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Talk about easterlings...

Righto, I'm actually really inclined to get myself a small easterling collection for games.

Where should I start?

I'm clueless about what's good and what isn't in Lotr.

Help me?
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First of all, I reccommend if you haven't already, watching the Lord of the Rings films or reading the books. It may seem like an ovbious suggestion, but It'll also give you a few ideas. If I am correct, the books have more information about the Easterlings than the films.

Now, secondly, you'll want to decide whether you play War of the Ring (Large Scale) or Strategy Battle Game, (Smaller scale, designed for small scenarios). War of the Ring is currently GW's flagship LotR game, as you probably already know.

I suggest going to the your local GW/FLGS and having intro games for both systems if you haven't already, as this'll give you a good idea as to which one you may want to do. You can always take up both.

Although I can't really help you until you decide which system you want, I suggest picking up two standard boxes of Easterlings and a hero. If you want a themed hero, I suggest you go with Amdur, Lord of Blades who is the Easterling leader. Failing that, pick up a Nazgul/Ringwraith (Same thing really) of your choice, or any other evil leader that you think goes with the Easterling theme.

Also, if you want some cavalry support and to stick with the theme of your Easterling army, pick up a box or two of Easterling Kataphrakts.

Then expand from there, and take the direction you want. Remember, if this is War of the Ring, you can include other Fallen Realms forces (such as Mumaki, Warriors of Harad etc) in your list as well without abiding by the allies restriction).

Hope I helped,

Bane of Kings Out.
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There are a few main differences between WotR (War of the Ring) and SBG (Strategy Battle Game), mainly:

- SBG is cheaper
- There are more unbalanced profiles in WotR
- All the profiles for WotR can be found in the book, whereas not all of them are in the One Rule Book (even less in the Mines of Moria) but they can be found in the sourcebooks
- Magic is overpowered in WotR
- Older armies suffer against newer armies in SBG, due to the stat creep (newer models have better profiles but are lower points than they should be)
- In SBG models are moved individually and lowly Warriors can change the course of the battle

Just made a couple of 500 point armies for you, one WotR and the other SBG

SBG Army:
Easterling Captain
Easterling Warrior with Banner
16 Easterling Warriors with Shields
12 Easterling Warriors with Bows
8 Easterling Warriors with Spears and Shields

To make this army you would need:
Amdur -
Easterling Command (the blister pack, not the box) -
2x Easterling Warriors -

WotR Army:
Epic Heroes:
Common Formations:
4 Companies Easterling Cohort with Captain, Banner (use some of those with pikes as these)
3 Companies Easterling Archer Cohort

This army uses the same as the above, but with the addition of another box of Easterling Warriors.

If you have an opponent as well, or know someone else who is interested in getting started, than I recommend the Mines of Moria ( or possibly the hobby set,( This will get you the fellowship, for scenarios, 24 Goblins and a Cave Troll to use alongside your Easterlings. Also, you get a few basic scenarios to help you get started.

Also links to some articles that might interest you on the GW website:

Also, here are links to two mainly LotR (Lord of the Rings) Forums where you can get more help:

Also, a link to army builders which you can use to help you:

I hope this helped,


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Hey guys.

I am kinda new here, soo sorri if this aint the appropriate topic.
Id like to hear your opinion, and maybe some ideas how to make this 500pts army better. It is ment for SBG not WotR

Rhun/Harad army.
The whole idea is, while having the more durable Easterling units try to engage into close combat, the 20 haradrim warriors will equip bows and ensure ranged support. Rather then having Easterling warrior (8pts with bow), i decided to go with Haradrim warrior who is cheaper, thus i can field more units (6pts with bow).
As for the comand, i ve chosen War priest over a second Captain or Dragon Knight, mainly to use his spells to boost Amdurs potential.

Warriors of Harad (1 = 5pts)
*20 units =100pts
*20 bows = 20pts
*Final = 120 pts

Easterling Warriors (1 = 7pts)
*16 units = 112pts
*16 spear = 32pts
*16 shield = 16pts
*Final = 160pts

Easterling Comand (1 = 60pts, 1 = 50pts)
*War priest = 60pts
*Captain = 50pts
*1 Easterling Halberd = 5pts
*1 Shield = 5pts
*Final 120pts

Amdur Lord of Blades (1 = 100pts )
Easterling Falchion (Elven Blade)

Final count = 500pts

soo what do you think ?
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First, your army is illegal, for starter games this isn't too much of a problem but once you get to grips with the rules a bit more than you will have to make it legal. The reason it is illegal is because you can only have 33% of your army equipped with bows/crossbows. Assuming your not using LoME (Legions of Middle Earth) which is used in tournaments, then your hero selection is fine, although you may have spent a few too many points on them, but Easterlings rely on their heroes.

So to begin you would have to remove some of the bows from your Haradrim Warriors. Exchanging 8 of them for Spears will do the trick, as you will have 12 Bow equipped models to 24 non-bow equipped models. The spear armed Haradrim can then support your main Easterling battle line.

Next, you won't need spears on all of your Easterling Warriors so removing 10 of the Spears saves you 20 points. Also, you won't need both an Easterling Halberd and a Shield on your Easterling Captain, as you will lose the ability granted by the Halberd, so removing 1 of them saves you 5 Points.

This leaves you with 25 points, which you can use to buy 3 more Easterling Warriors with, as you'll bound to take some casualties from shooting. You can now give some of your Haradrim with Spears bows again if you want to.

You'll list will now look something like this:

Heroes (215):
Amdur Lord of Blades
Easterling Captain with Shield/Halberd
War Priest

Warriors (284):
13 Easterling Warriors with Shields
6 Easterling Warriors with Shields and Spears
12 Haradrim Warriors with Bows
8 Haradrim Warriors with Spears

Tactics will be pretty much what you said, except your line is wider and has spear support, the main battle line (not archers) would look something like this when your advancing, so your heroes can't be shot at. The Captain and Amdur would move forwards just before line reach and your weaker Haradrim are protected by the Easterlings


2= Easterling Warrior with Shield, A= Amdur
3= Easterling Warrior with Shield and Spear, C= Captain
4= Haradrim Warrior with Spear, W= War Priest

Hope this helps
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Thank you a lot. I didnt know about the bow restriction. As for the easterlings with spear, i just wanted to be sure to have one on each, soo in case the formation breakes, they can still support each other with the phalanx rule. Though i thought it was kinda too much having all of them have those items.

As for the Captain, its a bit sad, for i wanted him with shield, to gain the nice D7 score and still be able to deal a significant blow if needed. I guess ill just stick with shield and hand weapon.

Dont really like the idea of having haradrim in close combat, but if they are used with pikes from second line as support it could do the job i guess.

Thank you again.

Just one question left - considering the War Priest and Captain. Dragon Knights is quite interesting as well, soo im reconsidering the setup. Priest, Captain or Dragon knight. The only thing i dont like about him is that he cant call Heroic actions, thus the Captain seems more viable (even the priest can call two of those). Eventually i might end up with two War Priests as well (one poping up Fury, while the other would be able to
keep the "Bladewrath" on Amdur for 3 turns)
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Icon easterling stats?

Does someone know the character stats/special rules from the Dragon knight and the war priest from the Easterling commanders? i cant find them anywhere...
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Originally Posted by shadows from the east View Post
Does someone know the character stats/special rules from the Dragon knight and the war priest from the Easterling commanders? i cant find them anywhere...
Just a quick reminder GW Legal will slap us hard if we support piracy, so post details of which GW publication they are in, not the stats themselves.
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Originally Posted by shadows from the east View Post
Does someone know the character stats/special rules from the Dragon knight and the war priest from the Easterling commanders? i cant find them anywhere...
This may be a bit of thread necromancy, but if the OP is still around, you want to find either the Fallen Realms armybook (which unfortunaly just went OOP at the US GW store) or the A Shadow in the East sourcebook (which has been OOP for a while). Both can be found on fleabay these days. Either of those books have the Easterling army list and complete stats and rules for all the Easterlng heroes.
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