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Default funniest moments in a game

i just had a 1750 game recently with multiple lol moments and thought id share them and everyone else can add theirs.

here goes, turn 2, 6 chaos temies deep striked next to my exorcist and blew it up, the following turn my first empty rhino tank shocked the termies, they tried a death or glory and rolled a one on the damage table leaving him squished, a second rhino tank shocked them and they failed the morale tes leaving them fleeing the entire game as all they had were bolters (was combi) and my rhinos stayed withing 6 inches.

my living saint charged a 10 man squad of chaos marines, she killed two and they failed their leadership leading to the other 8 fleeing and getting cut down.

luciouse the immortal was clubbed to death by my sisters after his entire squad was torched :p

finally my living saint dropped next to his heavy weapons team and flammed them with 4 wounds, he put the wounds on his heavy weapons and procceded to roll 4 1's. after that the seargent ran up to her put his bolt pistol to her face and killed her :0 lol it was a funny game

a warning on a crossbow

'It is a serious piece of killing equipment and should not be purchased by children under the age of 9. '

if your bored my MSN is, add me and ill talk with anyone :p

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i ran away from a dreadnought for like 5 turns then read the rules for kharn and then promptly chopped it!

Let the Galaxy Burn.
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i was playing a 1750 game against space wolves, he had a better list and was playing far better, turn 2 he has his scouts come in from my table edge and charge my gaunts who wer on the objective, the first turn he mulches my gaunts, but then in turn 3, THE GAUNTS ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING, the won combat with th scouts and then, they were cut down as they tried to flee, later in turrn 4, my flyrrant landed 6 inches from the squad he left back on the objective, i dont remember what they were, but they were pretty powerful and my opponent felt confidend that they could over power the flyrrant because they had two plasma guns and a melta and a bunch of power fist andd swords, his confidence wained when he all three of his ap2 weapons miss, and further diminishes as my flyrrant slowly kills off the squad and sends them paking off his objective, at this point the game ends and i went home with a rather undeserved win

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My funniest moment so far would have to be my guardsmen taking out a daemon prince and a keeper of secrets with lasguns. or when my unit of kroot assaulted and killed a bloodthirster.

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Mine would be the time Jigplums threw a full pint over me and the table at the GT.

"Hi mate"

Or the handbags at 4 paces on Table 1 at a heat a few years back.
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A couple of weeks ago, I was playing a friend of mine with my Nids. He was very confident as his chapter master charges my poor gaunts and he obliterates several of them and I'm like "Great, I freaking HATE this guy!!!!"

So my turn to attack comes around...and WHOA!!! my gaunts get SUPER lucky on the dice.

Still very confident he picks of dice to roll his saves vs the 6 SUPER lucky wounds that the gaunts gave him and...

rolls 6 consecutive 1's

Chapter master fall down go BOOM!

He immediately went outside, popped the top off of a Yeungling lager and poored half of it on the sidewalk offering beer to the dice gods.

The look on his face was sheer priceless...
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I have a couple to share.

Once, I was playing Necrons against my Slaanesh Chaos Space Marines(1500 I think it was, it was during 4th ed I know that). We were destroying everything in sight, pretty close game really. His Monolith was finally in range of something and fired at my Land Raider. So far, everything he shot at it did jack shit to it. I shrugged when he fired at it, hits, pens, boom. Right then I have learned my lesson: Never underestimate the Necrons .

This next one came from the same battle actually. My Terminators were owning in that game, and I saw the Nightbringer coming and destorying a few of my units. I know that my Terminators had all lightning claws, I knew it had Toughness 8, and I was stupid enough to charge it! I don't know why I did, but my Terminators did not last long before they all got killed . I learned from that never to outdo my Terminators for my Slaanesh, or my Blood Angels for that matter.

Ahh good times...
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I played in a huge Apocalypse game before I left, the last game I played, and I remember three things. My army was Tyranids, all CC.

1. I hit my opponent's (We all had a specific objective. Mine was to kill as many Guardsmen as I could), line on Turn 1, using an Endless Swarm of Hormagaunts. The Assault Phase took twenty minutes.

2. Infiltrating Genestealers destroyed his Medusa, and a Basilisk.

3.By Turn 3, he had twenty men, a Leman Russ with no turret, and a three-man Command Platoon. I lost something like 40 Hormagaunts, all the Genestealers, and six Warriors.

I bought him a pop and we laughed over the tremendous piles of dead Guard.

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My Tau versus my friend's SOBs. His Throne of Judgment destroys one of my Devilfish and the Fire Warriors come piling out. They valiantly -- although I assume futilely -- fire off their pulse rifles. They score four wounds, but what in the world are the odds that he'll roll four 1's for his saves? I mean, come one, there's no chance he's going to roll four 1's and get blasted off the board by some measly old Fire Warriors, is there?


Railguns: Str-10 + AP-1 = Life is Swell
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playing a cityfight game a while ago. Our board was held up on two of the fold out tables in the back room of a youth center, guy comes in, comes close to look at the models, "accidentally" kicks the leg out from under one of the legs and most of the board goes crashing down into a big pile there. We said an earthquake occured and stil played on after kicking the other guy a few times.... plus we banned him.... I love being a youth worker

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