -Gains outflank From HT
6 warriors with 2 boneswords + scything talons
240 pts

Genestealers With broodlord
11 Stealers+1BL
Biomorphs: Scything talons (for all)

10 Stealers
Biomorphs: Scything Talons
160 pts

Heavy Support Choices
Screamer Killer Fex
Mycetic pod

Trygon Prime
Adrenal Glands
250 pts

Elite Choices
Zoanthrope - 60pts

- lets not talk about converting back into 1000 pts...because thats... not nice. However to get to 2000 pts I have more warrior broods, that would possibly switch out boneswords for any of the weapons.
And to get even further up I have lictors, and even more stealers and warriors and 3 more carnifex that can take whatever loadout seems neccessary to hit 3000.

I would possibly swap the zoanthrope out for a lictor (and scrounge up 3 pts to do this, somewhere) in objective gametypes, lictor spawns inside a building containing an objective, goes to ground out of general LOS to contest the objective with a reasonable cover save. Sure there are ways to counter this reasonably cheesy move..but how likely are you to anticipate such a thing?

No gaunts I hear you cry...well..yes. Squishy squishy stuff. Okay so they take up fire for 1 or 2 turns that could be hitting your monstrous creatures. I intend to keep my hive tyrant out of harms way as much as possible until turn 2. And to be honest...my gaunts get mowed down by bolter drill, lascannon drill.. general drill so much im fed up of them taking up points.

ANYWAY, like I said, just wanted input and I like I said, I don't expect it to win, just be fairly close. Fought a demon nurgle army earlier at 1250 pts against a friend that had played 40k atleast 5+ years longer than I have, with something vaguely similiar lost 7 Killpoints to 5. Was a lot of fun.
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  #2 Old 03-02-12, 08:25 PM 1.5k Outflank Army - Tips and advice?
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Nice list, and welcome to Heresy. Outflankey armies are undoubtedly fun, and stealers with broodlords coming into a unit of something reasonably shooty is just fun. Today, I felt that experience of fun when I outflanked 8 stealers and a broodlord. Into 9 grey hunters. The mess was unbelievable.

Anyway, first thing to do is to find some points from somewhere. Once done, remove scything talons from the stealers and give them (with the exception of the broodlord) toxins. Then, against MEqs, you've got 4+ wounding with rerolls. More to wound rolls made = more rends = more kills. Against TEqs and GEqs you're doing about as well or better. Then you also kill MCs better. It's just full of win.

Warrior loadout is good, but the number may not be. I haven't played enough high-point matches with warriors yet, but I've always played as 3 or 4. People do say that any more than 6 (the prime puts it to this) is too cumbersome, less than 4 is too fragile. Possibly reduce them? Also, not sure about this though, the FAQ has said that Primes/ICs can't join a unit in outflanking unless it already can. Technically separate units, so the prime would have to go without outflanking.

Screamer-killer Fexes aren't very good, I feel. Due to the unpredictability of scatter and the range of Bio-Plasma, it wouldn't be used much. It is nearly in charge range, but it does have the upside of nearly ignoring the fex's awful BS. Maybe take a dakkafex (2 sets of TL Brainleech Devourers, 190 points total for the fex)? It's one of the only two loadouts said to work.

Then there's the opinionated question of the Flyrant (winged tyrant, not sure how new you are to Heresy/40K forums). It's the right upgrade for a choppy Tyrant, but it does leave him useless when he DSes.

And if you're going for a full-reserves list, either scrape 40 points together for a pod for the zoan, or drop it entirely. It would attract every long-range weapon on the board alone, and would do absolutely zero good.
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  #3 Old 03-02-12, 09:37 PM 1.5k Outflank Army - Tips and advice?
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Thanks for the advice septok, I was under the impression that because the prime joins the warriors into the one unit, and the "Hive Commander" gives outflank ability to the unit, the prime would therefore have outflank?

My all-time favourite outflank was 11stealers+broodlord then directly charing a devestator squad of 5 men. I rocked 10 rending wounds and the look on his face was pure dismay. They then took out a tech-marine and his servators before being bolter drilled by two 5 man tac squads

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