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Default A string of newb cm questions


I'm brand spakin' new to the hobby. I just got my hobby starter kit and CSM battle force and I have a few questions . I have gotten the codex and the rulebook way before though so I believe myself rather well read so please be as complex as you like. Thank you ahead of time

1. Which of these Armies would be easiet for a beginner both tactics wise and painting/modeling wise? Please explain your answer. I'll put them in my order of most interest.

a.World Eaters or Mostly khorne army (On a side note is the CL on a Juggernaut any good? He seems so awesome looking.)
b. Thousand suns
c. Iron warriors
d. chaos undivided (boring?)

2. What other models besides an HQ is needed or otherwise useful to buy, that helps add onto the battleforce?

3. I know i need to buy specific paints when i decide what army to build but do i need anymore tools, including brushes?

3.Is there a website or link with detailed instructions for painting CSM?

4. On the gamesworkshop tatica of Ahriman it discusses how he would go best alongside a TS army. I thought that only a TS army could choose him as a CL choice. the article can be found here


5. I really like dreadnaught fluff and want to put maybe 1 or 2 in my army. Does this make me a bad person?

Thank you very much for your feedback,

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First off, in the most recent chaos codex those aren't necessarily distinct armies, just different "themes" to build around if you will.

World Eaters - heavy assault emphasis, lacking in ranged killing power, the khorn zerkers from your battleforce are a must for this build
Thousand Sons - Amazing shooting vs elite units, interesting psyching abilities, but not so great vs horde. Small model count. Khorn zerkers are a great support unit for this army, but it completely goes against the theme.
Iron Warriors - The tank army, hard to build in the new codex as Oblits and tanks are competing for heavy support slots
Chaos Undivided - As dull or as cool as you want it to be

2) More marines, as you need several units of troops. At least 2 units of 10, but a 3rd is better. Terminators are overrated, but still very good, most any CSM army should have at least one squad of them. A vehicle of some kind would be good, I like preds, as even a lascannon pred is cheap for what you get, but the other options are good.

3) Get clippers that are flat on one side for cutting plastic out of spures. A set of files and a razor blade for smoothing plastic pieces out. Do not use superglue, it cures too rigidly and will break. Get real plastic cement for the plastic models, and a good 2 part epoxy for anything with metal. Those are the basics.

4) Themewise Ahirman goes with TSons, however by the rules all bets are off. If you want him leading a mob of plaguemarines, you can do it.

5) I like dreadnaughts too, even though fire frenzy can ruin your day. At least it always seems to ruin your day in an entertaining way. Nobody will ever accuse you of powergaming running a chaos dread.

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1. i would say that a world eaters army would be the cheapest to buy and play, as its $30 for 12 berzerkers, and every other CSM choice gives you less for more $$$. also tactically they are quite simple, move forward using cover and then assault. the Thousand Sons are the exact opposite of the Khorne berzerkers however, choosing a long range fight over the blood affair that is CC.as for Iron warriors take tons of anti tank tanks, and armor everwhere. and any undevided army is fun to play, as you can select any unit you want from the codex and make it work.

as for the rest of the questions Othiem has answered them quite addiquatly and there is no need for me to parrot them.

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Personally I'd say your best bet would be a DIY Chaos Warband based around an undivided theme, that way you can take full advantage of the units in the battleforce.

Paint wise anything red can be tricky especially if your a novice, whilst blue is relatively simple, and as a few others have pointed out Thousand Sons are excellent support units especially when teamed up with close combat units like Khorne Berserkers.

As for Chaos Dreadnoughts, they are cool, but unfortunately their also made of metal, and can be extremely tricky to make especially for those new to modelling (here speaks the voice of experience).

That said I've still got two in my CSM army, and if you want to add some to yours you should (you could always try buying some unpainted ones on Ebay), here's a tip though. Position the close combat arm at a downward angle so that the power claw is almost touching the flaw as this will provide the model with a better centre of gravity.
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You really should think about putting in a squad of plague marines. They're tough enough to sit on an objective and soak up serious amounts of incoming, letting you worry about the next objective.

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Welcome to the Eye of Terror and the Legions of Chaos ...

a.World Eaters or Mostly khorne army: Easy tactically, as mostly you charge towards the enemy and hit them with a variety of pointy objects. Medium-difficult to paint, as getting the right shade of red can be hard.
b. Thousand Sons: Tactics are fairly simple as long as you're facing MEQs. Versus hordes you will be in more trouble. Painting can be difficult, as they have a fair amount of detail and I've heard people complain about the helmets
c. Iron warriors: Tactics are basically stand and shoot until the enemy ISN'T standing. Easy to paint, as a simple black undercoat with a silver/gunmetal drybrush gives great results.
d. Chaos undivided: Could be the easiest to play, as YOU dictate the way the army plays. The painting really depends on what YOU decide to do with them. Might be the easiest choice, as you could paint them any color and not take any flak for not following an established scheme.

2. Obliterator and maybe more rhinos. A defiler or two always improves an army, too.

3. Check out the rest of Heresy Online, especially the Modelling and Painting boards, for helpful tips.

4. Any army can have Ahriman, but he works best with TSons. Having said that, I'd recommend NOT taking him in a force of under 1750 points, as he IS a points sink for what he can do.

5. Not at all- I routinely field a few dreadnoughts in my TSon armies. I especially like the one armed with twin CC weapons.

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Thank you all for your quick and through replies. I have made the decision to start collecting skulls for khorne.

I was going to save the Lord and Dreds for last as a big project since i want them to look the best. I however didn't realize that the mini is metal. I was going to try and magnetize at least one the the dreads. I saw that on youtube (maybe miniwargaming). I Shall see. Is it incredibly foo-pah to have a studio paint up a few units you don't want to mess up? I would maybe have them paint a dread the Lord on juggernaught and maybe karn, leaving a dreadnaught for myself to mess up on.

thanks again
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i find its more rewarding to play with an army i myself painted and constructed, i am deffinatly not the best painter out there but it feels better to see your own hard work pout to use. having a studio paint your stuff isn't a bad idea if you don't want to paint your own stuff. as for magnetizing dreads maybe you should by space marine dreadnoughts and convert them into khorne dreads as the models are plastic and no doubt easier to work with.

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I have to say this for my own sanity: DON'T use dreads. Just don't. Point for point they are the single most inefficient unit in the game as they not only will frenzy and double fire their weapons at your own troops but they are AV12 and will crumple like tinfoil at the first shot they take 90% of the time. They are an absolute and utter waste of points that you are far better off spending on other things like Oblits, more troops, a prince, havocs, raptors..... ANYTHING else.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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deffinatly agree with Wraithlord here. and i will go one farther, adding chaos spawn, possessed, and Non-used-well Defilers to the mix. chaos spawn are a points sink for a multi-wounded no save critter that you could have bought a rhino with its points. Possessed can be useful in minimal ways and only if you aren't really caring about what ability they get. and Defilers cost too much for the minimal effect of being a giant ass bulls-eye for a single lascannon shot. the AV12 issue that befalls the dreadnought befalls the defiler in the same way, just its more expensive. if defilers took an elite slot instead of a heavy i would say go for it, their great but there are too many other much nicer heavy choices.

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