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As the vechile moved through the streets of the city, around the objective. Buck got a good view of the road blocks that lined the perimeter. All seven access roads was guarded by two military vechiles, and six ACS soldiers. Each vehicle was equipped to mount heavy weapons but non was present, but what caught Buck's eye was the modified M4's which each soldier was carrying, at it was clear they were well maintained too. It seemed each soldier had been allowed to modify the weapons after personal preference. Which indicated to Buck they were soldiers, that had been granted special priviledges from there leadership.

Buck informed Thor of this little fact, something that was easy to miss when modified weapons and high end technology was a part of your ordinary day.
Buck couldn't help but wonder what details the others and expecially Fenris was spotting, as they passed the road blocks. Buck was no recon specialist and he knew that, his talents was of a different sort. It wasn't unknown that when he was in the position to do the recon or look-out, that the others asked directly for certain pieces of information, since it simply didn't occur to Buck to spot everything.

Fenris also began to indicate they were apparently being followed by a black vehicle, which Buck only spotted as Fenris pointed it out. It was clear to Buck that Thor was pondering the best course of action. Buck just told Thor that one marble could rather quietly, puncture two of the tires of the pursuit vehicle. Thou it would to a relatively trained eye, indicate the presence of a military team in the area.

Buck started to fiddle with his handgun in its holster, awaiting Thors orders.

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Once the briefing was over, Poet immediately headed down to the storage room and picked up his kitbag, locating all of his equipment easily having just stored them. He put most of his weapons into the kitbag along with some armour, but for now remained in his civilian attire being the driver and needed to remain incognito. Even so, he kept the pistol at his thigh and also stowed away his sub-compact into a concealed holster in his jacket, finally attaching his vibro-blade to a sheath at his belt in case he should need to dispatch anyone quietly.

Jogging to the underground car park he began to prep the van so they could move out the moment the rest of the team were ready. He threw his kitbag into the van and began his checks. The van was plain and unassuming, rusted in the right areas and coupled with some careful dents to give the appearance of an old and battered work van, though in reality it was lightly armoured, contained comms suite and other equipment in the back and had a more than capable engine hidden under the bonnet. Poet trained his experienced eye over the whole of the van, checking the run-flat tires for wear, that the engine had enough oil and was in good working order, that the van was fully fueled and a whole host of other prelims. Finally he made a point to check under the van for any tampering. The base was secure as ever and no one had been in or out, but there was no harm in being careful.

He stood up smoothly once he was happy there was nothing out of place, giving the old girl a pat on the bonnet. He'd used this particular van on multiple occasions and missions, despite its ugly and basic outwards appearance, it had gotten him through them all. He'd managed to storm blockades with it, come out tops in hectic car chases in it and still it kept going. It was the little things like this reliable van that kept Poets spirits up. As he waited for the others he took out and ate another protein bar. It was one of the few downsides to his augmentations, his metabolism was always ticking over, he never felt quite satisfied in regards to hunger. As he ate the bar he suddenly noticed Fenris was also in the car park, waiting against one of the walls. How long he had been there Poet didn't know, he might have been there before even he got there. He was definitely the odd one out of the group, always seeming apart from the others and out of touch, but then so were most of the sniper he had known in his life. But even by the usual standard, Fenris was still that little bit more…..odd. Nevertheless he nodded at the sniper as a way of hello, receiving no reply in return. Shrugging indifferently he finished off the bar as the others arrived and loaded their equipment into the van.


Poet drove the van slowly through the busy industrial sector, taking a careful circular route along the network of roads that would avoid the worst of the ACS attention. He hated the cities and dense urban areas. They showed the worst of this world, the reek of despair was all around them as the populace moved like drones to their next destination, ACS patrols littered throughout, itching to make someones already miserable existence even worse. What he would give for one of those patrols to try and harass him down a dark alley with no one else to see. He briefly saw Lake Michigan, it looked like an ocean in its own right, the setting sun cast a beautiful glow over the lake, taking Poets breath for a moment, beauty was rare and hard to come by in these troubled times. As he rounded a corner onto the road they needed he was greeted with an unwelcome sight.

"Shit" he muttered under his breath as he saw the roadblock ahead. He didn't bother pointing it out to Thor who was sat beside him, he would already be working through his mind what to do and as if on cue he began to voice his thoughts out loud. Poet thought nothing of it, he was used to the Majors manner of speaking his thoughts out loud. Instead he concentrated on the roadblock itself, Thor would speak to him directly when he wanted him. The roadblock was nothing special. Two military vehicles and a group of ACS troopers, to the civilian populace it would probably look intimidating. To Poet it was a minor obstacle, one he could quite happily take out on his own without breaking a sweat, never mind the rest of the team with him. But that would not go unnoticed, they would either have to test out their forged papers or find another route. Even so he began to charge one of his kinetic blasters situated in his hand should the need arise.

They were only five blocks away when Thor made his decision. "Take the next right Poet. Command centre frequency is offline, either it's jammed or Lokis already packed up and left. Either way we're on our own"

Poet nodded and took the right turn, depowering the blaster as he did "Guess it's your lucky day" he thought to himself with one final glance at the roadblock. Thor decided they would scout out the other roads as well, see how frequent the blocks were for future reference. Poet merely nodded once again and carried on driving, though he noted in his side mirror that a black sedan took the turn as well, it was impossible to tell whether it was following them or was also avoiding the checkpoint, but once again, you could never be too careful and he made sure to keep checking it as they went.

Every road leading to the facility was blocked off swell, each one a carbon copy of the first one they had encountered. Two vehicles, three men each, M4's across the board. To him they all looked to be professional, they carried their weapons in a relaxed yet sure way. Too often inexperienced soldiers would hug tight their weapons or hold them tightly as if expecting trouble at any moment or the opposite and not even hold them, rear slinging them, holding them loosely at their side or even leaning them against an object of some kind. Which was the first thing he noticed about the south-eastern roadblock. Three of the soldiers were playing cards on an upturned crate, their M4's resting against the crate. Two of the others were in deep conversation with their weapons slung and the last one was lazily ushering most cars through the checkpoint without much fuss. And for the final nail i the coffin, they all looked remarkably young apart from the NCO in charge who was incidentally one of the ones playing cards. He pointed these observations out to Thor. If they were going to have to brave a checkpoint, that was certainly the best one to go for in his opinion.
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Eric moved silently up the ramp alongside Forsyth, dart gun pointed forward, eyes scanning for any movement. He could hear the rumble of a couple heavy engines, indicating that they had brought trucks, or at least some other heavy vehicle. He could also make out the voices of several men, but could barely hear them over the sound of the engines. As he strained his hearing as much as he could, he realised he still couldn’t understand them. They weren’t speaking English. They couldn’t be ACS, he thought to himself, confusion taking over for a split second, then who? He looked over at the Colonel and saw that he was also listening intently. A quick gesture from the Colonel told Eric to wait as Forsyth moved ahead, most likely scouting out the upper level. Eric took this opportunity to finish off the half eaten protein bar in his pocket and relax, sure that nobody could sneak up on him.

It felt like he was kneeling there forever when he noticed the Colonel moving across the ramp. Eric nodded as he squatted down and began to speak. "I don't know what the fuck happened Cue Ball, but those are soldiers from the Mendoza Crime Family. From what I can gather they noticed Spectre and Osiris while they were on patrol. I recognize the name of the piece of shit, Rudolfo Ruiz, that is leading them and it is obvious he is out for revenge. Spectre killed his brother in Mexico about 14 years ago. What the fuck are they doing this far into ACS territory. The last thing we need is a war with the Cartels while we are trying to sort out the ACS. I am hoping that he assaulted us here without informing the family. We need to hit them hard and silent, we don't need the whole weight of the Mendoza's to fall on us right now."

“Mendoza? What the fuck…” was all Eric could say before something caught Forsyth’s attention. This is the last thing we need right now.

Eric silenced himself and listened, hearing the footsteps of several men coming down the ramp. Forsyth motioned for him to take them out silently and moved to the other side of the ramp, disappearing into the shadows. Not a moment later, three men walked down the ramp, all armed, and moved past the two concealed men, completely unaware of their presence. Eric knew that they would have to be taken out silently and quickly, before they could get a shot of and alert any ACS patrols outside. The last thing they needed was to be fighting on two fronts at the same time. After they had passed, Eric heard the sound of a dart being fired from Forsyth’s position. As the centre man fell, Eric leaped out of the shadows, the cartel soldiers still completely unaware of the situation they were in. He wrapped both arms around the closest mans head and twisted, rotating it to an impossible angle and breaking the neck. Forsyth had done the same and the two men crumbled, hitting the floor at the same time. All his previous worries went away as the thrill of taking a life took over once again, and he nodded at the Colonel, waiting for orders.

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As the truck turned for what felt like the 100th time Graham felt boredem creeping into his mind. When really, on the most important mission of his life that would be the last thing to expect.

However, this was only the start, when Thor gave the order it would truly begin and all that training, the cybernetic enhancments and the death of his own family would have finally be worth it.

Hermes was sitting on the edge of the void now, it had all been planned but who knew would what truly happen? How could they know?
He imagined it, all the generals, officers, tacticians gathered together contemplating everything they could think of, deceiding on every possible outcome.
But so much could still happen.

He looked to various roadblocks, more specificly; the men guarding them. Using his Occular auspex he could make out the heart rate of the guards, which gave him a very good idea of what they were thinking.

Steady heart rate; obviously quite relaxed, most likely professional soldiers with at least due to the relaxed nature, especialy around so much weaponry. An educated guess would be around 7-11 years of combat, give or take. The men had good muscle tone and were all in good health, most likely they hadn't seen combat for a while now, probably because they were stationed here.
So did the ACS suspect something? they wouldn't divert professional soliders to a simply roadblock duty without a good reason.

Graham realised he was growing impaitent, not to kill, but to get out this grotty van and a make a difference.
He looked to Thor: "Orders sir?"

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Wordlessly Poet swung the vehicle, his indecision going without comment, the men in the back swaying slightly at the turn, balance adjusting seemlessly to keep them upright even as tool boxes and other objects that compromised their "cover" slid over the floor with the dull rasp of metal on metal. Checkpoints flowed by, 7 streets, 14 humvees, manned by well equipped soldiers, their movements laced with by the dull lack of activity that epitomised the bored.

It was infecting his own men, the need to act, to bathe in the rush of endorphins only contact could bring manifesting in edgy rustling and vacant stares. The crank of a window caught his attention, irritation gnawed at him as he saw Buck unleash a spidery marble the tiny silver ball scuttling up and out of sight onto the roof of the van, his voice burning with some sort of accomplishment even as he informed them of his action, the capability of his fucking marbles.

The hatred seered, his teeth suddenly on edge a steely glint burning through the flames of his hate filled eyes, lips tearing apart with a little snarl his fragile temper like dried wood, a spark away from a roaring fire.

"When i want fucking accessories on my van, I'll ask for them sergeant. "

He turned momentarily angry features twisted with spite as he rounded upon Buck

"Though if you've got a fluffy pink airfreshener It'd be rather useful to cover up the stench of your shit ideas"

He turned to the front eyes blazing even as he pointed poet down a second side street

"Personally I'd be rather suspicious if i saw a small marble wandering up the side of a builders van, or perched neatly upon the top. Thus I'd prefer it if you dispensed with the initiative in future, save those fragile remaining braincells for a rainy day huh."

The rage spurted through his lips, a mix of cold abuse and degradation, a vent to the steamy heat of the rage that bubbled in his soul

"Leave it, where it is, if someone noticed it climbing up, it climbing down is a sure fire way to affirm their suspicions."

They kept going, checkpoints affirmed his fear, this was no spot perimeter, if you wanted to get in without hitting a checkpoint you had to go on foot, not a massive dissapointment, they were fit portable and deadly, the loss of a van changed nothing.

The last checkpoint they came to caught Poet's eye, the reliable driver giving his observations the words causing thor's eyes to narrow drawing his attention, youngsters, unprepared, bored and irked, a perfect way through. Yet something caught his eye, a low slung dark black sedan following them lazily, a glance in the rear view mirror stirring memories, a similar car, following them at previous turns, was it the same, he was almost sure, yet was this perverse paranoia.

The drawling tongue of the Russian confirmed his suspicions, forced his hand, a plan forming within his mind even as he shot a glare at Buck, if it was the fucking marble....

"Straight across Poet, into the allies, if we've got a tail lets give them a surprise."

The benefit of a van, par a driver, they could not be sure who else was inside. A little advantage. A quick glance in the rear view mirror revealed tinted widows and dark glass the shadows of a driver and passanger the only details of the occupents within.

Yet the mission hadn't changed, nothing new, the recon was the most important, time to split.

If it was ACS he didn't want bloodshed, he wanted them to see a mirage of his own making, to learn the identity of their pursuers in the most innocent way possible.

The ghost of a smile flittered across his lips, time to split, but who and where.

Fenris was the obvious choice, no doubts, he'd have sent Buck but you keep that which you dont trust close. Hermes was a solid choice, but the blood shed would be here, not with the recon squad, had to be Poet.

"Hermes, in a sec, switch with poet and take the wheel"

The smile was growing even as the plan formed, uncoiling in his mind

"The mission objectives havent changed, the recon is our goal, but we need to deal with the tail. Fenris, Poet. Next blind turn i want you both out the hatch and into the allies, take some of the tools, try and make your way towards the compound, keep in touch, we will recon with you in the van once we've taken care of the tail."

He gave a little nod to Hermes.

"Once they're out hit the gas and hit it hard, open up a little distance between us and the sedan while they're blind then take it nice and steady , take the next sharp turn and stop hard. I want to hear the breaks squeal"

"Buck i want you out and into cover, higher the better, i want some cover, if in doubt deploy the smoke."

He let out a low growl before murmering

"use your initiative, you suspect something go all out. If it's acs caution is best but failure is fatal"

he turned to hermes

"i hope you can act, little one, because as far as they're concerned, you've just hit me, and i need the tail to believe it"

It was simple really, poet and fenris go further on the recon, buck in cover as the safety net, hermes, a builder late on his way to work covered by the papers loki provided, desperately looking for an entrance to the compound that doesnt exist.

His apparent victim lying in the ground screaming in agony, clutching his leg or more precisely the large revolver and blade strapped to his thigh.

If it was ACS Hermes had an alibi and the papers to prove it, identity without ambush, if it was something more sinister they had the firepower and the misdirection to blast their way out.


He let out a low snarl, his eyes glittering face a mass of snarling teeth, adrenaline seeped through his veins

"Are we ready?"

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Spectre moved silently down the stairwell, as she descended the building towards the command centre. She hoped that Odin and the others were alright, it would be a pity if some of the others had to be replaced, and if Odin died then it would be down right tragic. He was the inspiration behind the Valkyries, and if she got the chance she would give her life for him.

She took the steps two at a time, speed being of the essence if they were under attack, though she made little noise as she did it. This would aid her well, as she came to the sixth floor, two floors away from the command centre she could hear voices, in hushed tones being carried up the stairs. She stopped still and listened intently, trying to make out whatever the voices were on about.

One thing that stuck out to her was that the men were conversing quickly in Spanish, which meant that it was most likely not ACS forces. She slowly walked to the nearest corner, and cautiously looked out from around it. She could see two men ascending the staircase towards them. The first thing she took note of them was that they both carried shotguns, with small automatic pistols holstered at their waist as well.

She slowly slid her Kukri out of its sheath, they would have to both be taken out before they could fire a shot, or else they would attract anyone else in the building to her whereabouts, and Spectre wasn't in the mood to have to kill an entire team and fight her way out of the building. However she stopped when she heard them mention a name, one name that had changed her into what she was today. Rudolfo Ruiz.

Spectre was crouched in the shrubbery outside the Cartel compound, her weapon pointed at the head of a patrolling guard. Next to her Granite, her partner slowly stirred as he stretched his limbs from lying down for too long. Holly and Granite had been reassigned after the death of most of her team, and she was now a member of the infamous Odin and his second Thor. It was a privilege and an honor to have been chosen to join them.

The squad was dotted around the outside of the perimeter of the compound, waiting the command to strike, deal a lot of damage to the Cartel and bail out before they knew what was going on. The target was the eldest Ruiz brother, one of the Mendoza cartel family. His death would deal a lot of damage to the cartel.

Odins voice broke through the silence of the night, the command given Spectre and Granite rose like shadows and moved forwards, guns trained on the guards in front. "Two guards right, one left. Wait for the others to announce themselves before firing." Holly said quietly to Granite, only getting a grunt in return to show he heard and understood her.

They waited just a moment before an explosion blossomed in the night sky, taking the guards attention away from the perimeter for just a moment. Spectre aimed down her sight, firing two quick three round bursts, both guards on the right crumpled before they could yell a warning out to their comrade. Granite took the other one out, sneaking all the way up to him he slit the mans throat, and left his lifeless corpse jerking on the ground.

The two of them moved quickly, knowing they only had moments before the others rallied and became organised enough to put up some resistance. They arrived at the safehouse without alerting anyone else, Odin and the others on the opposite side of the compound had seen to that. As they rounded the corner she could see Thor and his partner were already waiting, stacked up on the door. No words of greeting were exchanged, there was no need. A simple nod was all Granite needed from Thor before he kicked the door in, the others spilling in after him, flashbangs disorientating their targets inside.

Spectre swept in, shotgun in her hands whilst her assault rifle hung from one of her shoulders. She fired two shots, two guards who were turning to open fire on the group were blasted off their feet, one crashing in a pile of crates, the other knocking over a third man who Granite finished off with a burst from his assault rifle. Spectre and Granite headed upstairs whilst Thor and his partner cleared downstairs, the plan already laid out by Odin.

There was only one room to note upstairs, and as soon as they entered they could see the Ruiz brothers, Rodolfo, just a boy cowering by some crates, as his brother opened fire on the pair. A round impacted on Spectre's body armour, causing her to snarl in frustration but little else. Granite took cover by a window, dragging Spectre down with him. She waited for Ruiz to reload before standing, the fool not quick enough to get into cover fumbled as he tried to yank a pistol from its holster.

Spectre didn't pause, firing twice, the first buckshot tearing into his leg, making it useless, not that it would matter at any rate. The second pulverized his chest, killing him instantly. Before Spectre and Granite could extract though guards rushed from behind, forcing them to stand and fight. She was dimly aware that the young Rodolfo, enraged at his brothers death had grabbed a grenade and hurled it towards the two NAFI operators.

"Spectre get out!" Was the last thing she heard as Granite hurled her out of the window, saving her life but ending his own. As she fell to the ground she could see the explosion, fire blossoming out of the window, as well as more windows shattering, little pieces of glass hailing down. She hit the ground, winded by the impact. As she unsteadily got to her feet she knew Granite was gone, there was no way that he could have survived the explosion.

A little part of her had died inside that day, he had been her closest friend, her partner. The fact that they said Ruiz meant that they must be Cartel, and he must have been close by. The only obvious explanation was that he had recognized her when she was patrolling and decided to get his revenge. She would get hers first, she promised Granite that silently.

She leapt around the corner, her Kukri spinning from her hand as she threw it at the furthest away man. The blade whistled through the air spinning, before it buried itself up to the handle in the mans head, killing him instantly. The other man tried to raise his gun but it was too late, Spectre was too close. A quick kick to the groin caused him to drop his weapon, both hands reaching down to protect himself and to cover the pain.

Spectre calmly kneed him in the face as he doubled over, causing blood to spray from his mouth before she followed through with two powerful punches to the gut. The man collapsed to his knees, moaning in pain as she stepped behind him. She took his pistol out of its holster, throwing it to one side before moving to the other man. She yanked her blade from his lifeless head, blood and brain matter following the blade out.

She moved quickly, so that the one alive didn't have time to recover. Time to realize what she was doing. She stabbed him, the blade entering the back of his neck and exiting the front, causing him to gurgul as he died. She waited a moment, before pulling the blade out, wiping it on the mans clothes. Fourteen years ago she had lost her friend, fourteen years waiting for vengeance. It would happen so, she would see to that.

She headed to the command centre, her hand on her assault rifle, she may need it soon, it was only a matter of time before all hell broke loose.

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The hatchet had already left my hand before I had fully registered the man before me. He was short, dark skinned, with hanks of greasy black hair hanging over his forehead. That was before his face was disfigured by the flying axe embedding itself in his head.

He collapsed to the floor, the shotgun clattering to the floor beside him. I winced, expecting it to go off, but instead heard a loud click. It had jammed. Close. I paused where I was, listening for any more intruders, but nothing reached my ears. Even so, I doubted he was alone. He looked hispanic, but why would the Cartels be this far into the ACS territories, they tended to keep mostly to their own territories, bar the usual border orientated crime every country's underground engaged in.

I padded softly over to him, my footfalls quiet and confident. I paused to pluck the vibro-hatchet from his forehead, the flesh was smoking slightly from it's effects and it came out with barely a whisper. I thought for a moment, then stooped and retrieved the shotgun as well, holding it in my off hand. I never left anything that I could use behind, you never knew when it could come in handy.

Poised and ready, I began to make my way towards the control room and Loki, I only hoped no one had found that yet.

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Loki sped up his movements until he was little more than a blur, all his attention focussed on his current task. As he stripped one of the laptops from the wall he saw a hardwired data port in the wall behind and smiled. Working quickly he slipped a data spike from his left index finger and jammed it into the port. Instantly data flooded his mind, he ignored most of it and focussed on worming his way into the camera systems. It worked and soon he had a view of almost the entire building, 32 cameras to be precise.

Cycling through them with his mind while his hands stripped laptops and computers from their sockets he eventually focused on the garage. It showed eight men and 3 vehicles. The men were armed with shotguns and pistols while the vehicles were black SUVs with tinted windows. A ninth man watched the others, wearing 2 ornate looking pistols in shoulder rigs. Something about the man’s face and arrogant posture was familiar and so Loki looked up his face. A file came up, naming the man as Rudolpho Ruiz, a lieutenant in the Mendoza crime family. What the hell was the cartel doing in ACS territory?

While he worked Ethan looked further into the man’s file and discovered the reason. A little while before he joined to replace a casualty the Nightstalkers had been sent on a mission to eliminate Rudolpho’s elder brother. They had succeeded, Spectre shooting him in the chest but the young Rudolpho had thrown a grenade that killed Granite, Loki’s predecessor. The lieutenant had held a grudge ever since and Spectre must have been recognized while she patrolled the outside of the building.

Loki flicked cameras once more and saw 2 men approaching the control room. Osiris was nearby and if he had to gamble, Loki would have said he would make it whereas if he went for them himself there would be less chance of it being silent. There was an 86% chance of Osiris making it but only a 56% chance of Loki managing them silently. Those were long odds for a man who rarely ended up in a position where none of the options had less than 70% chance of victory but the fact that both were tense and alert with loaded weapons and twitchy trigger fingers downgraded the odds rather seriously.

He decided to leave them to Osiris but kept one hand on his sword while the other continued stripping systems from there assigned positions…
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OOC: As I said, kinda short, but not much to cover either.

He sat, his senses painfully alert, he was listening to everything and nothing at the same time. His focus was unimaginable, so focused that he did not even notice that they were driving in circles for the past minutes, he didn’t raise his head up to look from the window, he did not even try to scout, the objectives here were easily spotted, his eyes were not needed. He did not see how each of the roadblocks was defended by humvees, but he did here their sound, the unique engine stutter of a military vehicle. It was not the first time he heard it and his highly enhanced senses quickly picked off the sound, separating it from the rest of the different noises around him.

It was a funny feeling, his enhanced senses let him in a way see noises, he could put a color for each noise, easily separating it from the other noises. Something which was impossible for a normal human yet something that many animals knew from birth. As if he could see sound. Like a bat he could create an image of his surroundings just by sound alone, at least of something around him. Nonetheless, though he did not see, he could hear and thus he heard the roaring of an engine, not leaving, not disappearing, no matter where they turned and where they went, there was one sound that always stayed the same and this made Fenris edgy. He felt like he was being stalked. The hunter becomes the prey.

Annoyed by the constant feeling Fenris raised his head and sneered in annoyance. He looked through the window and scouted the surroundings, everything seemed to be normal. Yet the feeling did not let go, this was the only thing which kept him at his place, he learned to trust his instincts, they rarely let him down. He continued watching the road behind them until he finally understood what alarmed his senses, though it could be just a coincidence there was a vehicle behind them which was stalking their movements, always slowing down before getting too close, always letting them lead the way. It seemed so normal that it alarmed Fenris even further.


It was winter, alone in the woods yet again, it has been years since the death of his family and yet he still wondered, he still was making his way out of the blasted country, his senses tingled with a mixture of excitement and fear, he could feel the forest closing him around him, he could hear the night stalkers around. Owls, wolves, rodents and what not. The forest was as alive as any city. He could hear the soft treading of paws on winter snow, the warm body leaving vivid trails. It seemed that he was stalked, hunted…


He gazed at the vehicle stalking them, it movements so precise as if it knew what it was doing yet some things gave the so called attempt away, the windows were tinted, there were only a few tinted vehicles which were used by civilians and they were especially rare, Fenris more than doubted that he head the honor of seeing one. It seemed way too normal, like a wolf moving slowly through the high grass as if to not alert his prey.

“Thor.” Fenris said, seeing that the leader of this small squad had his attention on him he continued, “I am pretty sure that we are being followed. That black sedan behind us has been following us for quite a while already, the driver seems to know where he is heading yet he slows down a bit every time we are turning to adjust his course, something not completely natural… I suggest that we act cautiously.”

Thor let out his plan, it was a solid one, one which would undoubtedly involve destruction and bloodshed, a shame Fenris won’t be there to take his toll. Still, if the plan was to work he will have to act differently this time. He looked at Thor and nodded, he will do what he was asked. This time, he will be the hunter. A grim smile spread on his featureless mask, death is coming.

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Default Update #3

Cue Ball(CaptainFatty): As you and Odin slowly lower the bodies of the cartel soldiers to the ground, trying to avoid loud noises, you hear someone begin to chatter away in rapid spanish. You have been slowly trying to learn the language, but are not yet fluent in it, so you pickout about 2-3 of every 5 words. The tone and tempo of the speach is rapid and hurried and the voice sounds angry. You are able to pick up that the Rudolfo has lost contact with two of the men he send in to the building up the stairwells. This brings a slight smile to your face as you realize that your Team mates are taking care of business as well. You haven't heard any gunshots, so they are probably ghosting their targets before the kill just as you and the colonel have done. You are on the side of the ramp closest to where the voice is coming from and glancing over to Odin he flashes several hand signals indicating that you should sneak around and take a look. From your vantage point you see that there is a support pillar not far away that you think that you can make it to without being seen. Move quietly and quickly and take cover behind the pillar. From that vantage point you can see more of what is going on with the assault force. You see six men standing around 3 black SUV's, and 2 men running off in the direction of a stairwell leading up into the building. 5 of the men, as well as the two running away, are armed identically to the ones you have just dispatched, the last though is dressed differently. Instead of fatigues and assault gear he wears slacks and a leather jacket. Inside the jacket you can see two large pistols swinging in shoulder holsters. From your area of observation you can also see that the rear passenger door of one of the SUV's is open and there is another individual inside with a laptop hooked into a small black box that rests next to him on the seat. This must be how they are jamming your comms. You need to convey this infomation to the colonel, wait for an opportunity to sneak back down the ramp and then do so. You are still wary of making a bunch of noise as a fire fight would draw the ACS down on you guys.

Osiris(Jackinator): You are making your way down the hallway to the command center when movement ahead of you causes you to slow your advance. Moving silently down the hall you see two more Cartel soldiers, both armed with shotguns, creeping their way down to the command center. If you know Loki you know that he has eyes on the situation, but you also realize that his task of destroying evidence of NAFI presence is going to be first and foremost in his mind. You need to deal with these two quickly and quietly. The first is easy to deal with, you are able to sneak up behind him and snap his neck, kill him with your hatchet, or however you decide. The second opponent is quick to recover from the shock of his companions death and quickly levels his shotgun at you. You are able to dodge to the side out of the path of the barrel and with a strike of your vibro weapon cleave his shotgun in half before he is able to fire. Instead of drawing his pistol, he grins at you wickedly and draws a large knife from a sheathe at the back of his waist. You two exchange blows, and you find that he is skilled with a knife, his forearms littered with scars that show his proficiency, and most importantly his longevity in a close quarters fight. A single fient catches you by surprise and you take a shallow wound across the top of your bicep, as he experly places the slash between two plates of your body armor. This spurns you to press him harder, quickly overpowering him with a flurry of strokes finally killing him. The whole fight lasts maybe 30 seconds, and you are shocked that he never went to draw his pistol or radio for help. Cleaning your weapon you make your way into the command center and find that Loki and Spectre are finishing off two more soldiers as you do.

Spectre(Lord Ramo): Making your way silently and quickly toward the command center you turn down the hallway that leads to the room through a door on the oopposite side of the the building from Osiris. You get there just as two soldiers manage to break through the locked door that leads into the command center. One shouts in spanish and you hear Loki curse and the sound of his sword being drawn, as you bear down on the other one. He is just leveling his weapon to fire at Loki when you creep up behind him. You need to do something to change the aim of his weapon and hopefully prevent him from firing all at the same time. Be creative. [What you decide to do will have consequences and I would love to talk over what you are going to do over MSN. That being said the first option that you present me with is what I am going to go off of so consider wisely. I will tell you what to include in your post after we talk] (OOC:sorry for doing it that way but sometimes that is the only way to add a bit of uncertainty into an written RP)

Loki(Santaire): As you wipe the last hard drive and tear the last connection from the hardwired system you see that Osiris is dealing with the two that you say approaching in the hallway just outside. As focused as you were on his progress and the task of wiping and disconnecting multiple systems you almost miss the fact that there are two more soldiers just outside the door that leads into the command center from the opposite side of the building from where Osiris fights. You have just enough warning to spring to your feet and draw your sword as the door to the command center goes flying open and a Cartel Soldier comes barreling into the room his companion close behind. Based on where you were sitting, he doesn't see you immediately but as he barrels into the room your position will become evident quite quickly. You need to get the jump on him and kill him quickly, hoping you have enough time to deal with the second before he has time to fire on you. You have the jump on your opponent, use the element of surprise to finishe him quickly.

Loki(Santaire), Osiris(Jackinator), & Spectre(Lord Ramo): Now that you are all together and the current enemies dealt with you assess your situation. Loki reports that the system has been wiped and the hardware removed to eliminate traces of your presence. He also provides a report regarding what he saw on the cameras regarding the disposition of the Cartel soldiers. Captain Besson gather your team and head down to the Loading Dock to rendezvous with Odin.


Buck(Anilar), Poet(Angel of Blood), Hermes(Karak), & Fenris(Komanko): OOC: Gentlemen for this update I am going to assume that all of you are going to follow Thor's orders regarding the plan for dealing with the tailing vehicle and the continuation of the recon op. You have all worked together as a team long enough to trust his orders so disregarding them would be out of character. If you have any problems or concerns as to how your characters would act PM me or get with me on MSN.

Fenris(Komanko) & Poet(Angel of Blood): Poet you change seats with Hermes, a manuver that you are comfortable with as you have been called onto do so more than once over the years, and as they take a turn into an alley you two roll out the hatch in the bottom of the van, disappearing into another narrow alley and out of sight before the tailing vehicle makes the bend. You can't be 100% sure about it, but you believe that you made it out without being noticed. Poet you are the ranking officer here so you must decide what to do, but you are completely aware of where you are in relation to the established checkpoint radius and you believe that you could sneak through that perimeter quite easily on foot. Taking off at a cautious run, the two of you do get past the security perimeter with out enemy contact, though there is a sticky spot that brings you very close to a roadblock so you must move slowly and with caution to avoid notice. As you are trying to sneak passed, this occuring only a couple of minutes after you exit the van, you hear the sound of gun fire and and explosion in the distance and the soldiers at the roadblock mount up into their vehicles and take off in the direction of the noise. You continue on as orderd and come to the perimeter wall of the chemical facility. Stopping for a moment to catch your breath you see no visible cameras on this wall, but you do see a two man foot patrol making their way in your direction. Work as a team to dispatch the sentry patrol and hide the bodies in one of the abandoned buildings that litter this part of town.

Thor(Deathbringer), Hermes(Karak), & Buck(Anilar): You guys pour on a bit of speed and make a corner, giving your van a few moments of cover from the tailing vehicle, allowing Poet and Fenris to exit out of the hatch. Captializing on this speed you take a couple more turns you end up on a deserted side street that Thor selects for the ambush he has planned. Hermes you park the van, Thor you get out and into position to start the ruse, and Anilar following Thor's orders you book it to the roof of a two story apartment building with a good line of sight.

Thor(Deathbringer) & Hermes(Karak): Shortly after you get set the sedan pulls in behind the van. You can tell that they have a moment of indecision before the driver's side and passenger's side front doors fly open and the driver and the front seat passenger get out. Immediately you recognize that these are not ACS troopers. They are both hispanic and both armed. The Driver gets out and levels a heavy calibre revolver right at you Thor and fires twice, both rounds ricochetting off of the pavement. How do you react? Hermes you have a very clear line of sight to the passenger out the back window of the van and you see as he exits the vehicle he carries an old, AK-47 style, assualt rifle. It appears that the time for silence is over. You two need to deal with the visible threats quickly. Now that gun fire has errupted ACS troops can't be far off. You barely have the time to think about why the hell the Cartels are attacking you here, in broad daylight, so far into ACS territory.

Buck(Anilar): You make it to the top of the building Thor selected just as the sedan pulls onto the street. It pulls up behind your van and though there seems to be a moment of indecision on the occupants part, the front doors fly open and two armed Hispanic males get out of the vehicle one firing immediately on Thor with a heavy calibre revolver, the second weilds an AK-47 style assualt rifle. More pressingly as the two front soldiers open fire, the back doors of the sedan open and two more soldiers start to get out of the car. You need to make a decision here. Thor has given the greenlight for noisy eradication and allowing the other two soldiers to get a bead on your team mates would be a bad thing. Deal with the two rear soldiers as quickly and effieciently as possible.

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