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Default Requesting a tournament level list. New to GK

Greetings Heresy Wargamers! This is my first post and just wanted to say I look forward to becoming a member of the forum. I've been a wargamer for about 10 years and have competed in tournament level play for most of it. My jewel has been a beautiful Chaos Space Marine army that has grossly overachieved, but times are hard for CSM's and I need a well deserved change. I am aiming for a "pure" GK list that is competitive and fierce. After reading countless posts I think I've got a solid foundation and direction, but please feel free to straighten me out. My ideas are rather simple and to the point, like I said before, It's for tournament level play.

I love the Grand Master for so many reasons, which is why I want it as my HQ. In larger games I will incorporate a Librarian, but let's just start with baby steps.

Grand Master
-Rad Nades
-Keeping Sword
-Possibly adding a psycannon or other weapon.

Troops is where I trip up a little bit. I have two boxes of terminators and two boxes of power armor. After reading and dissecting threads I find that mixing and matching these two can be successful if loaded out properly.

-2 Psycannons
-2 Hammers
-Not upgrading other CC weapons (don't plan on assaulting these guys in overall scheme in ideal circumstances)
-Filling them in Razorbacks. (weapons not considered yet)

10 GKT (objective clearers and CC specialist)
-2 Psycannons
-Brother Banner
-2 Hammers
-2 Swords
-5 Halbreds

In support of these squads:

Vindicare Assassin (beautiful)

2 Already assembled and painted Psyrifle Dreads.


Land Raiders

I know this isn't a list, but this is a direction for me. I feel that with the units provided brings amazing midfield fire, great close combat, grand strategy for many objective threats, and stingy tough units. My fear is armor 13/14 and of course low model count (duh). Also fear that without Land Raiders my terminators would be deep strike fodder...what to do...what to do...

Well this all for now!
If I wrote to much the idea is, what to do with:
2 boxes of terminators
2 boxes of powerarmor
1 GM
2 Psyrifle Dreads
1 Vindicare Assassin.

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One hammer in the GKSS-squad is enough, I think. You get only one additional Hammerattack for the same point cost of two with the first hammer (on the justicar).
You could field another 15 GKSS with two razors or a purifiersquad w/4 psycannons, 5 halberds, 1 hammer in a razor and a psycannon on the GM.
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I wouldnt take hammers for GKSS or GKIS. First they cost pts and second you get them on paladins and terminators for free which i think a list may need. Second razor back are nice but 45+ pts is pts that can go towards trps. In my opinion you dont need razor back for trps who can deep strike via 1dg using a servo skull. also you can split those guys into combat squads and DS them in two different areas. 0 pts for st5 sounds cool but again it is pts you need to your army. Dreads can spend 5pts on st8 autocannons.

terminators should be only 205. whats the combo i would go with 5man with halbred & incinerator DS on the field as well. maybe one DM for justicar. The reason for this is that they are shock trps. you dont want anyone paying attention to them. I would get a 5 man squad of paladins with 2 psycannons & halbred with a hammer if you want but i like going first with st5 weapons and WS 5. psybolts dont go towards pyscannons FYI.

In a list of 2000 pt competitive you can add some purifiers but you will have to take away a dreadnaught then again since u dont have no 2nd hq u could fit a 5 man unit in w halbred and 2 psycannons. This is just my opinion. GK must be played like an orchestra. each unit and attribute being used correctly. Dont forget about the GM abilities with up to d3 units.
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I'd go with

GM, Rad and psychotroke grenades.


Paladins x5, psycannon, halberds
Venerable Dread, DNCCW, Flamer, Assault Cannon, Psybolt, Psyflame. Drops from Raven


GKSS (10)x2, pyscannon, halberd, Rhino

GKTS (5) x1, Psycannon


Storm Raven


2x Psyfleman

Suggestions/additions in blue.
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thats cool to except for that storm raven, honeslty in 2000 its not needed. that can be a SS with 2 more pyscannons or a terminator squad with halbred and a incinerator.
trps over vehicle is better. trps put out more fire. it takes one shot to down a storm raven. SR is for 2500/3000 list like ard boys or apoc.
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