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Emperor wins hands down, even w/out psychic powers, Sigmar would be in awe of his magnificence long enough for the Big E so land a super sucker punch to his noggin and probably knock it off for miles away....

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Sticking your junk into a fang-filled mouth that breathes fire doesn't strike me as particularly smart.
Which is why that option should be available to any willing to take it.

In fact, there should be fang-faced, firebreathing demons on every streetcorner offering to pay 100 dollars to give BJ's. The gene pool would be vastly better off without anyone incapable of thinking it through.
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Originally Posted by Shadowfane View Post
....Iiiinnnnnnn the red corner...... its the Master of Disaster, the Emperor of Mankind!...Weighing in a several hundred years old ....
I'd just like to point out that according to the fluff the emperor has existed for tens of thousands of years if not hundreds. It depends on when the Imperium's calendar is considered to have started.

This excerpt which I referenced from Lexicanum dates from Rogue Trader The Lost and The Damned, "the Emperor's origin goes so far as to say that he had mortal brothers and sisters and details the time and location of his birthplace - eight thousand years before the first millennium, in the region of Terra then known as Central Anatolia."

Which would put the Emperor around 48,000 years old. So depending on how they counted before then . . . if the Imperium's calendar is an extension of our own, etc.

And Sigmar might be worshiped as a god but do we have any significant proof that he is or was a god?


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Originally Posted by Dethklokk
"CHEESE!" is the battlecry of the ill-prepared.

Originally Posted by Deathscythe4722
Could someone please call the police on this guy? I can hear the English Language screaming in pain. This has to be illegal somewhere.
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Originally Posted by Cocakoala View Post
Well some people theorise that one of the missing primarchs was sigmar who landed on the planet fantasy is set in which does make some sense if you believe that both games are set in the same universe. If thats true that the emperor would win all the same.

I was a fan of that theory as well but not only has GW come out and categorically denied that the games are in the same universe, the BL book Heldenhammer describes Sigmar's birth in detail in a flashback.

So... Not a primarch.
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I'd just like to point out that despite all of the Emperor's strengths, he would have been killed by an Ork if Horus didn't save him.

He was far from as strong as the Imperium's propaganda would have you believe.


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The Emperor doesn't even have control of his bowels. He's on his last few brain cells. He has no chance against any able bodied man with a weapon. Or a towel.

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nice boy, daft though !
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Originally Posted by Weapon View Post
I'd just like to point out that despite all of the Emperor's strengths, he would have been killed by an Ork if Horus didn't save him.

He was far from as strong as the Imperium's propaganda would have you believe.

I wonder why people keep giving this as a reason the Emperor is weak, Orks grow fecking huge and are as hard as nails

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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
I wonder why people keep giving this as a reason the Emperor is weak, Orks grow fecking huge and are as hard as nails
Especially true, considering the context of both ork physiology and the ullanor campaign. Orks grow larger as they fight, and ullanor was epic even on the scale of the great crusade. If orks figting in a lesser war reach the size of ogryns or larger, the warboss that threatened the emperor is very likely to have reached the peak of ork capabilities, and been on par with a threat lke a primarch.

Personaly, since most fluff for fantasy has the divinity of sigmar as being questionable, I think that he would have been struck dumb, much like the astartes that saw him directly.

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Age of Sigmar

Now it seems that the God-King Sigmar with his "thunder warriors" trying to unite the forces of order may indeed be the same person as the God-Emperor after all this time, what with Fantasy being wholly enclosed in what is basically a primortial Eye of Terror (don't forget Slaanesh's fall means he can be reborn now). It's all in the air now, get ready to cross-polenate wargames with both fantasy and [30k] models
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The Emperor was just fucking around with that Ork. When he fights Horus he's holding back most of his power because he still hopes that Horus can be made to see the light. Upon seeing that all is lost he just makes Horus explode. I'm sure he could have killed the Ork if he wanted to. It was just a bit of banter.
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