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Dark Justicars - SM Chapter with mixed imperial allies

So, here we go.

As i told, some years ago i went through my unfinished minis and got enough to start a new army.

I have to confess, when it comes to color-selection i'm the worst creative man around. I nearly always use a greyish blue and read. Even my comic-blog is blue/orange. But anyway, i like the colors.

The symbols are directly taken from BlackTemplars and the chapter is a ImperialFist-Successor. I want to create a gothic-themed honorable army, but not as stoic and calm as Dark Angels. So i'm using bits from both, DA and BT, and also here and there a lil' bit SW. Especially DA have many cool robes and other stuff that can be used without refering directly to them. Also i think a winged sword is a very generic iconography, so maybe i'm using this here and there too.

It all started with a bunch of tanks. I had lots of old Rhinos here and a few from the newer ones. Just a few snapshots of my tank/transporter-base. Better pictures will follow.

Also i finished a venerable dred which was waiting here for years. He still needs to get a nice free-hand painted banner...

With so many heavy Wargear, there definetively has to be someone to keep them all up n running.

This guy will also get a bit company and more equipment. Coming in the next posts...

Right now im adding last details to my first termie-squad. As you may can see i combined old metal-bodies with the actual plastic-arms, so that they fit better under their modern collegues. Their color-scheme is darker then the normal, in reference to their chapter name - Dark Justicars. I like the idea, that over centurys, their armour color has lightened up a bit, compared to the color-change of the DA.
I have some more termies, but maybe i'm going for a Command-Squad first. Not quite sure about the armament.

I also have two nearly complete tactical squads finished and some scouts. Hope i can make some proper pictures soon.

That's it for the beginning. Critics and comments are welcome.

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Good start man. Keep it coming.
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And here comes a small update...

Beside a new Sergeant-Arm, lyrics and bases, the first termie-squad is ready. I'm pleased with the result, but there's plenty of room for improvement on details and other stuff.

And here's a small preview on my standard-bearer & champion, both converted. I really love the alternate dread-helmets.

Hope to get a photo-setup up and running this week.
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Looks really good man, very striking scheme!

I had an AMAZING time at fightclub.

I arrived a bit late, so I missed the introductions, but man... I had an awesome time at fightclub! 10/10 I would recommend fight club to anybody!
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Thanks for the positive feedback. As promised, i tried to get better pictures.

Yesterday i went through my bits-boxes in search for a sergeant-sword-replacement. But after a while, i had to reconsider my squad planning.

Right now i have this...

- 5 FW Terminators, will come later... (complete squad)
- 5 Stormterminators (complete squad)
- 9 old plastic and metal-terminators from second&third edition (the ones shown in the pictures in the posts above)

I thought of making 4 squads, but realized, that i don't have enough old termis. I have 3 heavy weapons and could only bring 1 of them in the game. So i changed my plans to one big ranged-weapon-squad, one FW and one for close combat.
So i can re-use my already built sergeant for my freshly painted squad. The painted arm-missing-sergeant will be converted to a normal squad-member. So this is how the squad looks right now (including all three heavy-weapon-options)

The Sergeant was build from Marneus Calgars legs, combined with standard-terminator-parts. I removed all Ultramarine-Symbols and added some small bits here and there. I hope to re-use his fists soon on other models, their pose is great. First i thought of making him my terminator-captain, but after all, he'll be a good sergeant. I really like to emphasize most of my sergeants.

So this lead me to two questions.

1) Helmet-choice for my sergeant
I built him some years ago, but haven't finally decided for a helmet. My first try was a very knightly-looking helmet. The angle is not right, i'll try to make him looking more in aim-direction. But overall i like this grim-badass-style of the look. "Don't mess with me.."

On the other hand, i just could use a standard-helmet... I've lost the helmet-less head from sprue.... :/

Your opinion? Does the first one look too kit-bashed or has it style?

2) Does the mix of old-school terminators with modern terminators work, or is the visual difference too strong?
Below you can see some of the old-school-guys (equipped with modern-plastic arms), a terminator from DV on the left, and my sergeant on the right.

The options are on the one, to go as seen in the pictures and mix them, so that i'll get a squad of 7-8 terminators with free choose of heavy weapons, or to get some more of the old-school guys to make a complete squad only with them and a second squad only with pure modern figures.

As you can see i also started changing the bases to the right size. I'm not sure if i remove all of the small bases, especially with the metal-bodies. Could be difficult to remove the strip between the feet without damaging the painting. Should do this at first the next time. Lazy guy i am...
I guess i just glue them on the bigger bases as seen at the second from left. The different height will be hidden with rocks and sand.
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Today is a good day.

Got my delivery from ebay, where i had the luck to get two boxes of terminators and centurions together with three SM Boarding Assault Upgrade Kits. All together nearly half-priced compared to store-pricing.

Flood of Terminators is coming.... together with this box, I'm gonna have about 20-23 of them.

I confess, i don't have any clue about boarding rules, but Marines with big shields look simply great.

As my chapter counts as an IF successor, i will built the centurions as devastator squad.

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Long time no update. I'm not that fast and i didn't wanted to show another WIP. So here comes the finished squad.

I gave most of them individual markings, emblems and honor-signs for different campaigns and so an.

Some of them fought in the resistance battle at the broken Moon of Sesharim (yeah, Titan A.E. quote, i live the movie...), so they got a simple red half-circle-marking.

This guy has his own heraldic and on his knee-cap the marking of the Anchorus-Campaign. He fought in 3 of the 4 planets that were be freed from heretics, so he has 3 golden spots and one red for passing one out.

Freehand markings still can be improved next time....

A great hero and he nearly became the Sarge of the squad... But instead he's allowed to carry the bones of honorable brothers, members of this squad that where KIA. Beside this, he also fought in the Anchorus-Campaign, but other as his companion, he took part in all 4 of the great battles. What a big damn hero.
Made him from an old Deathing-Metal-Body and altered the marking on his left leg a bit.

Also fought on the broken moon, but i was a little chaotic and switched the sign.... *dough*

Another campaign marking. Defeated an incoming Ork-Waagh by entering their ships. And he also has his own emblem on his fist. Not very happy with the shape. Looked better as a sketch

Converted this guy from the DA Set.

What's your opinion? Do the different generations of Terminators fit together or not? Someday i will add some more to them, but for now i'm finished with Terminators. The varnish helped to darken their armor a bit, so they refer to their chapter name "Dark Justicars" and have a bigger difference to their normal brothers in greyish-blue-armor.

C&C welcome.
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By the way, a closer look at my first attempt with electrostatic grass. I'm quite happy with the result, although i didn't used an applicator.

For comparison... this is what my basing looked like before.

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After a while i finished some more minis.

At first comes the main part of my Command-Squad. I wanted no 0815-Marines that just had been lucky to get into this squad. I wanted Marines that look like real proven veterans. So they got lot of spezial weapons and some are members of the Terminator-Chapter.

At last i wanted a kind of bad-ass medic. So i gave him a big backpack and a bigger flamer, so that he can desinfect his work-place before starting the final cut ;)
Also i used the tut from this forum to create his medic-tools. The only thing i'm not really happy is, how the white has come out. Beside yellow it's really not my color.

The varnish is also a bit to shiny, but in real it's not as strong as it looks like in the pictures. For some of the details on the robes and the texts i used a fineliner instead of a brush. It's ok, but i guess for the next time i have to train more with the brush. You can also find some of the same campaign-markings i've used bevore on the termies. I hope this creates a more unique look and feel for all of them.

C+C welcome

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the colour scheme is ok...maybe try change the white to bone...it think it would fit well
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